SILENCE - DS Addison Scott Series #1

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Chapter Thirteen


Robert knocked on the front door and waited. Addison glanced around the front porch, brick-layered drive with small fencing on the outskirts. Two fancy cars sat glistening in the sunshine that almost blinded Addison.

The house was big and detached. Finally, a young woman answered the door. Addison was taken back at how young she looked. She was well dressed, perfect manicure on her nails and long blonde hair that reaches her breasts. She barely had make-up on. Addison thought how naturally beautiful she looked. Carl had found himself lucky, she though.

“I’m DCI Robert Ashworth and this is my partner DS Addison Scott. Is Mr. Willis here?” Robert introduced, showing her their badges. She had a good look and nodded for them to follow her. They entered the house perfectly clean house, spiral staircase to the side. They walked down the hallway, passing the staircase and into the kitchen. Addison saw Anna and Jake sitting at the counter, they both turned to see her entering the room. Jake jumped down and ran over to her, wrapping his arms around her. Addison bent down to return his hug.

“Carl, I’m DCI Robert Ashworth and this is DS Scott.”

Carl gave his new wife a fleeting look but turned his attention to the officers. “What can I do for you officers?” He greeted with a forced smile. Addison moved over to where the children were. Carl gave her a daring look, but she ignored it and sat at the counter opposite the kids. Anna gave her a big smile.

“Hi,” Anna whispered. Jake was shovelling a spoonful of cereal into his mouth and munched loudly. Addison smiled. “Hi Anna,” she whispered back.

“We’ve come to speak to you about Wendy. There have been some allegations made about you.” Robert said.

“Let me guess, Michael put you up to this?” Carl said. Anna’s head popped up as she heard her real fathers name being mentioned. Robert noticed.

“I think it’s best we spoke someone private. It’s not something I would like to talk about in front of the children.” Robert mentioned. Carl looked at the children who were both watching him. He glanced at his wife and she nodded. He took Robert out of the room, leaving Addison with his wife and children.

“I don’t think you’ve introduced yourself?” Addison asked.

“I’m Stacey Willis.” She replied. Her tone was soft and low and very shy. Addison watched as she got up from the counter and placed the children’s empty bowls into the sink and started to wash them.

“How are you Anna?” Addison asked the young girl in sign language.

“I’m fine. We are glad to be out of the hospital now.” She signed back.

“Are you settling here at your dad’s ok?” Addison asked but this time without using sign language. If Anna had any problems, she knew she would have signed them to her when she asked how she was.

“He’s not my real dad.” Anna said. Addison glanced at Stacey and she scurried Jake out of the kitchen. Anna and Addison were both alone.

“Who is your real dad?” Addison asked. Anna knew more about her family affairs. She listened into conversations that she shouldn’t have been listening to.

“I know who he is, yes. Carl or Michael didn’t kill her.” Anna told her.

“Did you see the killer?”

Anna didn’t say anything. From Addison’s experience, she knew she wouldn’t have seen the killer. She hoped that Anna might remember small parts of that night. Maybe something to jog her memory.

“When he cut my wrists, there was one thing I do remember. He said to me ‘By blood, this is my obligation.’ I don’t know what he meant.” Anna said looking at her bandaged wrists. Addison pulled out her notebook and copied down everything Anna was telling her. “Also, his voice, I’ve heard it before.” Anna told her.

“Do you know whose voice it could have been? Would you recognise it again?” Addison pushed. Anna shook her head and shrugged her shoulders. “You have my card if you have anything you want to ask me or remember anything from that night. I will help you.” Addison told her. Anna nodded and Addison got up from the counter. “There was one more thing I wanted to ask?” Anna nodded for her to continue, “Did Carl ever hit you?”

Anna’s eyes went wide. There was a long pause before Anna slowly nodded her head, tears starting to trickle down her cheeks. “He hit me because I got involved in the argument between him and my mum. He tried to take Jake away from her and I told him, there is no way he was going to do that. He hit my hard and I fell to the ground. Mum attacked him, punching and kicking him. Once she calmed down, he picked up his keys and left. We hadn’t seen him until now.” Anna sobbed. Addison sat on the stool beside her and wrapped her arms around Anna. She nestled into her side and held onto Addison tightly.

After moments had passed, Carl and Robert entered the room. Carl noticed that Anna and Addison were left alone. Stacey and Jake came back into the room a few seconds after. He glanced over to Anna and she realised he could see that she told Addison things. She didn’t regret it. He let out a long sigh as he had already told Robert about that night, but, in Anna’s case; the story could be different.

“Thank you for your time Mr. Willis and we will be back with any information about who did this to Wendy. If you have anything else you remember that could be important to our investigation, don’t hesitate to contact us.” Robert handed him his card with his number on it. Carl guided Addison and Robert out of the house.

Robert quickly lit a cigarette before getting back into the car. He pointed to Addison and nodded back to the house. “What did the children say?” He puffed out a breath of smoke.

“Anna confirmed Michael’s story. She said Carl had hit her and her mum attacked him. He left not long after, trying to take Jake with him. She did say something interesting,” Addison paused.

“Go on,”

“She said she heard the killers voice before, and she would recognise it again if she heard it. But she couldn’t remember who it belongs to.” Addison told him.

“That’s good to know. She is our main witness and we may need to use her again if we can get ourselves a suspect.”

Addison nodded as Robert stubbed out his cigarette and both got back into the car. They headed back to the station.

“I would like to talk to Michael again. Carl is very adamant that Michael was the one behind this.” Robert said. Addison was about to say something until she was interrupted by his phone ringing.

“Ashworth,” he answered. Addison could hear who was on the other side of the phone.

“Sir, it’s Fletcher, Nora wants you back at the station as she has something for you.” He told him.

“We just pulled in, be there in two.” Robert hung up. “Nora has something for us.”

They both got out of the car and headed back up into the department. Nora and Fletcher were waiting in his office as he arrived with Addison in tow.

“This better be good,” Robert said.

“I don’t know if it will break the case, but you would want to know.” Nora started.

“Get to the point.”

“On Wendy’s clothes, it was all covered in her blood. When I tested her blood, there was two types that came up. The first one is Wendy’s, she’s O positive and the second blood type was B positive.” She explained.

“So, you are telling me that Wendy had someone else’s blood on her too.”

“Exactly, it could even be your killer. Maybe he hurt himself.” Nora nodded.

“I would like you to run the blood against our database to see if anyone pops up. Also run it against Carl and Michael, if there is a match, let me know as soon as possible.” Robert said. Nora nodded and left his office. “Let’s hope this is the break we need.”

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