SILENCE - DS Addison Scott Series #1

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Chapter Fourteen


Rebecca Charles was in her mother’s bedroom picking out a movie for them to watch together. Her mother has already dished out their Chinese they had ordered for dinner. Every Wednesday is their Chinese and movie night. Rebecca came back downstairs and noticed her mother had put all the food neatly out on the coffee table.

“What did you choose?” She asked her daughter. She picked up a prawn cracker and chomped down on it, making a crunch noise. Rebecca turned the DVD around and revealed she had picked Final Destination. She placed the DVD into the played and sat beside her mum.

“This food smells so good.” Rebecca said as she grabbed herself a plate and dished out the food. Her favourite meal was a chicken curry with egg fried rice, and she could even fit in some sweet and sour chicken balls. Joan had lemon chicken and shredded beef; she also pinched a couple of Rebecca’s chicken balls.

“We’ve seen this film so many times.” Joan laughed. It was Rebecca’s favourite movie; they had only watched it last week and probably a couple of weeks before that too.

“This food is delicious.” Rebecca shovelled a spoonful of curry into her mouth. “So, how did your date go? Am I going to finally meet this mystery man?” Rebecca asked. She watched as her mother’s cheeks started to redden.

“The date was lovely; you will meet him soon enough. I want to make sure it’s the right time. We will see what happens in the future.” Joan smiled.

“It seems that he really likes you, from everything you’ve told me. And he wants to see you again and again. If he makes you happy, I’m happy.” Rebecca said. She gave her mum a little nudge with her shoulder and gave her a big grin, from ear to ear.

“You are very mature for your age and I’m proud of you.”

They watched the rest of the film and eaten all their food. Once the film came to an end, Joan took all the dirty plates into the kitchen while Rebecca had fallen asleep on the sofa. She quickly washed up the dishes and then cleaned up the rubbish on the table. She put everything into a black bag and put it in the dustbin outside the front of the house. It was raining again, and it was now pitch black, all she could see were the streetlights. She shut the front door and locked it with the chain. After what happened to Wendy, she wanted to keep her family safe. She couldn’t imagine what her children were going through. Their mother had been taken from them.

She glanced back at Rebecca who was still asleep on the sofa and decided to leave her a little bit longer. She headed upstairs into Rebecca’s room to get out her school uniform for her in the morning. She hung it up on her bedroom door. Joan went into her bedroom and noticed the window was wide open. She rushed over and closed it. She turned to find a masked figure towering in front of her. She went to scream but he hit her over the head, and she fell to the floor unconscious.

Rebecca had suddenly woken and panicked when it was completely dark. All the lights had been switched off, and she knew her mother wouldn’t leave her sleeping on the sofa before she went to bed herself. She rubbed her eyes and pulled the blanket off; she knew something was wrong. She went into the kitchen, but her mother wasn’t there.

“Mum,” she called. There was silence. Rebecca headed down the hallway and noticed that the front door was left wide open. She went over and quickly shut it, then there was a creaking noise coming from upstairs. “Mum?” Rebecca called again. Again, there was silence. “Mum are you up there?” She started to take one step at a time, heading her way up. As she got to the top, she noticed blood on the floor. Her heart was pumping so loudly, something was wrong. She knew it.

Joan’s bedroom door was closed. She waited outside for a few moments, listening for any noises. There was not a single sound. She went to put her hand on the door handle, but it opened before she could. A man in a black ski mask stood in front of her. She could only see his green eyes. She looked behind him and her mother was lying in the middle of her bed, a knife sticking out from her chest and her bedsheets soaked in blood. Her hands covered her mouth.

She ran. She ran as fast as she could back down the stairs. The man was behind her and he grabbed her hair, yanking her backwards. She through her elbow out behind her, hitting him in the stomach. He bent over as he grunted, and she took this moment to run away again. She got downstairs with him hot on her heels, she ran into the kitchen and reached for the biggest knife from the block on the counter. As she turned to face him, he knocked it from her hand and grabbed her by the neck. He pinned her to the counter, and she started to scream, kicking her legs as hard as she could. He grabbed another knife and she instantly stopped.

“Please don’t kill me.” She whimpered. He leaned forward, almost on top of her, whispering into her ear. “Shh,”

The tears were rolling down her red cheeks as she looked him in the eyes. Something about him was familiar. But she didn’t know where from. She closed her eyes tight, accepting this is the end for her. She waited for darkness, she winced as he sliced the knife over her wrist. Warm blood dripped onto the floor from her, expecting worse to happen.

She looked at him as he stepped away from her. She watched him leave the kitchen and then the front door slamming. He was gone.

Rebecca grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her wrist. She ran up the stairs three at a time and into her mother’s bedroom. She knew she was dead and there was nothing she could do about it. She climbed onto the bed and wrapped her arms around her. The bedsheets were soaked, and her mother’s hair was also soaked in her blood. Rebecca’s cried echoed throughout the house.

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