SILENCE - DS Addison Scott Series #1

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Chapter Fifteen


Ian had finished school early today and decided to go straight home. He knew the house would be empty as his mother and father are at work. Alan should be with his girlfriend. When Alan came home and told the family he had a girlfriend, no one would believe him. Ian still doesn’t believe him. He thinks it’s probably another way to torment their father. Ian did wonder what type of girl Alan would fall in love with, if he did really have a girlfriend, Ian wondered what she would be like.

He finally arrived home and noticed that his father’s car was in the driveway. Ian started to worry what he was about to walk in to, but he knew that their father wouldn’t risk bringing his affair to the house. He walked through the front door and he could hear Alan’s voice. They were arguing again.

“She’s pregnant dad, what am I supposed to do?” Alan was shouting. Ian stood by the living room door and listened.

“You are going to be the man I brought you up to be. You will look after your girlfriend and her child, your child.” Anthony said to his son. Ian heard his father’s calm voice. He knew Alan would try and wind him up, it’s what he’s best at doing.

“Don’t be a hypocrite dad, you didn’t bring me up to be anything. You are trying to steal mum’s credit, she brought me up. You’ve been to busy with your affairs to even help your family.” Alan yelled again. Ian opened the door just slightly to see what they were doing.

“You are the hypocrite son, asking me for my advice and yet you make digs about my affairs. What would you do if I turned my back on you?” Anthony sat on the sofa and crossed his legs, watching his son pace back and forth in front of him. Alan sat beside his father and they stayed in silence. Ian was about to enter until Alan spoke again.

“What should I do?”

“Love and care for your child. Your life is going to change, and it will be for the better.” Anthony told him.

“Yet you still have an affair, ruining the family.” Alan retorted.

“Shut up Alan, you are going to need to grow up now.”

Ian used this moment to enter the room and Anthony smiled as he glanced up to see his youngest son. Alan wondered how much of the conversation he had heard, knowing he would have listened. They both stared at each other, daring each other to talk first.

“You’re home early,” Alan started.

“I finished early.”

“You sure you aren’t skipping school?” Alan laughed.

“I finished early.” Ian said again but more firm. “I heard you talking.” He confessed. Alan sat up straight, crossing his arms over his chest. He tried to make it look as if it didn’t bother him.

“I’m not surprised, you are always listening.”

“I’m not the only one who does it. I learn from the best.” Ian crossed his arms.

“And what is that supposed to mean?”

“Now, now boys. There is no need to argue, mum will be home soon to make dinner. Behave for when she comes back. She doesn’t want to come home to you two fighting again.” Anthony told them.

“Upset her? Are you fucking kidding me?” Alan got up from his seat and headed upstairs to his bedroom. Anthony glanced over to Ian who had gotten all his homework books out all over the coffee table. “Need any help?”

“No thanks,” Ian said. There was a long silence before Anthony got up and left the living room. Ian heard his mother’s car pull up outside the front onto the drive. Her keys jingled as she put them into the front door and opened.

“Oh, Ian, you’re home early.” She smiled at her young boy.

“I finished early because of my good work.” He beamed at her.

“Did you show your dad?”

“Nope, I wanted to show you only.”

“Ah honey, you are so sweet.” She smiled. She went into the kitchen and came back in with a glass of water. She placed it in front of Ian on the table.

“What’s gotten into you and Alan lately?” She asked. She propped herself down next to him as she tucked a long strand of hair behind his ear. “I think you need a haircut,” she laughed.

“Nothing is wrong, there isn’t anything to be worried about. We are boys.” Ian smiled.

She ruffled his hair and headed back into the kitchen.

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