SILENCE - DS Addison Scott Series #1

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Chapter Sixteen


Addison rolled over to answer her phone. She knew exactly why someone would be calling her at the crack of dawn.

“Addy, you need to get down here quick.” Fletcher said.

“Where’s here?” She yawned.

“I’ll text the address, hurry up.”

“I’ll be about half an hour.” Addison said as she was about to hang up.

“Robert said make it 15 minutes.” Then Fletcher hung up.

She tried her hardest to make it on time. She had a quick shower and tied her long, wet hair into a tight bun. She made herself a quick coffee and then she was out the door within 15 minutes. Her car was what slowed her down, it had taken three turns for it to start.

Addison finally made it to the scene with Robert, Fletcher and DCS Brian Dowell waiting for her arrival. They were already dressed in their white paper suits. Robert tapped his watch as she approached them. Fletcher handed her a white suit which she quickly put on the top of her clothes.

“Joan Charles is the victim.” Robert started as he treaded carefully towards the house. Everyone fell in step behind him.

“Same killer?” Addison asked.

“From what we know, yes,”

“Any children?” Addison asked again. Robert stopped and turned to face Addison.

“Yes, Rebecca Charles, she was taken into hospital as she was found unconscious.” Robert told her.

“The neighbour called the police because they heard screaming in the middle of the night from the Charles household.” Fletcher added.

“Nora Williams will be with us once she has finished with the scene. She will give us a run through. Dr. Richards has already been and gone, you will have to wait for the autopsy report.” DCS Dowell nodded to Addison who had arrived at the scene late. “The victim is Joan Charles; she was found in her bedroom when uniform arrived. The daughter was lying face down on the floor beside her mother’s bed. She was breathing when found, she has been taken straight to hospital. She had slash marks on her wrist.” DCS Dowell told them. Addison quickly put on her white paper suit before entering the house as Dowell finished up his brief.

Addison watched as Robert marched into the house, so she followed behind him. They headed straight up the stairs and entered the bedroom. Robert held the door open for Addison to step into the room. She saw Joan’s body lying on the bed, face up, with a knife to her heart. The bedding was soaked with blood and it dripped down to the floor.

Robert moved closer to the bed, carefully stepping over any blood. He nodded for Addison to come over. Joan was wearing a light-coloured top and it was hitched at the bottom ever so slightly, revealing a mark. Robert with his gloved hand lifted the top and revealed the carving on her stomach, the same as Wendy Willis. He glanced up at Addison.

“We need to nail this fucker before he strikes again,” Robert told her. He stormed out of the room while the forensics team were in and out of the room. Addison followed him out of the room and joined him where Nora Williams and DCS Dowell were having a walk through the scene. Addison and Robert followed them into the living room. Addison noticed the folded blanket on the back of the sofa, but nothing else caught her eye.

They entered the kitchen and Addison noticed that there were two knives missing from the knife block. She took a closer look wondering why there was two missing.

“Was the girl unconscious when she was found?” She queried. DCS Dowell came up beside her.

“She was found by the officer who arrived at the scene. They entered the premises as the door was left open and there was blood on the porch.” Dowell explained.

“Who called it in?”

“Her name is Sienna Walcott; she is the neighbour who lives next door. Do you want to interview her?” Dowell asked her.

“Yes, please sir,” Addison got out her notebook and walked over to a woman who was accompanied by two officers. She showed her badge and the officers both left Addison to talk to the witness.

“Hi Sienna, I’m DS Addison Scott. I’ve been told to take your statement about the domestic you called in.”

“Yes, yes, I called it in. I had to call because I heard screaming, it was a blood curdling scream. The first time I heard it, I thought it might have been drunks laughing and shouting as they pass by, but the second time, it was Rebecca, she was shouting for help and that someone killer her mother. I ran to glance out of the window, and I saw someone dragging her back inside the house. That’s when I called the police, I stayed by the window and saw him leave.” Sienna rushed and started to cry. Addison had written everything down and then put a hand on Sienna’s shoulder, hoping to calm her.

“Did you recognise the man at all?” Addison asked her.

“He was wearing a mask. Like those you wear when you burgle someone. He was very tall, at least six feet, and wore all black.” Sienna said.

“What about his build?”

“He was quite stocky, squared shoulders.”

“Thank you for your help Sienna, if you remember anything at all, you can call me on this number.” Addison handed her one of her white cards with her details on it. Addison walked back over to the scene and saw that Robert and DCS Powell were both waiting for her to come back.

“Sienna saw the killer attacking Rebecca on the porch. She was dragged back inside the house. She gave me a description, tall, six feet at least and he was dressed in black and wore a black ski mask. She said he was also quite stocky. Maybe worked out or something.” Addison told them. “Do you think he came back to finish off Rebecca? Did she do something for him to come back?” She asked.

“I believe he thought Rebecca was still asleep in bed,” Nora said as she joined them.

“She slept on the sofa,” Addison told her. Nora glared at her and then carried on.

“She woke up and looked for her mother, found him in her mother’s room and put up a fight. I believe he left, and she came out screaming for help before he could get away, so he came back to shut her up. I’m not sure if he intentionally tried to kill her or not.” Nora finished. Robert noticed Addison stroking her right wrist where he saw a large white scar. Addison saw him looking and pulled down her sleeves.

“Addison and I will head back to the station and find the next of kin so we can notify them. Rebecca will be heavily guarded at the hospital. Fletcher, you will go and talk to Carl Willis to see if you can find out if there was a connection between Joan Charles and Wendy Willis. Were they friends?” Robert demanded.

“I’ll see you down the station in a bit.” Fletcher nodded and headed back to his car. Robert didn’t say anything else and headed back to the station. Addison followed in her scrappy car and headed up into the department. Robert was back in his office when she arrived. Addison knocked on his door and he called her in.

“Could you look up Joan Charles on the system to see if she has any history with the police or any records of her. Something we could use,” Robert told her. Addison nodded and headed out of the office. She went to her desk and typed in Joan’s name into the search. She found that her husband was deceased, and her parents live in the area. She had written down the address in her little notebook and the names, Richard and Susie Charles. Joan only has one daughter, Rebecca Charles who goes to the same school as Anna Willis.

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