SILENCE - DS Addison Scott Series #1

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Chapter Seventeen


Addison felt proud of herself finding a possible connection between Wendy Willis and Joan Charles. She went to knock on Robert’s door, but she heard talking from inside. She thought against it and sat back at her seat. She wanted to carry on some research about the school, she thought it could be possible that Anna and Rebecca knew each other. There was so many possibilities going through her mind, but she didn’t want to jump to any conclusions. There was one thing she knew; she was on the right track to finding this killer.

Someone exited Robert’s office and she grabbed her notes, heading straight inside and closing the door behind her.

“I saw you outside my office, if it’s important or you have something, I don’t mind you interrupting; but it better be good.” Robert told her. Addison stared at him wondering if that would have been the case, if she had gone into his office while someone else was in there, she knew he would give her an ear full. She watched as he sat in his seat and waved for her to tell him what she had found.

“First, I’ve got the address to Joan Charles parents. They live in town. Second, her husband is deceased, Rebecca’s father. Third, I believe I found the connection between Wendy and Joan. Rebecca goes to the same school as Anna Willis.” Addison read through her notes.

“Good work Addison now let’s go to the parents and notify them. We will stop by the school after and make some enquiries.” Robert grabbed his jacket from the back of his chair.

“Am I good partner now?” Addison found herself saying. Robert stopped and Addison expected him to bite her head off. But he took her by surprise and laughed saying, “not quite there yet,” he carried on walking out of the department.

“You’ve done well so far kid,” Robert told her.

“Kid? Aren’t we the same age?” Addison laughed.

“I’ll take that as a compliment. I’m six years older than you.”

“Six? Wow, you don’t look it.”

“Stop the sweet talking, it’s not working.”

“It is a little bit though,” Addison said in a sing-like tune. She caught Robert with a slight grin. He glanced over his shoulder at her as they both entered the car park. He was starting to warm up to her and she knew it.

They finally arrived at the address for Susie and Richard Adams. Joan Charles parents. Robert knocked on the front door and waited. An elderly woman answered, blondish-grey hair and green eyes.

“DCI Robert Ashworth and this is my partner DS Addison Scott, do you mind if we come in?” Robert asked. As the woman opened the door, the smell of baking hit their noses. They entered the house and the old lady sat beside her husband who was reading the daily newspaper on the sofa. He put the paper down when he saw the two officers enter his home.

“I better turn off the oven.” Mrs Adams said as she rushed out into the kitchen and returned a few seconds after. She sat back in the spot next to her husband.

Addison saw the look in their eyes, as if they knew what was coming. She watched as Mr Adams grabbed his wife’s hand, tightly. They sat watching Robert and Addison, waiting for them to say something.

“It’s Joanie, isn’t it? Something has happened to her.” Mrs Adams sobbed. Mrs Adams put his arm around his wife.

“I am so sorry to tell you; Joan was found dead at her home last night.” Robert said. Addison watched as he rubbed his thumbs together.

“What happened?” Mr Adams asked. He held his wife tightly as she sobbed into his shoulder.

“She was murdered Mr Adams.” Robert told him. Mrs Adams sobbed louder.

“Where is our Rebecca? Where is she?” Mrs Adams suddenly asked.

“She’s in hospital. She was badly attacked and was taken in with head injuries.” Addison added.

“Can we go and see her?” Mrs Adams lifted her head up from her husband’s chest, tears streamed down her face. Mr Adams passed her a tissue and she blew her nose.

“Of course, you can, she’s still unconscious from what we know but she is in a stable condition. When she wakes up, we will need to speak to her so we can find out what happened to Joan.” Robert said.

“We will need you to formally identify Joan’s body. Please, take your time.” Addison added.

“I wanted to ask you, do you know anyone who may have a grudge against Joan and Rebecca?” Robert asked.

“Joan and Rebecca are both lovely people. I can’t think of anyone who would do this to them. Joan was dedicated to Rebecca; she was so focussed on bringing up Rebecca to be a good person. She done a lovely job.” Mrs Adams told them.

“If you contact this number, if you have anything that comes to mind that seemed odd or something that was said from Joan that could help up with this investigation it would be really helpful.” Addison handed her white card with her details on.

They finally left the house and Robert walked in silence back to the car. They could hear the sobs from Mr and Mrs Adams as they left the house. Addison watched him as he fumbled with his car key to unlock it, which he eventually did. Just as they got into the car, Robert’s phone started ringing. He snapped it open, “Ashworth,” he glanced over to Addison.

“You’ve got to be kidding.” Robert hung up and then slammed his phone against the steering wheel.

“What’s going on?”

“Rebecca is out of surgery, but there was complications and she’s now in a coma.” Robert told her the news. She sunk into her seat and let out a long breath. Another step back in the case.

Addison broke the silence as they left the house. “Do you think the killer’s intention was to murder Rebecca?”.

“I’m not sure, I think it could be a warning. She fought back and gave him no choice to hurt her. So, no, I don’t think his intention was to kill her. But we need to catch him before he does kill a child.” Robert told her.

“It’s odd that he’s killing the parents, yet the connection lies between the children. So, what’s his motive?”

Robert nodded his head in agreement but didn’t respond. Addison could see that he was taking it in, trying to make sense of everything that has happened so far. There is one thing he knew for sure; the children are their biggest lead.

Addison pulled out her notebook to have a look through her notes she has made so far. She knew every little detail was very important and she made sure she could get everything she had noticed or anything that was said.

“Anna said she recognised his voice, it’s someone she knows or could be someone from the school. It would make sense if we started to focus on the school now, question the teachers and other pupils.” Addison suggested. Again, Robert nodded but didn’t respond, but he was listening.

She put her notebook back into her pocket and started to rub the scar on her wrist which caught Robert’s attention. He glanced down at her hands as she started to vigorously rub it.

“What did you do?” Robert asked her.


“The scar, how did you do that?” He nodded to her rubbing her wrists.

“Oh, erm, I did it when I was little. Bike riding,” she laughed awkwardly. She couldn’t tell him the truth about how she got that scar. It was her personal reminder of what happened to her when she was young.

“Oh, I see,” he laughed with her. “I wanted to go back to Carl Willis, I have a few questions to ask him.” He told her. She nodded and glanced out of the window. She knew he wanted to know how they were connected, if Anna may have known Rebecca. Addison was just as curious as Robert; but she already knew the answer. She also knew that it was time to tell Robert about The Silent Killer case and the connection it has with their current case. And, not only that, her personal connection to the cases.

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