SILENCE - DS Addison Scott Series #1

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Chapter Twenty


Alan arrived home early to drop his things off before picking up his little brother from school. He walked into the living room and dropped his bag on the sofa. He noticed his dad was home, but he wasn’t alone. Alan didn’t think that his dad would bring his mistress to the house, but he did. Alan balled his hands into fists, stomping towards the telephone. He picked up the piece and typed in his mum’s work number.

“Mum, I’m sorry to bother you while you are working, but something is wrong with Ian. Please come home.” Alan sobbed down the phone. He put the phone down when she agreed, and a smile appeared on his lips.

Alan couldn’t believe that dad had been so careless to bring his mistress home. He knew ringing his mum wasn’t a good idea, but it’s time she found out. He finally left the house to go and pick up Ian. He was debating in his mind whether to take Ian straight home or take him somewhere to eat. But Ian would know something was wrong.

He waited patiently for his little brother. The bell rang and children started to pour out from the school. Ian had finally appeared, but he wasn’t alone, he had someone with him. He waved his friend goodbye and skipped up to Alan.

“Who was that?” Alan asked.

“Oh, that’s Keith, we are partners for the science project.” Ian smiled. He was happy to finally make a friend. Alan and Ian both started walking home.

“I thought I should warn you that mum and dad are probably arguing right now.” Alan told him. Ian looked up at his brother and furrowed his brow.

“Why? What have you done?”

“I’ve not done anything; dad had his mistress at home. I called mum to come home, that you were not feeling well.” Alan said. Ian stopped.

“What? Why did you do that? It’s going to break mum’s heart.” Ian sobbed.

“Ian, dad has been doing this for a long time now. It’s about time she found out, she deserves better than a man like him.” Alan tried to convince his little brother, but he was a mummy’s boy. All Ian wanted was his mum to be happy.

“We better hurry up and get home then.” Ian started to pick up the pace in his walk, almost jogging. Alan jogged behind him as they turned the corner to see their mum’s car on the drive. They saw the front door open. Ian ran inside calling out for their mum, but she didn’t reply. Alan was behind Ian as they glanced around the living room.

“She’s probably crying in her room.” Alan said. Ian ran for the stairs, but Alan stopped him. “I’ll go up first.”.

Ian went up behind Alan as they headed up the steps slowly. The bedroom was slightly open, and Alan pushed it even more, creaking as it moved. Ian went over to the window in the bedroom and Alan creeped over to the bathroom. He peeked inside and his eyes widened.

“Ian stay there,” Alan said as he stepped inside the bathroom. The water was red. Their mum was in the bathtub with blood up the sides of the wall and the shower curtain. The knife was on the floor where she must have dropped it after cutting her wrists. Ian poked his head in and saw her.

“Mum,” he squealed.

“Call an ambulance, go now!” Alan yelled. Ian ran out to the telephone and quickly dialled in the numbers to call an ambulance. Alan already knew it was too late. Her skin turned a light grey colour and the bath was full of blood coloured water. She was fully dressed. He checked her wrist for a pulse, but there was none. He gently put his hands into the water and pulled her to his chest.

“I did this, I did this to you. This is all my fault.” Alan sobbed, holding his mother in his arms. Ian came running back into the room with the telephone as far as the wire could reach.

“Tell them, tell them what happened.” Ian sobbed as he held the phone to Alan. Alan let go of his mum and she fell back into the water. He grabbed the phone from him and explained everything to the ambulance. The operator stayed on the line while they waited for an ambulance to arrive. Sirens were heard faintly in the background, getting louder the closer it got.

The operator finally hung up when the paramedics came into the house. Ian escorted them to the bathroom. Alan took the telephone outside of the bedroom and dialled in his dad’s number, he answered on the first ring.

“Alan, you little shit.” Anthony seethed down the phone. Alan couldn’t help his sobs. He could hear his dad’s heavy breath down the receiver.

“She’s dead. Mum is dead.” Alan finally said. He hung up the phone before his dad could say anything else. He even wanted to believe that his dad killed her and staged it like a suicide. But he couldn’t get over the fact it was his own fault. His actions resulted in his mum’s death. Alan went over to give Ian a big cuddle as the paramedics called her time of death. He knew the police would be here soon. He went downstairs to the kitchen to make Ian a glass of water when he saw his girlfriend standing by the door.

“Jade, what are you doing here?” Alan rushed over to her. He pulled her over to the sofa where Ian sat sobbing. He sat her next to his little brother, she put an arm over his shoulder and pulled him into her.

“What the hell has happened?” She said.

“My mum has killed herself.” Alan told her. Her mouth dropped open and held Ian tighter.

“I’m so sorry,” she said. She didn’t know what else she could say. She rubbed Ian’s back gently as he sobbed harder and harder. Alan saw his dad walk in through the door, heading straight for him. He grabbed his son by his collar and pinned him against the wall. He through his fist at his son’s face but Alan dodged it. He pushed his dad and he stumbled backwards.

“How could you leave her like that. How could you just walk out the door, leaving her in this state.” Alan yelled. He pushed his dad again. “I wanted her to find out about you because I thought she would get rid of you. It would have been me, her and Ian. You broke her heart and it hurt her so much, she killed herself. She killed herself dad,” Alan pushed his dad one last time. He fell to the ground looking up at his son, eyes wide. “I gave you the chance to tell her. You were supposed to tell her.” Alan screamed.

“I’ve failed you. I’ve failed you all. I’m so sorry,” Anthony started to sob, covering his eyes with his hands. Ian jumped up from the sofa and huddled into his dad. Alan had tears falling down his cheeks. He kneeled next to his dad and Anthony put his other arm around him. They huddled on the floor as they sobbed together.

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