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Chapter Twenty-One


Addison woke up to the smell of bacon. She sat up in her bed, knowing she didn’t have any bacon. She rolled out of her bed and put her slippers on. She hovered in the hallway to hear Fletcher humming a soft tune. She slowly appeared in the kitchen where Fletcher dished up breakfast. He glanced up to see her standing there watching him.

“I hope you don’t mind; you didn’t have anything in your cupboards, so I went out and got back bacon.” Fletcher smiled. Addison sat down on her sofa. Fletcher gave her the plate with a bacon sandwich. Addison took it with a smile. She picked up the sandwich and stuffed it into her mouth as if she hadn’t eaten for months. Fletcher laughed and said, “what do you even live on?”.

Addison slowed down and wiped her mouth with her arm. “I don’t mind. You could do this more often.” She joked. She noticed that Fletcher had put all the case files away and stacked them on top of each other. She stared at them, nibbling at her sandwich. Fletcher sat beside her with his breakfast. They both demolished the rest of their food.

“I thought I’d clear it all up for you. I wanted to leave you to sleep in.” Fletcher told her.

“Thank you, Fletcher, I don’t know who else I could have contacted. And this, it’s delicious. I’ve not eaten something like this in such a long time.” She tapped her empty plate.

“Don’t you cook?” He asked.

“I can’t really cook. I do cook, but it never tastes good.”

“What do you eat?”

“Takeaways.” She laughed.

“That’s not healthy.”

“I wouldn’t mind if you offered to cook for me now and then.” She said. She felt her cheeks grew a little hot. She glanced up to see a big grin of Fletcher’s face.

“Buy me a crate of beer and you have yourself a deal.” He laughed.

“Deal!” Addison said. She got up from the sofa and took Fletcher’s empty plate and placed them both in the sink.

“I’m going to head home and have a quick shower before we confront Robert with these files. I’ll take them with me, is that ok?” He asked

“That’s fine, I’ll see you at the office.” She said. Fletcher picked up the boxes and headed for the front door. “Thank you for coming over last night.” Addison told him as he left.

“No worries, I’ll be here if you need me again. I’ll see you soon.” Fletcher waved after placing the boxes in the boot of his car. Addison waved as he drove off down the street.

She went back inside and quickly washed the plates they had used. After, she went to get herself showered and ready for work. She was terrified what will happen once Robert finds out the truth. She grabbed her things and got inside of her car. She turned the key in the ignition three times, but it didn’t start. She growled loudly and hit her head against the steering wheel. The car finally started after the fifth time and she made her way into work. She parked in her usual space outside the station. She noticed Fletcher was standing by the entrance.

He saw her get out of the car and made his way over. “We may have to delay telling Robert about these case files. He wants to take you to the morgue straight away. Some news about Joan Charles autopsy.” Fletcher told her.

“I thought you was going to tell me that he found out and he’s waiting to have my head.” She shrugged her shoulders. Fletcher laughed and shook his head.

“You are in the clear but prepare yourself later. We will have to tell him.” Fletcher told her. She nodded as she followed him inside the building, heading up the stairs to the department. She glanced around to see people rushing around the offices. It was a busy day, especially with a copycat killer out there, that is something she is sure of. It was only a few moments before Robert was calling her into his office. She glanced back at Fletcher and he shrugged. She went into his office.

“Good morning,” he greeted.

“Morning sir,” she said. Addison noticed his unusually good mood today. She wanted to ask him, but she knew she would only put him in a bad mood. Because with her information, his mood wasn’t going to last.

“Dr Charlie Richards has summoned us to the morgue this morning, he says he has something in Joan Charles report.” Robert explained. He grabbed his jacket and nodded for her to exit his office, while he followed behind her.

“I spoke to Anna Willis again after making the connection with the school and it turns out that she was Rebecca Charles’s best friend at school.” Addison told him. She could tell Robert was surprised, he took in what she had said and then a smile appeared. “I got everything on tape too.” Addison quickly added. She watched as he started tapping away at his navigation system and then Fletcher’s name popped up. The sound of ringing echoed in the car and then his voice surrounded them.

“Sir?” Fletcher said.

“When you interview Joan’s parents again, ask them if they know about the friendship between Anna and Rebecca?” Robert told him.

“Yes sir, is that everything?” Fletcher said.

“Yes, keep me updated and if anything crops up please let me know as soon as possible.” Robert ended the call. “I want you to send a copy of that interview to Fletcher as soon as you get a moment.” Robert told Addison.

“Yes sir,” she nodded.

Robert pulled into the mortuary hospital car park. Addison saw Dr Richards standing just outside of the entrance, smoking a cigarette. He tossed it to the side as they got out of the car.

“Greetings,” Dr Richards smiled. He held his hand out for Robert to shake, which he did. Addison watched as the two men started to share an inside joke between them both. She felt left out until Dr Richards turned to her. He offered her hand and she shook it.

Dr Richards headed inside the building as Robert and Addison fell in step behind him. He held the door open as they entered the corridor towards the mortuary room, the one they were in before.

“What do we have Charlie?” Robert asked. Addison saw the body laying on a silver trolley, covered with a white sheet. Dr Richards pulled it off and Addison saw the word ‘shh’ carved into the body’s stomach. It was the killer’s trademark and Addison held onto that information that made him different to The Silent Killer from 20 years ago.

“Joan Charles, white, female and she was 39 years of age. She was a young mother. Same as before, she has ‘shh’ carved into the stomach. This time, there is an injury to her head. A blunt instrument, I would say something rounded, curved maybe.” Dr Richards pointed to the bit to her head and Addison leaned forward to have a closer look.

“I see, something like a hockey stick. Curved?” Addison suggested.

“Exactly like that. She also has a puncture wound to her neck, right here.” He pointed again and Addison followed his line of direction. “She was injected with Brevital Sodium, enough to put her to sleep and then he stabbed her in the heart.” Dr Richards added.

“Can I ask you a question?” Addison asked.

“You just did,” Dr Richards smiled. Addison chuckled at his small joke.

“Another one,”

“Go on,”

“Well I’ve been trying to come up with a motive that seems to be encouraging our killer, I’ve found similarities to another case, it’s possible they link?” Addison asked.

“The Silent Killer case,” He added. Addison looked at him surprised. He pulled the words right from her mouth. Robert moved closer as he listened to them both talk about their theories.

“It’s funny, I was going to tell Robert about the case to consider. I believe you have a copycat killer on your hands.” Dr Richards said directly at Robert.

“We need to get back to the station and get these files now.” Robert demanded. Addison quickly chased up with him as he left the room. Dr Richards didn’t follow.

“Is there anything you want to tell me?” Robert asked her.

“I don’t know sir, is there?”

“Don’t play games with me Addison. You brought up the case for a reason. You must have a pretty good reason for this.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“I was hoping you would tell me the truth; I’ve given you the chance.” Robert said as he carried on walking out of the building. They both got into the car and Robert turned his attention to Addison. She realised that he knew the truth about her.

“You knew,”

“Do you really think I would miss a connection like this? Do you think I would let anyone onto my team without knowing their background!” Robert told her.

“Please sir, don’t take me off this case. I really believe I can help with this one.” Addison begged.

“Oh, I won’t be taking you off the case, but we will be talking about this when we get back to my office. I want to know everything you know.” Robert said. Addison nodded. He turned to the steering wheel and started the engine. She didn’t say anything else. Addison didn’t want to let Robert know that Fletcher also knew about her past.

Addison knew what would happen next, and it’s the main reason she wanted to keep it a secret. It’s about time she visited her father in prison, because he is the only one who can give her information about this killer.

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