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Chapter Twenty-Two


Robert and Addison were back in his office. He slammed the door behind them as he moved over and sat at his desk. He pushed his hands into his hair and loosened the top button of his shirt. Fletcher entered the room with the big cardboard box of files. He gave Addison a side glance as he entered. He placed them down in front of Robert. They waited for the arrival of DCS Brian Dowell and Nora Williams. Robert took the first file on the top of the pile in front of him, he looked inside, flicking through the pages as they all waited. He glanced up at Addison. She was staring out of the window, not paying any attention at all. DCS Dowell and Nora finally arrived into the office.

“What do you have?” Dowell asked. He glanced at the box in front of Robert. He noticed the label on the side of it.

“Dr Charlie Richards has come up with a theory that this is possibly the work of a copycat killer. I believe we should consider the possibility this is something to do with The Silent Killer case.” Robert told him. He glanced at Addison. For the first time, he could not read her. She was showing no emotion. “We’ve found many things that link the two cases together, so I would like to investigate more into this.” Robert carried on.

“Investigate everything, I want this killer found.” DCS Dowell demanded.

“I wanted your permission to go and speak to Alan Reed in prison. He possibly could give us an insight of this copycat killer, that’s if he’s not in contact with our killer himself.” Robert saw Addison flinch from the corner of his eye but ignored it. “Addison and I will be the ones to interview him.” Robert added.

Addison had to face the biggest fear of her life. Alan Reed. The first case she had to deal with, was connected to her father. The man who killed her mother in front of her. She had not seen him for 20 years, he frightened her.

“So, you are sure this is a copycat killer?” DCS Dowell wanted to confirm. Robert nodded his head and Dowell headed for the door followed by Nora, who did not speak a word. “Go and get him.” He said as he exited.

“Thank you for not telling him.” Addison said to Robert.

“Don’t let me regret this.” Robert waved his hand for them to leave his office.

Addison went to her desk with Fletcher behind her. She sat down in her chair. “He knew this whole time!” Addison said.

“He knows who you really are?”

“He’s never going to trust me now. He gave me the chance to come clean and I didn’t take it.”

“I’m sure he does, he’s got you doing the interview with Alan.” Fletcher sat beside her in another black office chair.

“That’s only because I’m his biological daughter. Robert is probably thinking that I will get a reaction out of Alan. I have not seen the man since I was 15 years old.” Addison flopped her head into her hands, fighting back the tears that desperately wanted to come out.

“You will be safe. You will have us there and all of the security.” Fletcher put a hand on her shoulder, trying to comfort her.

“The prison know we are coming now, so let’s get a move on.” Robert said as he caught Fletcher whipping his hand away from Addison. They both got up and grabbed their jackets and chased after Robert down the corridor.

There was silence on the whole trip to Brookfield prison. Addison was vigorously rubbing her scar that it left a red mark on her skin. Her hands trembled more as they went through the first security gate that buzzed open for them. They drove down a dirt track that led them to a huge building further in the distance. The prison was surrounded by three gates of barbed wire fencing with security guards standing at their posts and CCTV Cameras.

They stopped in a small car parking area to the back entrance of the prison. One of the guards came out and greeted them as they got out of the car. He led them inside and Addison found herself looking at the cameras as they entered the building. The guard directed them through a metal detector and to sign in for their visitor badges. Robert turned to give the pen to Addison, and he felt her hands shake as she took it. He had noticed the red marks on her wrist, where she had been stroking her scar.

“If you don’t want to be the one to talk to him, I can step in for you. Just let me know.” Robert told her. She nodded as she handed the pen to Fletcher, who gave her a cheeky wink.

“No, I want to do it. I need to do it.” She told him. Robert nodded as they were led into a small room, a two-way mirror showed into the next room. The room Alan Reed will be led to very soon. There was a guard posted outside of the room while the three of them stood, waiting for them to bring in Alan. Robert checked his watch a few times.

The door to the interview room opened and a man in a grey tracksuit walked in. His hands were cuffed together, and Addison noticed his tattooed arms as the sleeves were rolled up to his elbows. His sandy blonde hair was slicked back, and he had many scars on his face. The guard sat him down and cuffed him to the metal bar on the table in front of him.

Robert entered the room first followed by Addison. The moment she entered the room, Alan’s eyes fell upon her. He didn’t acknowledge anyone else but her. Addison’s cheeks flared, feeling Alan’s eyes on her. Addison was sure he knew exactly who she was, but he didn’t show it. Fletcher watched them from the two-way mirror as Robert sat down first. Addison took the chair beside him and finally looked up at Alan.

He leaned back in his chair, crossing his legs with a smirk on his face. Addison could feel her hands becoming hard to control, they shook so hard that she clenched them.

“I’m Detective Sergeant Addison Scott…” She started but was instantly cut off by Alan.

“You’ve changed your name.” Alan smiled. The familiar hoarse sound of his voice terrified Addison, she wanted to leave. She was desperate to get out, but she tried not to show it. She felt Robert put his hand on her leg under the table and she instantly calmed down. The man who gave her nightmares, that haunted her, and he was sat fight in front of her.

“This is Detective Chief Inspector Robert Ashworth.” She said as she pulled herself together. Robert sat forward and Alan finally turned his attention on him.

“Did you know her real name is Madison Reed?” Alan asked Robert. He grinned as he looked from Robert to Addison.

“I do know, she will also be the one who will interview you.” Robert smirked and sat back in his seat. Alan sneered at Robert and moved to face Addison only. He gave her a smile and placed his hands flat on the table in front of him.

“Call me daddy,” he told her. She swallowed the lump in the back of her throat and finally managed to compose herself. She took in a deep breath and let it our slowly. She looked at Robert who nodded to her to start the interview.

“Alan,” she started. Her voice came out louder than she thought it would. She shuffled in her seat and sat up straight. Alan watched as she fidgeted. He took this moment to speak again. “You look just like your mother.” He told her. He moved his hand closer to her, but he couldn’t reach her because of the handcuffs that were tight around his wrists.

“Do you have a boyfriend now?” He asked her, still with a smirk on his lips. Addison glanced to Robert and Alan followed her gaze. “Does she have one?” He turned his question to Robert. But he didn’t respond to him. “Come on Mads.” Alan laughed. Addison slammed her hand down on the table which made everyone jump.

“You murderer! Why are you even breathing right now? You should be dead and gone to hell.” Addison jumped up from her seat and started jabbing her finger towards him. “You deserve to die, and I would have the pleasure of watching you!” She leaned forward to spit in his face. As she did, Alan grabbed her hair from his cuffs and yanked her head down to the table. He held on tight as she yelped in pain. Robert jumped up from his seat, trying to separate them. Fletcher and four guards came running into the room. Addison could feel the burning sensation from her head where he gripped her hair and wouldn’t let go. They finally got him to let go of her hair, but he managed to scratch the side of her face. Her hand went to where it stung, and she felt blood dripping. Fletcher dragged her out of the room followed by Robert. The guards held Alan down on the table while he shouted at Addison. They rearranged his handcuffs, so they were tighter around the metal bar on the table.

“I wish I killed you that night with your mother.” He kept shouting.

The door closed and they couldn’t hear him anymore. Fletcher handed her a white cloth that she placed on her face.

“What the FUCK was that?” Robert hissed.

“I don’t know. I couldn’t hold it in.” Addison whimpered. Her hair was a mess and she was sure Alan pulled out a clump. She rubbed her head where it hurt.

“You are going in the room next door. Fletcher will take over from here. This won’t be happening again.” Robert dismissed her. Addison went into the room. Fletcher followed her while Robert went back into the interview room. Addison stood at the two-way mirror scowling at Robert through it, trying to blink back tears that were threatening to drop.

“I didn’t expect myself to act like that. After all these years, I haven’t seen him once. I never wanted to see him.” Addison said.

“Robert and I will take care of him. We will get something out of him. Rely on us,” Fletcher said softly. She nodded and he put his hand on her shoulder. She touched his hand. “Just watch us from here, we will break him.” Fletcher said. He left the room and she stood watching through the window. She noticed Robert getting up from his seat and leaving the interview room. A few seconds later the door opened.

“Sir, I’m sorry for what happened.” She started. Robert put his hand up and she stopped. He watched her for a moment while she looked at her feet, knowing she was going to be scolded like a naughty child.

“You don’t need to apologise. This was my fault bringing you straight into the interview when you weren’t ready. I should have been more considerate towards you.” Robert confessed. Addison stood there watching him. He was apologising to her.

“Did you just apologise to me?” She bit her lip.

“Don’t push it, that’s all your getting.” He smirked. He moved forward and ruffled her hair. She looked at him confused. He went to touch her cheek but had second thoughts.

“You should have that checked by a nurse.” He said. He turned to leave the room, but she called out to him.

“Robert,” she called. He stopped and turned to her. “Thank you,” she told him. He gave her a gentle smile.

“No problem kid,” he left the room.

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