SILENCE - DS Addison Scott Series #1

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Chapter Twenty-Five


Alan sat in his car outside her house. It was dark, so no-one could see him. He watched Katie Herman’s house from a distance, but close enough to see. She wasn’t home yet, but he knew she was due home soon. Her daughter had gone with her dad, so she wouldn’t be home tonight.

Alan had been sitting outside Katie’s house ever since his mother committed suicide. Katie was the main reason why his mother took her life. Katie was a homewrecker. Alan couldn’t understand why his dad was having an affair with this woman, she was nothing special.

He glanced at the clock on his car and noticed that Katie was late. His dad, Anthony finished the affair months ago, but she still tried for his attention. He glanced up to see Katie arriving home. She entered her house and went into every room, drawing the curtains.

He quickly put on his black leather gloves and finally got out of the car, heading to her front door. He knocked gently and waited for a moment before she answered. She was surprised to see him.

“Alan, what are you doing here?” She said.

“I’m sorry for calling over so late. I’ve only recently finished work. Dad asked me to come and get the rest of his things.” He lied. He remembered overhearing his dad talking about some bits he left round her house. It was a great excuse to enter her house.

“Of course, come in. I thought he would have come himself, but he’s been keeping his distance recently.” Katie said as she closed the door after Alan slipped inside. He headed for the kitchen and she followed behind him.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a syringe that he had prepared for her. He turned quickly and jabbed it into the side of her neck. He pressed down for the liquid to enter her body. Here eyes were wide. She looked at him in horror, no sound coming out from her mouth. Her legs felt like jelly and she slowly slid down in front of Alan onto the floor. Alan smirked as she didn’t make a sound, his plan worked. He picked her up and placed her on the counter, moving her arms to her sides. He moved to the end of the counter to remove her shoes and placed the neatly on the floor.

Alan looked through all her drawers, looking for a needle and thread. He found a sewing kit and took what he needed. He removed his black gloves from his hands and put on some rubber gloves on. He threaded the needle and leaned over Katie’s body. She was still breathing. He quickly grabbed her largest knife from her block and placed it beside her. He leaned over her and took the threaded needle to her mouth. The skin popped as he pierced it through her lips, sealing them shut.

Katie’s eyes opened and she saw Alan towering over her. She tried to scream but nothing came out. She groaned in pain as her hands slowly came up to her lips. She started to shake and tears rolling down the sides of her cheeks. Blood was trickling down her jaw and all she could do was look Alan in the eyes. Alan climbed up onto the counter and straddled his legs on top of Katie. He picked up the knife as she watched in horror, lifting it above his head.

Her tears were strolling down her face and he felt her whole body shaking beneath him. He was going to kill her. The knife finally came down and pierced her straight in the heart. He moved from her body before blood started to spill everywhere. Her eyes were left wide open, but there was no breathing anymore. He left the knife in her chest and picked up the needle and thread, he dropped it down the plug hole in her sink. He wiped everything her touched, even though he wore gloves, he wanted to be extra careful.

Just as he was finishing up, he heard a car pull up outside the house. He quickly ran over to the curtain and peeped outside. Katie’s daughter was coming inside. He went and hid behind the kitchen door. He heard the front door open and close, footsteps running up the stairs. Alan waited for a few moments and then he heard her calling for her mum. Katie’s daughter was never meant to return, but he now how to deal with her, but that wasn’t a problem for him.

She finally came back downstairs, and he heard her footsteps coming towards the kitchen. She took a step inside and saw her mum lying on the counter. But before she could scream, Alan had grabbed her from behind and covered her mouth. He gripped her head hard and turned it until it snapped. He let go of her and her body fell to the ground, her eyes wide open. He stepped over her body and exited through the back door. He rushed into the darkness and down an alleyway back to his car. He hopped inside and closed the door gently. He sat and watched the front of the house for a moment. The father was still sitting in the car out the front, he waited about ten minutes before he got out of the car and checked for his daughter. Alan smirked and drove away.

He arrived home and noticed all the lights were out. He turned them on and saw a note on the table. His wife-to-be had gone into labour. He got back into his car and headed for the hospital. He went through the main entrance and asked a nurse where the maternity ward was. He finally made it to see his wife-to-be cradling their baby.

“It’s a girl.” Jade said as Alan walked into the room. Alan smiled at his new-born baby girl. “Madison, what do you think?” Jade asked him. He sat in the chair beside her and kissed her on the forehead. He then kissed his new baby on the forehead too.

“Madison is beautiful.” He grinned. Today was a beautiful day.

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