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Chapter Twenty-Six


The next morning Robert and Addison were sat outside the head teacher’s office for Saint George Academy. He was currently in a meeting and he made them wait outside. Robert was looking at the board of teachers and Addison watched as the students started to come into the building in their navy-blue uniforms.

Robert hasn’t said anything about last night. He only kipped on her sofa and left at four in the morning. But he hasn’t mentioned anything about last night. Addison hoped this was a big step in their partnership. She wanted him to trust her more.

“Do you think the killer could come back to finish the job with Rebecca Charles?” Addison asked. Robert’s head snapped in her direction, his eyes wide as if she said something insulting.

“Don’t ask those sorts of questions here. I’ve already got Fletcher watching her, so she will be fine.” Robert told her. Addison nodded. He was right. If a student caught what she said it would spread like wildfire.

A man came out of the room. He was dressed in a grey suit and a crisp white shirt, his glasses rested on top of his head. Robert stood up first and Addison followed.

“I’m Detective Chief Inspector Robert Ashworth and this is my partner Detective Sergeant Addison Scott. We spoke on the phone earlier,” Robert mentioned.

“Yes of course, I’m Harry Kobak, the headteacher of the school. I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of our pupil’s parents. The school will support them as much as possible in this hard time.” Harry said. He guided them into his office and they both took a seat in front of his desk. He moved behind the desk after closing the door behind him.

“Did you know the parents personally?” Addison asked. Harry finally took a seat in his chair. He crossed his hands on the desk in front of him.

“I’ve spoken to Joan Charles a few times. She had come in and made complaints about her daughter being bullied. We did manage to sort out the issue and I hadn’t heard from her again. I’ve never spoken to Wendy Willis before. You might be able to talk to the homeroom teachers, they have parents evening every term, so they might be able to give you more insight about her.” Harry explained. Addison raised an eyebrow; she instantly didn’t like him.

“We will need all of the teacher’s names who have had classes with Anna and Rebecca. We may need to talk to some other pupils who were close to them too, if that is possible.” Robert requested. Harry Kobak nodded and started to rummage through his draws, he pulled out a file and placed in front of him. He started to flick through the pages. He finally came to what he was looking for and handed it to Robert. He scanned the sheet and noticed it was a timetable for all the teachers.

“Do Anna and Rebecca spend time with anyone else in their classes? Have you seen them with other girls or boys?” Addison wondered.

“I’m not sure, you will have to speak to their homeroom teacher.” Harry answered. Addison nodded and jotted it down into her notebook to remind herself to ask the homeroom teacher.

“I also noticed that you have lockers in the hallways.” Addison mentioned.

“Those lockers are for the last year students. We let them use them while they study for their GCSE’s. They can keep valuables and things inside.” Harry explained. Robert was still looking through the sheet Mr Kobak gave them earlier. He was looking at the teacher’s names to see if he recognised them; but he didn’t.

“How long have you been the head teacher at this school?” Robert asked.

“I’ve been the head teacher to this school for over ten years. There are a few teachers who have been here longer than me, but I know everyone here.” Harry told him.

“Who has worked here the longest?” Robert asked.

“That will be Mr Oliver, Colin Oliver, he is our oldest staff here. He teaches technology, one of our best.” Harry answered.

“Who has only started working here?”

“Kerry Grey, she is my new maths teacher as I had to fire the old one. He could never control his class and his anger slowly started to show more and more towards the students. Mr Ian Evans came in the same time as Kerry Grey. He’s another great teacher, the students are very fond of him.” Harry smiled.

“Do you mind showing us to the staff room? We would like to talk to the teachers who know Anna and Rebecca.” Robert asked.

“Of course, anything you need.” Harry nodded. He got up from his seat and grabbed his keys to lock his office door. Addison and Robert followed him down the corridor to the staff room. They entered and saw a dark brunette woman sitting with a cup of tea. Harry waved and she stood up.

“This is Miss Tracey Brown; she is the art teacher here. She usually has both Anna and Rebecca in her afternoon classes. This is Detective Chief Inspector Robert Ashworth and Detective Sergeant Addison Scott.” Harry introduced. “Is there anything else you wanted to ask me?” He turned to Robert.

“That’s it for now, but if we have anymore questions, we know where to find you.” Robert told him. Harry left them in the staff room.

“What can I do for you detectives? Would you like a drink?” She offered.

“Oh, a cup of tea would be lovely.” Addison smiled. She started to have a look around the staff room, while Robert sat down on the small, grey sofa. Tracey Brown put the kettle on and started to make a cup of tea for Addison. Tracey turned to Robert; she raised her eyebrows, but he shook his head.

Addison moved slowly around the room, looking at the trophy cabinet and then the teachers board. It had a photo of every teacher in the school with their name and what subject they teach. She studied each one carefully.

“How well do you know Anna Willis and Rebecca Charles?” Addison asked as she moved away from the board. Robert was sat with his leg crossed over and stretching his arm along the back of the sofa. He watched Addison study the room.

“I know them quite well; they are both my top students in my class. It’s such a tragedy that have experienced something like this at their age.” Tracey said as she handed Addison her hot cup of tea.

“Thank you,” Addison said as she took it from her. Tracey perched on the sofa next to Robert. Addison carried on looking around.

“Have you ever seen anyone else other than their mother picking them up from school?” Robert asked.

“I’ve seen Rebecca walk home sometimes. Some nights her mother works late, so she makes her own way home. Sometimes she walks with Sophie Harris. Anna, it’s always been Wendy that picks her up.” Tracey told them.

“Do they ever take part in after school clubs?” Addison asked as she came to the trophy cabinet again. There were many netball and football trophies.

“I know Rebecca did hockey club, that club is usually on a Thursday after school.” Tracey mentioned.

“What about Anna?”

“Anna was never interested in after school clubs. She was quite a bad influence on some girls, she was caught smoking behind the gyms. It wasn’t much of a surprise, the rumours about her mother didn’t help.” Tracey told them.

“Rumours?” Robert acknowledged.

“That she was a drug addict.” Tracey whispered.

“Was there any teachers close to their parents?” Addison questioned.

“Harry Kobak normally handles any meetings with them if they are having problems. Especially Wendy Willis, she was in his office a few times.” Tracey told them. Robert glanced up at Addison who stood behind them.

“How does the parent’s evening system work?” Addison asked as she placed her empty cup by the sink.

“Each parent gets a time slot with each teacher in each subject. They talk to them in that time slot about everything that are achieving or anything they can improve on. Usually, it’s ten minutes a slot. Do you know the girl’s personal tutors?” Tracey asked. She started writing down the names of the teachers anyway and passed the note to Robert.

Robert and Addison finally left the school and headed back to the car in the car park. The whole school was currently empty as they were all in their classes. Addison watched as Harry Kobak exited the front of the school and went towards the gymnasium.

“I don’t like him” Addison said.

“Me neither, kid,”

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