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Chapter Twenty-Seven


Addison and Robert arrived back to the station. Robert went straight into his office to make some calls and Addison dropped herself in her seat at her desk. She glanced up at her computer to see a sticky note saying ‘call me’ from Fletcher. She pulled her phone from her pocket and dialled his number.

“About time,” Fletcher answered.

“What’s up?”

“It looks like Rebecca is going to wake up soon. I thought I’d let you know.” Fletcher told her.

“Oh, that’s great news, I will pop in and see how she’s doing.” Addison said. She hung up her phone, grabbed her jacket and then left. Robert watched her leave but didn’t call after her. He carried on with his phone calls.

Addison arrived at the hospital and she made her way through the entrance. She arrived at the familiar double doors of the Paediatric Ward. She pressed the buzzer and held up her badge. She heard a buzz and the door opened for her to go inside. Addison asked the receptionist for Rebecca Charles room and she gave her directions.

Addison saw the police officer who was stationed outside of the room. He glanced up when he saw her arrive.

“Have you had your break?” Addison asked.

“No ma’am,” he replied.

“You’ve got ten minutes. I’ll stay with her until you come back.” She said. The officer nodded and headed off down the corridor.

Addison quickly checked her phone and sent a text to Fletcher to let him know she was at the hospital. She put the phone back into her pocket and went into Rebecca’s room. She sat in the chair beside her. Rebecca had bandages around her wrists and tubes in her nose and mouth. She touched Rebecca’s hand which was warm.

Addison felt her phone buzzing in her pocket. She quickly exited the room and moved down the corridor where it was quiet. She answered the phone but all she could hear was buzzing.

“Hello,” She said. She glanced back at Rebecca’s room. She quickly stepped outside in the small garden area. She glanced through the window and could still see Rebecca’s room.


“How did you get my number?” Addison said as she turned away from Rebecca’s room for a moment. “HOW?” Addison raised her voice. She could hear chuckling. “Don’t ever call me again.” Addison went to hang up.

“I’ve got something for you. It’s about your killer.” Alan spoke.

“I’m not falling for your tricks. Stay out of my life.” Addison yelled.

“You should never leave a witness’s side.” He hung up.

Addison quickly turned to see nurses rushing into Rebecca’s room. She rushed into the building and over to the room. She looked inside to see a nurse doing CPR on Rebecca and a doctor rushing to her side.

“What happened?” Addison mumbled. The doctor started charging up the defibrillator as a nurse placed sticky pads on Rebecca’s chest. The doctor called and placed the plates on the sticky pads and shocked her body. Addison’s hand covered her mouth as she watched.

Addison stepped out of the room and quickly got her phone out and dialled Robert’s number.

“Ashworth,” he answered.

“Sir, I think the killer has been at the hospital. Rebecca has taken a bad turn. The doctor said she went into cardiac arrest and they are trying to save her life.” Addison yelled down the phone.

“Woah, kid, calm down. I’m on my way right now, stay put.” Robert hung up. She glanced up to see the doctor coming out from the room.

“Is she okay?”

“We couldn’t resuscitate her, I’m so sorry,” the doctor said.

“What happened to her?”

“She went into cardiac arrest.” One of the nurses told Addison. She pulled her to the side. Addison could feel herself shaking. The doctor went down the corridor as he was paged for his next patient.

“Was there anyone else in the room when this all happened?” Addison asked.

“I didn’t see anyone coming out of her room. There was a male nurse who was hovering around the waiting room. Once Rebecca’s machines started, he ran off. I couldn’t tell you if he went into the room or not though.” The nurse told her. Addison got out her notebook and started to write everything down and the times she arrived and the time her phone call came in.

“What did this male nurse look like?” Addison asked.

“Well, he had sandy blonde hair and glasses on. He also put on a dark blue hat as he left the ward.” Addison nodded as she jotted everything down. The nurse left and Addison stood by the door to Rebecca’s room. She peeked inside and saw the young girl’s lifeless body that was now covered by the white sheet.

It was all her fault. If she had never left the room, she would still be alive. How could she leave Rebecca on her own? It was all her fault. It was only for a moment that she left the room. She even had a clear sight of the room door; she would have seen who had entered and exited. How did she not see the man who was hovering in the waiting area? Alan Reed was only calling to distract her. He knows who the killer is.

She glanced down the hallway and saw Robert rushing towards her. She ran up to him and threw herself into his arms. She could feel the warm tears falling down her cheeks.

“It’s all my fault,” Addison whimpered.


“I told the officer he could have ten minutes. I wanted to make sure she was doing alright. I had a phone call from Alan, he got my number and it was all to distract me. I left her room for a moment.” She whimpered again. Robert tightened his arms around her.

“It’s not your fault. We didn’t know he was going to come back and finish the job.” Robert calmed her. She sniffed loudly.

“What about Anna?”

“We’ve sent uniform round there to keep her safe.” Robert told her. “You said Alan called you? As in Alan Reed?”

“Yes, he managed to get my number and called me. He said I should never leave a witness ’s side.” Addison explained.

“I will contact security management to see if we can check out the CCTV cameras for this ward. We will find him. I will also contact someone to search Alan’s cell, see if we can find out if he knows anything, or something that could lead us to the identity of our killer.” Robert told her.

“What about Rebecca’s body?” Addison asked.

“I will contact Nora Williams and Charlie Richards. They will investigate what happened here.”

Addison and Robert both saw Fletcher rushing down the corridor. He glanced into the room to see Rebecca’s body covered. He turned to face Addison and tears started to stream again.

“The killer was here.” She held back her whimper. Robert turned away and called Nora. Fletcher took Addison to the side.

“It’s all my fault. Alan Reed was taunting me.” She said.

“Alan Reed?”

“Yeah, while I was here, he called me. It turned out it was just a distraction for me to leave the room, so the killer can finish the job. Alan knew the killer this whole time.” Addison hissed.

“It’s not your fault at all. He has taken advantage of you, on all of us in fact. Don’t blame yourself, this isn’t on you.” Fletcher said.

“He’s right don’t blame yourself. We will catch this guy.” Robert told her. “Nora has a team on the way here, now the room is a crime scene. Dr Charlie Richards has requested for an autopsy on Rebecca’s body.” Robert explained. Robert went over to the receptionist to let the know of a forensics team who are on their way. The room was now a crime scene.

“Let’s go and get that CCTV.” Robert waved his hand for them to follow him. They followed him out of the ward and back down to the entrance. The security guard was standing by the entrance, watching people entering and exiting the building. Robert approached him and flashed his badge.

“I was wondering if you could help us out with something. I’m Detective Chief Inspector Robert Ashworth, this is Detective Inspector Andrew Fletcher and Detective Sergeant Addison Scott.” Robert introduced.

“I’m Paul Lloyd, what can I do for you?” He asked. He wore a white crisp shirt with dark grey trousers. His name tag was placed on the pocket on his shirt.

“We were hoping to get into your CCTV room. We are investigating a crime that took place on the children’s ward and we are hoping to catch something on the CCTV.” Robert explained.

“Sure, one moment,” Paul said. He took out his radio and spoke. “Could someone come up and cover me. I have some detectives here who need help with something.” He said. He waited for a moment and someone had spoken back, ‘No problem Paul,’ they said.

“Follow me,” Paul nodded. They followed him into a security room, he used his key guard to access the room. They followed him inside and they saw the whole room, full of CCTV monitors. Paul sat in front of a computer and started typing.

“What ward did you say?”

“It happened on the children’s ward. She was in room 101.” Addison told him.

“What time period are you looking at?”

“About two hours ago to now.” Addison said. Paul started typing away on the computer and the main screen above appeared with the hallway to the children’s ward. “We are looking for a male who is dressed in a nurse outfit, possibly with a dark blue cap.” Addison added.

The security guard started to rewind it back a couple of hours, looking for the man they described. It took some time to find him, but eventually he did. Addison was now sitting down in a seat behind Paul. Fletcher and Robert watched carefully as he finally paused it on their suspect.

“He couldn’t look more obvious.” Fletcher laughed. Addison got up from her seat and looked at the screen carefully. They couldn’t see his face as the cap covered him, but they were sure he was the right man.

“Bastard. Could you fast forward it. I want to see the moment when he left.” Addison pointed. Paul fast forward the tape to find the moment the man left. After a few moments, he stopped and played it. They all watched intently. He didn’t even look back as he left the ward.

“It frustrates me that he has walked out, knowing we still don’t have a clue who he is. He is right there in front of our faces and he’s laughing at us.” Addison made fists. Fletcher put his hand on her shoulder.

“Could we get copies of these please,” Robert asked Paul.

“Sure,” Paul replied. He entered a blank CD into the computer and started making copies of the CCTV. Addison left the room and went to get some fresh air outside. She pulled out her phone and glanced at it. She went into her received calls and saw the caller ID that was Alan. Addison glanced up to see Robert walking towards her.

“Fletcher is waiting for the copies.” He said. Addison looked back down at her phone and let out a long sigh. Robert snatched it from her hand and threw it to the ground, he stepped on it and it broke into small pieces. Addison stood, her eyes wide open. He bent down, picked it up and tossed it into the bin. “We will get you another,” he told her. She glanced up at him and he grinned. She burst out into laughter.

“You surprise me every time, DCI Ashworth.” Addison smiled.

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