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Chapter Twenty-Eight


Addison sat at her desk as she stayed behind to write her report about everything that happened at the hospital. Robert and Fletcher had gone to notify Rebecca’s grandparents that she was murdered in the hospital. Addison was glad she didn’t have to go; she wouldn’t be able to lie to them. It was all her fault. She left the girl for a moment, even a moment was enough to finish a job. That was the biggest mistake she would ever make. A typical rookie mistake, that’s what Robert probably thought. She was caught up in her thoughts that she didn’t notice Robert and Fletcher returning.

Robert stomped past her and slammed his office door. Addison swung round in her chair to see Fletcher coming towards her.

“How was it?” She asked.

“Not great, Mrs Adams said some nasty words to him. She blamed the whole thing on him. He didn’t say a word on the way back.” Fletcher told her.

“He doesn’t usually like having to notify the family. But this is a mess I made; I don’t know what I can do. I want to rewind time.”

Addison jumped out of her chair as DCS Brian Dowell came slamming into the department and headed straight to Robert’s office. Fletcher and Addison both glanced at each other as he went inside.

“This doesn’t look good,” Fletcher said.

“He didn’t look happy at all.”

“Robert will probably call us into his office in a moment. He doesn’t like taking the brunt of the boss on his own. He’s such a wuss,” Fletcher chuckled. Addison glanced up at Fletcher and on cue, Robert called them into his office.

They both headed into the office and Robert closed the door behind them. DCS Dowell was standing by the window and Robert took a seat back in his chair.

“What the hell happened?” Dowell raised his voice. Fletcher, Addison and Robert all glanced at each other. Addison stepped forward.

“It’s my fault sir, I went to visit Rebecca in hospital. I got distracted by a phone call and I left her unattended. I came back inside to the doctors trying to save her life, but they couldn’t. The killer got to her and it was my fault. I shouldn’t have left that room.” Addison confessed. She glanced at Robert who was now glaring at her.

“It was a rookie mistake sir,” Fletcher added.

“A rookie mistake? Don’t stick up for her, she made a BIG mistake and she is going to pay for it. The blood is on her hands and now she will live with it for the rest of her life.” Dowell yelled. Addison’s chin fell to her chest, staring at the ground. Her hands were behind her back and she fought back her tears that were threatening to drop. “Do you have any suspects?” Dowell turned his attention to Robert.

“We’ve got someone who we are looking into, Harry Kobak, he is the head teacher at the school Rebecca and Anna go to. We haven’t got an alibi for his whereabouts on both nights.” Robert told him.

“Good, I want an arrest and I want it now!” Dowell slammed the door as he left the office.

“Well that wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.” Fletcher chuckled. Addison and Robert glared at him as he stood there with his hands in his pockets. He shrugged his shoulders.

“I think it’s time to interview Harry Kobak. Fletcher, you can go and inform Anna Willis of Rebecca’s death. She’s going to need to feel as safe as possible. Stay with her until I say so. With Anna still alive, I don’t want to take any unnecessary risks.” Robert demanded. Fletcher nodded and left the office.

Robert grabbed his jacket and put it on. “When we go and talk to Harry, I want you to stay quiet. Just let me do the talking.” Robert told her.

“I’ll try my best,”

“No, you will. I don’t want anymore mistakes.”

“Don’t trust me now?”

“You are a liability, stay in the background.” He said and walked out of his office. Addison followed behind as they headed outside into the car park. They got into the car and drove out of the station. Addison kept glancing at Robert as he drove to the school. She noticed he was deep in thought.

“When we speak to Harry, I want you to go and look around the school. Talk to any of the teachers you see and if you can, find Sophie Harris. See if she might know anything about Rebecca and Anna.” Robert told her.

“Yes Sir,”

They pulled up into the school car park. Robert parked the car outside of the main entrance of the school. They got out of the car and headed up the few steps into reception. Robert stopped and turned to Addison.

“Go to the staff room and see who you can find. I want to speak to Harry alone. Once you’re done, come back and meet me here.” Robert ordered. Addison nodded and watched him walk over to speak to the receptionist. She knew he wasn’t happy with her at all. He’s lost his trust in her and she hated that. He’s been annoyed with her since the brief with DCS Brian Dowell.

Addison finally found the staff room. She entered the room and saw someone standing over by the tea and coffee. He glanced up as Addison stepped inside.

“Oh hi, are you new here? Want a drink?” The man asked.

“I’m Detective Sergeant Addison Scott, I’m here to talk to you about Rebecca Charles and Anna Willis.” She said.

“Oh yes, Harry mentioned you were going to talk to us all. I’m Ian Evans, the science teacher. What can I help you with?” He introduced himself. Addison gave him a small smiled as she came over to sit on the small sofa. He started making her a drink, even though she didn’t answer him.

“I just wanted to know if you knew the girls well. Are they in your classes?” Addison asked as she took the hot cup of tea from him.

“Of course, they were both in my classes. They are good girls. I’ve never had to tell them off or send them out of class. They always pair up with each other when we do projects and things.” He explained. He walked around the sofa and perched next to her.

“Did you ever talk to their parents about any problems they were having at all?” Addison asked.

“We usually pass on the problems to Harry; he’s always demanding we let him know if we are having trouble with any pupils. He’s always moving around the system; I don’t always agree with him, but he is the head after all.” Ian told her.

“What’s Harry’s relationships like with parents?”

“I know he dated Joan Charles for a while. It wasn’t a secret; they did split up not long ago though.”

“Why did they split?”

“Because she wasn’t the only one he was dating. He was dating other women. I saw him kissing another woman once and it wasn’t Joan Charles.”

“Ergh, what a dick.” Addison said. Ian laughed.

“That’s one way of putting it.”

“I don’t suppose you have CCTV here?” She asked.

“Only Harry has access to that. You can get it from him. I do believe there is only cameras at the entrance of the school.”

“Thank you, Mr Evans, if there is anything else you can think of that will help out with our investigation, don’t hesitate to give me a call.” Addison offered him her information card. She got up from the sofa and left the staff room. She made her way back to the reception area and asked to join her partner in Harry Kobak’s office. Addison knocked gently and entered. Robert glanced up at her and arched his eyebrow. She gave him a nod and he shrugged.

“Hello DS Scott,” Harry said.

“Mr Kobak, I would like copies of your CCTV footage from the entrance of the school. Anything from the 7th April.” She said.

“Of course, give me a moment to get the tapes for you.” Harry said. He nodded and left the room.

“I spoke to Ian Evans the science teacher and he confirmed that Harry had a relationship with Joan Charles. It sounds like it didn’t end well as it was known he was dating other women at the time they were together.” Addison told Robert. “I think it’s possible it could be other parents from this school.” Addison mentioned.

“Good call on the CCTV, we need to know everything about Harry Kobak. We need to place him at the times of these murders.” Robert whispered. The thought of Harry listening on the other side of the door was possible.

“When we get the CCTV, I want to stay behind and watch it all tonight.” Addison suggested.

“Not on your own,”

“Why not?”

“I meant that I would stay behind with you and watch them.” He explained.

“Oh sure, the more eyes, the better.” Addison smiled.

Robert straightened himself as Harry came back into his office with the CCTV tapes. He handed them to Addison.

“Is there anything else I could help you with?” He asked.

“That’s all for now.” Robert said as he shook Harry’s hand and left the school with Addison behind him.

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