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Chapter Thirty-One


Addison returned to the police department and perched in her seat at her desk. She placed her bag down the side of her chair. She had brought in some clean clothes as she was planning to stay all night to check the CCTV footage. She shrugged her coat off and glanced at her computer. There was a note from Robert, telling her to come into his office once she arrived.

She glanced over to his office, but it was dark. She got out of her seat and went over. She peeked through, but she couldn’t see anything. She gave a soft knock with her knuckles but there was no answer. She knocked once more, but firmer. Still no answer.

Addison opened the door and popped her head inside. She could see the top of Robert’s head in his chair. She walked inside and around the desk. Robert had his chin to his chest with his arms folded. He was sleeping. Addison didn’t know whether to let him know she was here or not. She leaned in closer to him as she could hear a slight snore. His hair was scruffy, his tie was loose around his neck and his white shirt sleeves were folded up to his elbows.

“Do I need to arrest you?” Robert said. His eyes were still closed but he could hear her breathing in front of him.

“Sorry sir, you looked do peaceful.” Addison laughed. “Did you get started on the CCTV?” She asked.

“I’ve managed to get through some, there is some bits I want you to see.” Robert said as he finally opened his eyes. He sat up in his chair and moved over to his laptop. He opened it up and popped up the video player he was watching the CCTV from. Robert went to say something else until his phone started ringing.

“Ashworth.” He answered. Robert listened and his face changed, his jaw tightened, and his eyebrows furrowed into one. Addison knew it wasn’t good news. He put the phone down and then closed his laptop. “We’ve got another one.” Robert grabbed his jacket and guided Addison out of his office. They both headed to the car together.

“Pauline Harris is our victim. She was murdered in front of her daughter Sophie while her other two younger daughters were in bed.” Robert told her.

“Sophie Harris? The girl who is best friends with Anna and Rebecca.”

“Sophie is fine. The killer didn’t touch her or the other girls. But it sounds like they put up a fight.” Robert explained.

“How old are the other two girls?”

“I’m not sure, this is all I know until we get there. Ring Fletcher and get him over to the Willis house. We need to take precautions.” Robert requested. Addison nodded and pulled her phone out. She dialled Fletcher’s number and it took a couple of rings to answer.

“Sorry to call so late, there was another murder and Robert wants you over to the Willis’ house. It’s Sophie Harris, she is fine, but we are on our way to the scene now.” Addison told him.

“On it.” Fletcher replied and hung up.

“Dowell is already at the scene and Nora is doing a walk through as soon as we get there. I want you to talk to the girls.” Robert told her. He stepped on the accelerator and they arrived within a few minutes. They both headed over to the taped area and went inside. Addison saw three girls sitting on the step of the ambulance. She gave Robert a nod and headed to the girls.

Sophie stepped away from her younger sisters and saw Addison coming towards her.

“I’m Detective Sergeant Addison Scott,” she introduced herself.

“I know who you are. Anna has told me about you, can I call you Addie?” She asked. Addison’s heart fluttered at the thought she could trust her almost immediately.

“You are more than welcome to call me Addie.” She told the young girl. Sophie threw her arms around Addison and sobbed hard. Addison wrapped her arms around her until she was ready.

Sophie finally moved away from Addison and wrapped herself in the blanket she still had. Addison glanced at the two young girls. “What are your sister’s names?” Addison asked.

“The taller one is Lily and Rachel is the smaller one. Lily is nine years old and Lily is three. This is going to traumatise them forever.”

“They have you.”

“Did you know, Lily is the one who called the police. She’s been so brave.” Sophie glanced back and gave her sisters a small smile. Addison pulled out her notebook, starting to take notes.

“Are you ready to tell me what happened?”

“Of course, this man just killed my mother and my friend’s mothers and my best friend. This bastard needs to be caught.” Sophie promised.

“You’ve got some guts. I like that, so tell me from the beginning.”

“Me and mum were cleaning the table after dinner. She had just put the girls to bed, and we had a chat about everything was happening. We heard a noise in the living room and mum thought it was Lily. She never sleeps straight away, so I assumed she put her back to bed. I carried on with the dishes and as I turned, there he was.” Sophie explained.


“I would assume it was a man, he was very tall. Six feet at most.”

“Was there anything else you could remember about him?”

“He had a ski mask on, but I saw his eyes. He had very dark eyes.” Sophie told her.

“Would you recognise them again if you saw them?”

“I’m not sure,”

“That’s fine, can I ask you some questions about your mum? You don’t need to answer everything or anything at all.” Addison asked. Sophie glanced back to her sisters and turned her attention back to Addison. She gave her a nod.

“Do you know if she was dating anyone?”

“I don’t think she was. She fancied one of my teachers as she would always put make up on if we had to have a meeting with him.” Sophie told her.

“Which teacher?”

“Mr Kobak, our head teacher. A lot of the mums fancy him, I don’t see it, more like a pervert to me.” Sophie complained. She glanced up at Addison in shock as she realised what she said. “I’m not saying he is a pervert, its because he’s so old. He fancied my mum, but I think he fancied everyone’s mum. He was a bit of a sleaze. Even Rebecca’s mum, she dated him for a bit. Rebecca would moan about it all the time; how weird it was for her head teacher to date her mum. I won’t get into trouble for saying that will I?” Sophie explained.

“Of course not, everything you tell us will help in our investigation. The more detail the better.”

“Where did they take my mum?” Sophie asked. Addison glanced up from her notebook and saw her twiddling her fingers. “My mum always used to watch those crime programmes; I sometimes saw them. I have an idea what happens. They will do an autopsy won’t they?” Sophie hinted.

Addison noticed that the girl was still shaking and in shock. She put her notebook and pen away and guided Sophie back to her younger sisters. “Do you see your father at all?” She asked.

“We see him every weekend.” Lily jumped in.

“I will give him a call and get him to come to the hospital. They will take you in to be checked over and someone will always be with you. If you remember anything else about tonight, don’t hesitate to call me. I will help you.” Addison gave Sophie her contact details. Sophie gave Addison another hug before she was taken in the ambulance. She gave her a small smile and waved.

“Stay safe,” Addison said. She watched the paramedics close the doors and drive away.

Addison headed over to the house. She noticed Robert down the side of the house, outside the tape. He was having a quick cigarette. She walked over to him and he stumped out the end of his cigarette. He picked it up and put it in a tissue to throw away.

“Sophie said the killer was over six feet tall and that her mum fancied Harry Kobak.” Addison told him.

“Harry is barely six feet tall. He’s barely the same height as you.” He laughed.

“But, if you think about it, to Sophie, I could have been about six feet tall as she had to crane her neck to look up at me. She’s going with what she believes from her own height.” Addison suggested.

“Good point. Nora ran me through the scene. This is a very clumsy kill.” Robert said.

“I think we are on the right track. He’s getting frustrated because we are on to him. I think the school is our link.” Addison suggested.

“I agree. We need to find out everything about each teacher that works at that school. Their background, what they did before they worked here, everything.” Robert demanded.

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