SILENCE - DS Addison Scott Series #1

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Chapter Thirty-Two


Addison typed in Harry Kobak into her internet search at her computer. The first thing that came up was the school official website. She clicked on it and browsed the content. She saw a picture of Harry Kobak come up at the top of the website when she clicked Teachers. Harry Kobak was the first who was listed. Addison got her notebook out and started to write down all the teachers who were listed on the website.

“Addison,” Fletcher yelped in her ear. Addison jumped back in her seat and her head snapped round to Fletcher. He was laughing.

“I don’t know what will happen to you if you do that again.” Addison threatened. Fletcher carried on laughing but put his hands up in defence. She turned back to the computer and Fletcher pulled up a chair beside her.

“Where’s Robert?”

“He’s gone to the morgue.”

“Why haven’t you gone with him?”

“He asked me to get a list of all the teachers who work at the school. I’m investigating them all one by one.” Addison said as she carried on writing the names down in her notebook.

“Find anything yet then?”

“Not yet. I will put them all through our system, see if anyone has any records. As soon as something comes up, you will know. Harry Kobak is the top of my list. I don’t like him, and he gives me the chills each time we speak to him. We still have some CCTV to go through if you’re not doing anything?” Addison asked.

“The CCTV from the school?”

“Yeah, the entrance.”

“I will go and set up the TV.” Fletcher got up and headed out of the department. As he left, she could hear screaming and shouting from outside. She got up from her seat to go and see what was going on.

“You.” The woman shouted at Addison the moment she came through the door. She recognised the little woman straight away. Susie Adams, Rebecca’s grandmother. “You were there.” She jabbed her finger in Addison’s face. “How could you leave here? She’s just a kid. This is all on you.” She yelled. Susie got in Addison’s face and started jabbing her in the shoulder. Addison didn’t move or say anything. She was right. She left Rebecca unattended and now she was dead. Fletcher finally came back and saw the commotion.

“Mrs Adams, please come with me.” Fletcher put his hand on the top of her back and guided her down the stairs and into an interview room. Addison followed. Susie sat in a chair that Fletcher gestured to. She sat down and glanced up at him.

“Would you like me to get you anything?” He asked.

“I’d like my granddaughter back.” She sneered as she looked over at Addison.

“We are so sorry for your loss. We are doing everything in our power to catch the person who did this.” Fletcher said, grabbing her attention back to him. Addison could feel her phone buzzing in her pocket, so she left the room to answer it.


“I don’t know who that is. Stop calling me.” Addison said. She went to hang up, but he stopped her.

“I know who is killing your victims.” Alan offered.

“What do you want?”

“Come and see me, I have a photo of him.” Alan said and hung up. She stood staring at her phone just as Fletcher came out of the room.

“Who was that?”

“Robert, he will be back soon.” She lied. “What did Mrs Adams say?” Addison changed the subject.

“She’s angry, but that’s expected. She is grieving. I’ve left her in there to calm down a bit. She did mention that she saw Joan with a man once.” He told her.

“Show her this picture of Harry Kobak.” Addison scrolled through her phone and went onto the website. She got the picture of Harry Kobak and handed it to Fletcher. He went back inside the room and Addison followed. She stood in the corner even thought Mrs Adams was aware of her there.

“Is this the man you saw your daughter with?” Fletcher showed her the photo. Mrs Adams took the phone and had a look at the photo of Harry Kobak. She handed it back.

“Yes, that’s him.” Susie said. Fletcher looked up at Addison and they both nodded to each other.

“Thank you, Mrs Adams. You have helped us very much.” Fletcher said as he got up from his seat. Mrs Adams got up too.

“Is that him? Is he the killer?”

“We can’t talk about the investigation, but he is someone of interest. Please wait for us to let you know once we have caught the person who did this.” Fletcher explained. Mrs Adams nodded and sat back down in her seat. Addison and Fletcher left the room together.

“You better call Robert, get him back here. He is now our main suspect.” Fletcher told her. She dialled Robert’s number and he answered on first ring.

“Scott, this better be good.”

“Sir, we’ve just had Susie Adams in the station, and she told us that she saw Joan with a man once and she identified him as Harry Kobak from photo we had of him.” Addison told him.

“Good work. I am on my way back now; I will pick you up and we can go and make an arrest.” Robert hung up. Addison turned to Fletcher.

“He’s coming to get me, and we are going to arrest him.”

“I will carry on watching through the CCTV footage. I know where I’m not wanted.” Fletcher joked. Addison smiled and they both headed off. Addison grabbed her things from her desk and went to wait outside of the station. She glanced down at her phone to see an incoming call. Her finger hovered over the answer button. She finally answered it.

“Madison.” Alan spoke. Addison rolled her eyes as he kept calling her by the name she hated.

“We’ve got our main suspect, leave me alone now.” Addison said and hung up. She glanced up to see Robert pulling up to the curb. She hopped into the passenger side and they drove off.

“Well done,” Robert complimented her.

“What for?”

“Getting Mrs Adams to identify Harry as Joan’s partner. We have a reason to suspect him. It was all rumours before, but we have a solid ID.” Robert explained.

Addison sat back in the seat with a smile on her face. Robert just complimented her, and it made her proud. The thought of Alan kept popping into her mind. Did he really know who the killer was? Was this photo real? Addison hoped for Harry Kobak to be the right guy. She wanted him to be the right guy. But the only thing she could think of, how does he connect to her?

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