SILENCE - DS Addison Scott Series #1

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Chapter Thirty-Three


Robert and Addison stood outside Harry Kobak office. He was currently in a meeting and the receptionist refused to let them inside.

“How long is Mr Kobak going to bed? This is really important.” Robert asked her. The receptionist pouted and got up from her seat. She went into Harry’s office.

“Why can’t we just barge in there.” Addison whispered.

“Because I would like him to come down the station willingly.”

“But we have enough to suspect him,”

“We do, but we need more evidence if we want to keep him in for questioning. If he comes willingly, it’ll be easier for us.” Robert said. The receptionist emerged from Harry’s office.

“He is just finishing up and he will be with you in a few minutes.” She told them.

A man and a woman came out from his office and slowly left the school premises. Harry popped his head out from his office door and called in the detectives. He shut the door behind them once they entered. Robert sat in the chair opposite Harry’s desk while Addison stood in the corner with her arms folded over her chest.

“What can I do for you detectives?” Harry asked. He perched on the end of his desk.

“We have reason to believe you were dating Joan Charles.” Robert started.

“Where did that come from? I wasn’t dating her.” Harry chuckled. Addison eyebrows knitted together as she glared at him. Harry shifted on the table slightly as he kept his focus on Robert.

“Have you ever been to her house?” Robert asked.

“No, I haven’t, look what is this about?” Harry stood up and finally looked at Addison. He moved behind his desk.

“We would like you to accompany us down the station. We have questions to ask you about Wendy, Joan and Pauline and your relationships with them.” Robert told him. Harry stood wide eyed; he shook his head.

“Are you arresting me?”

“No sir, we just need your help in our investigation.” Robert said. There was a silence in the room and then the sound of buzzing coming from Addison’s pocket. She fished her phone out and quickly stepped outside the office to answer it.

“Fletcher, you have something?” Addison asked, sounding almost to desperate.

“Well, actually, on one of those CCTV tapes, Harry Kobak is seen arguing with Wendy Willis outside of the school entrance. It looks very heated.” Fletcher told her.

“Time and date?”

“7th April at 4.15pm.”

“That’s the night Wendy was murdered. Brilliant, thank you Fletcher.” Addison hung up and slipped back inside the room. She stood behind Robert’s chair and gave him a tap on the shoulder. He nodded.

“Harry, where were you on the night of 7th April?” Addison asked. Robert crossed his legs as he watched Harry look from her to him.

“I was in the office all night. I was sorting out new term schedules for after the half term.” Harry said.

“Did you have anyone else here with you or leave your office at any time?”

“I went out for lunch for half an hour and I was alone all day that day.” Harry said. Addison leant down and whispered in Robert’s ear.

“He just lied. He was seen arguing with Wendy Willis outside of the school that evening. That is also the night of her murder.” Addison told Robert.

Robert stood up from his chair and stepped around towards Harry. Harry’s eyes widened as he knew what was about to come next.

“Harry Kobak, I am arresting you on the suspicion of the murder of Wendy Willis. You do not have to say anything. But it may harm your defence, if you do not mention when questioned, something which you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence.” Robert read Harry his rights.

“I didn’t murder anyone. What is going on.” Harry stepped away from them. Addison got out her cuffs and she went around the desk towards him. “I didn’t do anything.” Harry said. Addison got closed but he grabbed her before she could get the cuffs on. He pushed her forward face down on the desk.

“Harry, this is going to look good on you if you leave with us dragging you out.” Addison said. Harry released her as she was right. She stood back up and put the cuffs on his hands.

“I swear, I didn’t do anything.” Harry pleaded. Addison and Robert guided him out of the school and into the car. There were people standing by watching, and from class windows, some pupils were seen. “It wasn’t me; I swear.” He pleaded one last time before they shut the car door on him. They took him back to the station.

“We will put him in a cell and let him cool overnight. We will interview him first thing in the morning. You can have the rest of the evening off.” Robert said.

“Thanks sir,” Addison smiled. Robert opened the car door and pulled Harry Kobak out. They guided him into the station. They signed him in, removed everything from his pockets and placed him in an empty cell.

“I’ll see you in the morning.” Robert nodded.

Addison waved and went back up to the department to grab her things and head home. She saw Fletcher sitting at her desk as she entered.

“We have a suspect.” Addison told him. They both high fived.

“We do, nice work, let’s hope the evidence sticks. He’s linked to all of the women, so we need to put him in their places of time of murders.” Fletcher said. Addison grabbed her bag and flung it over her shoulder.

“I’m off now, Roberts given me the rest of the evening off. I’ll see you in the morning.” Addison waved. She headed to the doors while Fletcher gave her a quick wave back. She finally left to go home.

She parked in her normal spot outside her place and searched for her door keys in her bag. Once she found them, she made her way to her front door. She went to put the keys in, but she heard a noise coming from inside. She listened again and she was sure. She got her phone out and called Robert, but he didn’t answer. So, she left a voicemail on his phone.

She opened the door slowly and noticed everything was smashed apart. There was broken glass all over the floor, her sofa was upside down. She moved in further and saw all her draws were ripped open and everything in her cupboards were pulled out. She held her phone in her hand, ready to call Fletcher or Robert. She glanced at the fridge and noticed a note on the door.

“Wrong Man. Your time will come.” She read. Robert started calling her phone and she answered it. Before she could say anything, she was smashed around the head. She fell to the ground almost unconscious. She could hear Robert’s voice on her phone that she dropped.

“Help,” she muttered before she couldn’t keep her eyes open any longer.

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