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Chapter Six


Fletcher pulled up in the Morburn hospital car park. He switched off the engine and they both got out of the car. Addison had filled him in with the interview she had with the children earlier this morning. She led Fletcher into the building and down the corridor towards the lift.

“Have the children got anyone to collect them?” Fletcher asked. They both stood watching the number above the lift stopping on each floor before reaching the children’s ward.

“The social worker is with them now. I’d imagine she’s been in contact with the father by now,” Addison said, “Although, I’m worried that the father won’t come for them.”

“It’s not our business if he comes or now.” Fletcher told her, “we work with some many child victims and most of the time, there isn’t anything we can do once they are homeless. Don’t get attached, I’m sure they will end up somewhere they feel like they belong.”

They exited the lift. Addison watched as Fletcher walked briskly in front of her with his hands in his trouser pockets. She knew he was right, he’s got the experience and seen it all before. Addison glanced ahead at the familiar white double doors, she noticed that there was different animals hanging on each word of the ‘welcome’ sign. She didn’t remember seeing it before. Fletcher pressed the button of the intercom and they both flashed their badges. The door buzzed open.

They walked down the corridor until they arrived at Anna and Jakes room. The curtain was pulled to the side and they were in full view. Jake was sitting in the play area, playing with the small lorries, while Anna was staring out of the window. It’s like she hadn’t moved since Addison left. The television was still there too. She saw Emily walking over towards them as they entered the room.

“What can I do you for you?” She asked.

“I was hoping to get another word with Anna as I wanted to confirm a few things with her.” Addison started.

“Of course, there won’t be a lot of time as their father is picking them up in half an hour,” Emily mentioned. Addison put her hand to her chest in relief, hearing that the father was coming to collect them. She nodded to Emily and moved over to greet Anna. Fletcher sat in the spare seat on the other side of the bed keeping a short distance while Addison asked her questions.

“Hi Anna, do you remember me? I came to see you this morning?”

“Addie,” She smiled.

“How was the film?” Addison asked.

“It was good, wish you could have stayed though,” Anna replied.

“I’m sorry Anna. I heard your Dad is on his way, you get to go home soon.”

“It’s not home though, Mum won’t be there.”

“I’m so sorry Anna. We will get the person who did this.” Addison told her. She heard Fletcher clear his throat. Anna glanced over at him.

“That’s my partner, Detective Inspector Andrew Fletcher.”

“He’s cute,”

“He is,” Addison put her hand on Anna’s arm and sat beside her. “Anna, we have some things to ask you.”

Addison pulled out her notebook from her pocket and had a look through her notes. “I met your Aunt, Mandy. Do you see her often?” Addison asked.

“Not much, Mum and aunt Mandy were always arguing. When Mandy would come over, Mum would throw her out.” Anna said.

“What did they argue about?” Anna glanced up at Emily and she nodded. “It’s okay, you can tell me. Was it drugs?” Addison prompted. Anna looked up at Addison surprised and then nodded. “Do you remember when the last time you saw Mandy?”

“I saw her a couple of days ago. I came home from school early and she was here raiding the house. Mum was working that day.”

“What was she looking for?”

“Mum’s jewellery box.” Anna glanced at Emily again.

“Did you know what was in that jewellery box, Anna?” Addison asked her. Anna was still looking at Emily who had moved closer to the bed. She gave her a nod and Anna looked back at Addison. It was the first time she made eye contact with her since Addison arrived.

“There were Drugs inside.”

“Did Mandy take them?”

Anna nodded. She started to pick at the bandage on her wrist. “Can I ask you questions about your Mum?” Anna nodded again and glanced back out of the window. Addison quickly looked over at Jake who was still playing with the lorries on the floor. “Where does your Mum work?”

“She’s a receptionist at Ford, you know the cars,” Anna replied.

Addison recorded it in her notebook. She glanced round to see Fletcher still sitting quietly behind her as she spoke to Anna. He hadn’t jumped in with any questions yet.

“Do you know if your Mum had a boyfriend?” Anna glanced down at her hands picking at the bandage on her wrist again. Addison found herself touching the scar placed in the same area on her own wrist. She finally shook her head. “Did you hear any voices that night other than your Mum?”

“I heard voices.”

Addison’s head shot over in Jake’s direction. He sat staring at her. Even Anna was looking at her brother, surprised that he remembered anything from that night. There was a long silence as everyone sat in shock apart from Fletcher.

“I was going to Anna’s room.” Jake carried on.

“Did you go to Anna’s room because you were frightened by the storm?” Addison asked him.

“Yes, I heard Mummy too. She was talking to someone.” He said.

“Do you remember what she was saying?” Addison asked. Jake shook his head. “Do you remember hearing anything else?” She continued.

“I saw shadows on the walls.” Addison glanced over at Fletcher who was now sitting on the edge of his seat. “One was big.”

Addison wrote everything into her notebook, surprised how much Jake had overheard.

“Jake, what happened when you hid in the wardrobe with Anna?” Addison noticed Anna had moved next to her little brother when Jake started talking to them. She shuffled closer to her brother and put her arm around his shoulders, comforting him.

“Anna covered my eyes,” Jake said. He turned away and carried on playing with his lorries. Addison knew he wasn’t going to say anything else, but this was enough. Anna got up and sat beside Addison again. She placed her head on Addison’s shoulder.

“He left twenty minutes later,” Anna whispered. She moved away from Addison and showed her the bandaged wrists. “He said to me that I must keep silent or he will come back and kill me and Jake.” Anna started to cry. “But I still told you everything I know. He’s going to kill me, isn’t he?” Addison pulled her into her arms, tightening them around her.

“Your Dad will be here soon. He will take care of you. You’ve got nothing to worry about. I promise we will catch him.” Addison said. Although she knew she shouldn’t say anything, she wanted to make Anna feel better and safer.

“There was one more thing I wanted to ask,” Addison said. Anna moved away, and Addison signed with her hands. Where did you learn sign language?

Anna’s eyes widened. “Not a lot of people know sign language.” She said. She started signing back to Addison with her hands and fingers. I was taught when I was younger, our cousin who lived next door was deaf. I learned it from her.

Addison smiled.

Fletcher was up from his seat and Addison noticed that he wanted to leave now. She glanced up at Emily and she gave her a soft smile. They both finally left the ward and headed back down in the lift.

“Addison, you can’t make them promises you can’t keep. I know you want to make them feel better but promising them things isn’t the way to do it.” Fletcher said. He crossed his arms over his chest.

“They are children, a bit of comfort wouldn’t hurt anyone. I think they’ve done well telling us what they know, considering what they’ve been through.”

“Addison, this is only the beginning. We will find out much more as we dig deeper. For a start, this person who killed Wendy, knew her and probably the kids.”

“Yes, I know that, Andrew.” Addison rolled her eyes.

“Don’t do that, it makes you look childish,”

Addison didn’t say anything else, as they exited the lift, she slowly trudged behind him feeling like a naughty child. They got back into his car and she pulled her notebook out to have a look through the notes she had jotted down.

“Do you remember what time the storm started last night?” Addison asked breaking the awkward silence between the two of them.

“I’m pretty sure it was around nine that the storm began. I was finishing a shift when I got home. I remember the downpour as it soaked me through.”

“So, the killer was at their house anytime after nine last night.” Addison considered.

“Jake mentioned hearing their voices and seeing the shadows. How did they not hear anything? Was there any struggle?” Fletcher questioned.

“Maybe he drugged her?”

“That’s possible.” Fletcher threw his phone into Addison’s hands and she noticed that Robert was calling him. “Answer that,” he said. Addison rolled her eyes and answered his phone.

“Fletcher is driving. You can tell me.” She responded to his abrupt attitude. Fletcher heard her grunt.

“Yes sir, be there as soon as possible.” Addison hung up the phone and glared at Fletcher. “He wants us at the morgue, Dr. Charlie Richards has something for us concerning Wendy’s body,” Addison instructed.

“We better hurry then, we don’t want to keep Robert waiting.” Fletcher laughed.

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