The World Through My Lens

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Camelia uncovers the truth

Mystery / Other
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Chapter 1

I jumped down the fire escape routes of apartment buildings and continued to run. Men in suits were on our tails shooting bullets as they went. Signs and stickers were plastered all over the walls of buildings that said the usage of technology was forbidden. If anyone were to be in possession of one would be detained.

In an abandoned building rooftop with a perfect view of the prime minister. Zooming in and rotating the lens of my camera for perfect clarity, I was mid shot of the prime minister making backhand deals with outside organizations. Then I heard screams and gunshots and looked away from the camera for a moment.

“QUICK RUN THEY FOUND US!!” Tyler yelled. I looked up and back into my camera and noticed the blinds in the room the prime minister was in were shut tight.

“FUCKKK I ALMOST HAD IT!” I clicked my tongue annoyed.

“Change of plans Camelia we gotta go now.” Jack demanded.

I gathered my belongings as fast as I could, stuffing my camera into my sling bag. With my dirty worn out checkered Vans I ran to the edge of the rooftop and jumped off landing on the rooftop of the building over. Jack was a few feet ahead of me and the other guy was right behind me.

“Arghhh,” the guy yelled in pain.

“What’s wrong?!” I turned around while Jack kept running.

“I injured my leg, C!” he yelled in pain, he threw me a USB with a SD card taped on it. I barely caught it and when I did I could see the men in suits coming close to the edge of the building we just jumped from, ready to shoot at us.

“PICK UP THE PACE WE DON’T HAVE MUCH TIME, C!” I hear Jack yelling from behind.

I looked back at him, our eyes locked and in that second I knew I had to leave him behind. I clicked my tongue and began to run diagonally.


I heard a dull gunshot behind me and a loud scream of pain by the time I was ready to jump down.


I can feel my heart beating and the adrenaline rush through every inch of my body.

Take this corner, then take a left, continue, then take a right, I think I lost them...go down, then into the building with an open door, then out through the back door, and turn right into the hidden alleyway. I felt a familiar callused hand grab my wrist from behind me.

“Did you lose them?” he whispered, I nod.

“We…*huff*...lost him…*huff*...”

“C, I know how you feel but we gotta keep moving and go back to hiding. If they find us we lose here, now, there may never be another opportunity. You know we’re a small organization we need to survive.”

DAMN IT! Why can’t things go right for once!? I know we need to survive but not when it means we have to leave someone behind to die in the process.

“Our work lives on as long as there is a copy never forget, C.” - Tyler.

“C, you good?” he asked.

“Yeah, sorry just processing everything, I’m ready.”

We went through several hidden passageways to get back to our underground hideout. Kai, the person who was on watchout saw that there were only 2 of us and placed his hand on our shoulder as we walked past him. I took off my hood and quickly scrambled to the nearest computer. I ripped off the tape while booting up the computer and plugged the USB into an empty port once I was in. I downloaded the files but there was an encrypted key to decode to access them.

Jack placed a mug of coffee down beside the computer, “Have a sip before you go ham trying to figure out what the code is.”

“Thanks,” I said softly, “there’s a SD card that came with it. Can you check that one out?” He nods.

What would Tyler’s password be? Would it be his catch phrase? Favorite food? Who would know him best? Wait a minute… his partner… SKY!

“Jack where’s Sky?!”

“Writing an exposure article to send out to publications, why?”

“She knows Tyler better than anyone else here, she might have some clue as to what his password may be.”

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