Curse of The Dragons Eye

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A group of 4 girls, Tiffany, Rose, Paige, Evelyn, and their dog, Jade, are 12 year old detectives. They find themselves in the middle of the biggest mystery of their lives. They must find the dragons eye and restore it onto the dragon statues body at the Chamber in the jungle. Can they trust anybody? Is someone playing with your brain? Find out this and much more in this book of comedy, fear, and thrill, The Curse of The Dragons Eye.

Mystery / Action
Age Rating:

Table of Contents

• Mr. L

• Professer Onagon

• Detectives In Disguise

• It’s Not Who You Think It Is....

• The Doll Factory

• Killing Gas

• Realeasing Migu

• The Dragons Eye

• Wrong Person...

• A New Life

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