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Young private investigator Daniel Ivers has helped the Webb county justice system catch almost 40 criminals he is quick witted, a prodigy when it comes to solving murders and finding the perpetrators who committed them. Though he has issues with authority and a slight drinking problem he loves to help solve murders. When a new kind of killer creates a mass murder at a night club who rivals his ability to see evidence others can't, he begins to question his own commitment and the lengths he would go to put a murderer under the needle as his sanity begins to crumble testing his limits as a investigator.

Mystery / Thriller
Terry Heeter
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Carrots

“Are you gentlemen familiar with the term counting coup?” Daniel asked the men beginning to surround him in the open parking lot.

The larger of the four faced him directly and shook his head in the negative cracking his knuckles and sizing Daniel up. The man easily outweighed him by forty pounds, but if he could at least get the drop on the big guy he’d stand a chance he thought.

“It was the way a younger warrior proved his worth, rather than flat out killing his enemy, the greatest shame an enemy could endure was simply being touched by the...” Daniel started as the big guy’s arm shot out with surprising speed to grab Daniel’s arm.

“HAND or STICK THEY called it coup,” he quickly dodged a counter punch, a jab aimed at Daniel’s chin, slipping the big guys meaty claw. They slowly gathered closer seeming some what interested in what Daniel had to say. “what a lot of beat officers don’t realize is that they use a similar weapon called a night stick, I’ve heard it referred to as a more demeaning term, but it’s probably the most efficient weapon in your arsenal. None of you guys have one...”

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