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Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Sticks

Daniel shuffled backwards and kicked the man’s forearm with the heel of his right foot knocking the man off balance, before he could throw his own fist out the guy with the baseball cap dashed forward looking to tackle Daniel from the side. Daniel pivoted and jumped flying his knee straight upward making near perfect contact with ballcap’s chin with a horrific thud. The baseball cap fell off the man’s head as his limp body made contact with the pavement his cheek slamming into the ground and scraping some skin off, fresh blood seeped from the unconscious man’s light beard.

The three remaining men reeled back not expecting such ferocity from Daniel, causing them to take a fighting stance, Daniel felt the first adrenaline dump which made his heart drum he pushed the swell of excitement down and tried to remain calm.

Daniel took a deep breath letting his knee ache with the same pulsing rhythym of his heart as he was taught.
He closed the distance of the man behind him, the oldest of the four and scooted back towards the brick wall of the Pawn Shop, using it to prevent himself from being flanked. The man with the grey beard pulled something from his jacket and cracked it open dropping it near ball cap’s head. Ammonia salts, which gave Daniel his first clue that these men were off duty EMT’s and police. This theory was further confirmed when the big guy revealed what he had under his jacket next to a glock 17, it was a yellow and black tazer with dart ejection cartridges.

“You could make this easy and just get into the truck, 20,000volts is going to take anyone down.” the officer said plainly.

“Nah. I’d rather take my chances, I’ve seen what you guys do to the ‘ones’ who get in the truck. You guys realize you can’t keep this level of corruption going it’s not how the world works. I promise the DA will take it easy on you if you just give me your testimony.” Daniel bartered.

“Have it your way you little shit.” the cop said pointing the tazer at him and pulling the trigger.

The world went red and Daniel dropped to his knees before being able to even grab at his boot then a rush of air released his muscles and he was able to move again, slowly he realized he was in a fetal position and ripped his boot off as quick as he could. The world was a blurry mess of loose gravel and brick wall, the darts entered his left thigh and he could feel the large barb metal dart in them. Daniel slammed his boot on the wires stemming from the electrical leads and straightened his leg as hard as he could ripping the barbs from his flesh as the off duty police officer panicked and hit the trigger again plasma arcs hopped between the two leads separated by a plastic bridge. The man walked backwards not realizing the barbs dragged forward sticking into the rubber lip of Daniel’s boot. The older EMT took this as a cue to hit Daniel as he lay recovering from the shock.

He tried to block the first punch but it was too quick so he absorbed it with the pliability of a drunken toddler walking for the first time and realized blood was getting everywhere. The barbs from the dart must have ripped a capillary because his entire leg was drenched with it. Acting on instinct he grabbed his boot and flung it at the quiet one who was grabbing at his feet while the cop stood dumbfounded still pulling the trigger the quiet one went down so fast his head hit the pavement and knocked him clean out. Daniel stood up dodging the next punch the EMT had lined up and grabbed his boot running toward the big guy who stopped pulling the trigger instantly sprinting right past him as the first guy still trying to get up, blood dripping from his cheek, tried to grab Daniel’s socked foot soaked in crimson blood. Daniel sprinted just outside his reach as well, wire in tow. The EMT not realizing Daniel was not trying to run away had darted after him tripping over the barely visible wire from the tazer.

Daniel took his chances and tugged hard on his boot leaving no slack as the cops hand twitched, finger still on the trigger, it was instant all three of them dropped like a sack of potatoes. The cops finger was stuck tasing the three of them for a good forty five seconds before Daniel purged the fire from his lungs and assessed the damage. The shy one was still taking a nap, so he grabbed his boot again and slapped the big guy’s hand with it until his finger let loose of the trigger on the taser. The stupid look on his face made Daniel chuckle, he pulled out his cell phone from his leather jacket pocket and took a selfie with that stupid look on the cop’s face, he could use it later if he needed to.

“You fucking asshole’s are going to get your DNA tested to see if you raped that little girl and her mother, and just so we don’t have any hiccups in chain of custody I think we will collect those samples now.” Daniel shouted making sure they heard still recording the audio by placing the phone in his pocket.

Daniel wiggled back into his boot blood dripping from the two holes in his jeans and hopped back to his corvette collecting four buckle swabs and a rag and made his way back. He spit into his hands and wiped his hands free of blood as to not contaminate the buckle swabs. The cop was the only one who put up a fight and Daniel slapped his face pinching his cheek open and rammed the swab in his mouth. He also grabbed the man’s Glock ejecting the chamber and the remaining eight in the magazine throwing the gun halfway across the parking lot.

“That, gentleman, before I was so rudely interrupted, is counting coup.” Daniel lit a cigarette after bagging each sample with the names matching their wallet ID’s, he slid the remnants of the smelling salts near the big guys head accidentally dripping blood on the mans face. He took out his swiss army knive and made four new notches on his belt to add to the other thirty eight. He made sure sleepy head was still breathing and took off in his Stingray. He took the back alley towards Reins Rd. and ended up in the Cul De Sac of a new urban development, houses half built but empty for the most part, a stones throw from pedo bridge where homeless kiddie touchers congregated to protct each other. It explained why this urban subdivision had taken eight years of progress to even get buyers, funny thing is people in ‘the ring’ would still buy houses near them to get gunk, some of them even lived in them. The bridge, where all the sexual deviants congregated because society had no room for them, a few stragglers from the bridge were on the sidewalk of the houses surrounding the Cul De Sac staring at Daniel’s Stingray. One man took notice and even propped over like a hooker adjusting the strap on her latex boot and said.

“Well if you are looking for Shirley Temple you won’t find her here, Jefe’. I have all the tools you need to get the job done if you catch my drift surfer boy!” She slowly began sliding her hand up her clearly masculine thigh, her bedazzled fur trimmed royal purple top made Daniel think of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman and it made Daniel laugh tossing out his cigarette butt.

As much as he did not want to and he did not feel ashamed of it but this was pedo bridge and he winked at her. This, she took, as an invitation to approach.

“So what’s your poison tonight sugar, I’m 300 all night or my rating is PGF 8 ball no children allowed.” she peeked in Daniel’s side window with enough neon green eye shadow to be a standing parking cone.

Daniel knew enough about the Texas strip scene to know she was a gutter saint. She offered her sexual services to the pedos and rapists to help the authorities keep an eye on them when they broke free of their digital dog leashes in exchange for amnesty of her own tradecraft. By the looks of her, her ‘transformation’ was almost complete besides a few straggling beard hairs at the very base of her chin. PG Free meant she was an unescorted partygirl and she would prefer to do cocaine or get 300 dollars in exchange for a night of sex. There was a code for the gutter saints referencing a passage from the bible to let them know you are a friendly. Daniel, was light headed though and focusing on something as especially irrelevant to him as the bible took a second. He looked at her green eyes and then looked down as he remembered the passage.

“Uh, Book of Matthew,” he stated. A code the gutter saints used to determine friendly clientele’.

“Sugar, you look more busted up than Trump on a tour bus, after he said it, Darlin what happened to you?” Her entire demeanor changed from one of prowl Shark to almost concerned mother.

“I’ll be fine,” Daniel explained suddenly feeling a slow throb in his temple. “it’s the other guys who had trouble grabbing the pussy.”

The gutter saint genuinely laughed at this, a hearty chuckle that made her look almost normal in the halogen street light. She unlatched her purse and stepped into Daniel’s vehicle producing a small bottle of 20% alcohol wrapped in a purple matching monogrammed handkerchief the initials were GS in print next to the word Herf Jotur. She doused the alcohol in the hankie and slowly pressed it to the brim of Daniel’s left cheek, he barely winced.

“Matthew nineteen, uh, two?” Daniel inquired as the pain of the isopropyl stung him and he finally winced.

“Close sugar. Verse two would be,” She dug some triple antibiotic cream from her purse and unscrewed the lid applying it gently to the cut in Daniel’s
cheek. “and the large crowds followed him, and he healed them there.”

“Shit, eleveen maybe? Like the girl from Stranger Things,” Daniel smiled with pride holding out his hand and waiting for hers. “name’s Daniel, are you hungry?”

“Helen Jakoby. Everybody knows me. If they get cocky. I get Lippy. Most of the time someone says blow me! And I do!! You are one verse off, though.” she said with enough enthusiasm to make Daniel laugh this time. Helen pulled the wrapping off of a band aid and placed it gently on his cheek using her other hand to shake his.

“I know a great place right off Lankshire, independent owners, you won’t be leaving your post and you can still cash in your 3 bills and all you have to do is claim what you saw happened to me on video. That’s real sweet by the way patching me up, but if I were to turn the interior light on you would notice that these jeans aren’t actually dark.” Daniel pulled out his phone again and showed the trigger happy cop’s poop face.

Helen snorted before bursting out into a laugh that almost made Daniel panic, “That’s Lieutenant Jackson, now, your bloodied leg is making alot of sense. See? Look at what that faggot hating piece of shit did to me.”

“Lt.Jackson, is he partnered with a shy rookie, dish blonde hair, goat tee, jaw like a edison light bulb?” Daniel asked as Helen shook her head yes lighting a Paul Mall and blowing the smoke out of the moon roof.

Helen pulled up her shirt revealing a braless set of natural breasts that, if Daniel did not know better actually belonged to an eighteen year old, he shook his head trying not to realize there were no scar marks and they were so firm they barely jiggled except for an eerily familiar wound healed over at the bottom of her right breast. Two evenly spaced jagged barb marks like a mechanical snake had taken a bite out of her boob.

“Back when Jackson was just a Rook, they busted me on the strip for soliciting, not knowing I was part of the sting operaton in progress, problem is my handler couldn’t make it to the scene before they started taking bets if I was a man or woman. Thought it would be funny to taze my tit to see if it would pop. Thought about getting a tattoo over it, but it’s a good reminder.” She stated with a stare forgetting to ash her cigarette as it dropped to the rug...Daniel decided to let it go, he would usually bitch anyone out besides him for smoking in his Stingray, but Ka, as Stephen King would put it was wheeling in his favor and Daniel, though, a few ounces shy of AB+ was well met with the evening. He pulled out of the Cul De Sac with Helen rolling down the window to ash this time, ready for an early morning breakfast.

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