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Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Leading
Daniel sat on the edge of his bucket seat with a small bottle of hand sanitizer rubbing it in to the peeled muscle fiber tucking it into the hole with his finger and allowing the blood to clot on the edge of his upper left thigh. He wrapped it in the spare gauze his on again off again girlfriend happened to leave in her go bag in the back of the vette’. Helen walked back down the block after eating a pancake with sausage links and a hot coffee, Daniel had toast, a bunch of cherries, and orange juice. When Daniel finished he looked in the rear view for bruises, he had a slight contusion on his forehead that ran to his upper jawline, he’d be fine.

Daniel’s phone made a worble call, which only meant one thing, Det. Ulinski had a good paying job for him, he let it ring until it stopped to see how exactly important it was. Sure enough the worble began again almost instantly, this time he answered.

“Detective. Ulinski, how are you this Tuesday morning?” Daniel asked feigning enthusiasm.

“Kid, if you get down to the Rodeo Phoenix before that wacky professor gets here not only can I bump your consultation fee to $80 an hour, I could seriously get enough blue points to make Lieutenant.”

“That the place with the riding bull and Disco balls off Main?” Daniel asked starting his corvette.

“Yeah, if you have any special occult material you need me to gather I’ll see what I can round up.” the detective asked kindly and out of character.

“Sure there any EMTs there?” Daniel provided.

“Yeah, two reds and one of those green and white insurance ones.” Ulinski really was wanting Daniel there, almost as if he was summoning him from a shiny gold lamp.

“Go up to the Independent EMT service truck and ask one of them if they’d let their mother suffer cancer if insurance would not cover a pain specialist and hold your hand out to see what happens.” Daniel suggested.


Daniel heard a few duckhorns and feet shuffling, then he heard Ulinski ask just that in a muffled voice.

“He is asking what kind of cancer,kid. What should I say?” Ulinkski said in a muffled voice.

“Tell him nonhodgkins small cell carcinoma.” Daniel suggested.

A few more shuffles and he heard something drop like metal hitting metal.

“He...uhm, he gave me four pills. What's paracetamol?” Ulinski sounded surprised.

“It's like aspirin with a kick. I’ll be there in a second. Ask any of the forensic team if they have ultraviolet flashlights in the 390nanometer range and ask if you can borrow it. I’m on my way.” Daniel said pulling off onto the interstate leading to Loredo.

The drive made Daniel woozy but luckily he kept a ten pack of energy drinks in his back seat, he popped one open and chugged it as quick as he could dodging three radars on the way but finding spurts of 120miles per hour in between slower truckers and civilians. Before he pulled into city limits he reached for his blue slacks and blazer putting them on while driving even changing his bloody socks through the pain. His Danzig t-shirt may have looked unprofessional but at least it was better than a white v neck covered in blood. He even had a pair of dress shoes he bought a month ago and slipped those on while driving. He found the exit and made his way to main street about three blocks down the road the sun was piercing on a man waving frantically as Daniel pulled up he parked his Stingray a block away in case any law officials noticed his bloodied jacket.

Daniel got out and ran his way to Ulinski favoring his wounded leg, Ulinski wasted no time walking him towards the night club, Daniel could tell Ulinski was bothered by him using Ulinski’s persuasive nature to trick the paramedics. He seemed perturbed but pushed through it and Daniel felt bad but the chunk in Daniels flesh that was mostly stuck on the cops tazer didn’t seem to care.

“So late last night around 2:22am the place was packed with dancing young folk, when a tow cable, winch, wire bullshit of some sort decapitated nearly all of them, professor Dinkle Dork and his crew got here about twenty minutes ago and started building shit to get around the bodies. The dancing stage had a two step pitted floor so you can imagine how much blood there is. Looks like a reflection pool.” Ulinski was slightly frantic.

“Calm down. Remember we will miss things if we are excited or get territorial.” Daniel told him.

As they walked up Ulinski’s Captain greeted them, coming from the direction where a group of bloody patrons looked shellshocked and frightened sitting, standing, waiting to give statements to the other detectives.

“This the kid you were talking about, Frank?”

“Pardon the attire, Sir. First I want you to know I know why Neuva Laredo, has been getting more organ donations at their regional hospital than other hospitals. I collected four buckle swabs you can compare to a case I have been working on where two Detectives and two EMT’s have been finding immigrants and removing their organs. Get these to an attorney on the Prosecutors team you trust and have the DA write up an internal affairs case against them. From the info I have gathered it will match four other cases of rape, murder, and organ theft.” Daniel trusted Captain Graves, cause he couldn’t be bought but wouldn’t betray his own unless someone else was betraying their own...it was the code of the blue bloods.

Daniel considered himself of a purple variant, not quite a modern warrior and not quite a man who sat obedient like a dog or soldier. He liked to think that on occasion he could think for himself when the situation arose to really weigh authority over obsolescence, because that’s what Daniel thought a lawman really was obsolete protection with enough force and power to insist it was not. When America first began police were feared because they were controlled by men who were feared, not an institution designed to fold into itself, until it was only recognized as ‘we can get away with almost anything with little consequence’.

Graves grabbed the buckle swabs and put them in the inner pocket of his suit’s blazer and started walking to the dance club not saying anything but looking at Daniel suddenly he stopped and asked.

“Why private investigator? Why not get your degree and start at the bottom? You are that kid that caught the homeless man dumping bodies in the sewer aren't you? We need minds like yours on our team.” Graves complimented, watching Ulinski chuckle.

“I can circumvent bureaucratic tape, I can get into places that require you a warrant, I can speak to suspects and victims without impunity if I follow the rules, that’s why. If I do my job right you guys get to reap the benefits which do me nothing for a career I would probably piss away literally and I get a paycheck.” Daniel said noticing that Professor Davis was making wooden planks outside the entrance.

“You a stoner or something.” Graves asked him laughing lightheartedly as they paused letting a firetruck through.

“Or something,” Daniel started. “my mother has Gerstmann-Straussler Scheinker disease, my father has Creutzfeld Jakob, both diseases are autosomal dominant meaning I could have them so I do what it takes to keep me from falling down a stairwell or spending half the day keeled over in pain wondering why immigrants got a nice car and the absolute best health insurance back in 2012. I’m not racist, I’m just saying our healthcare is not designed for us Captain. Judging by your arterial scar I’d guess your left carotid had some plaque scraped out. About eight years ago.” Daniel could barely see the white remnants of a scar on Graves neck.

“What are those diseases you named? What do they do to you?” Ulinski asked handing the pills to Daniel right in front of Graves.

Daniel took two and swallowed them dry placing the other two in his vest pocket next to the pack of cigarettes he smoked only when he caught the bad guy.

Graves was about to speak when Daniel shot across the parking lot yelling at one of Professor Davis’s underlings as Davis’ sat and watched him auto-saw wood for the plank legs.

“No. Just no, if there is a pit of blood in there eight inches thick these boards are treated with sodium borate it will disinfect the samples forensics needs to collect. The sodium borate will contaminate the blood.” Daniel said modestly.

“How else are we to collect the bodies, genius, there are close to sixty in there.” Davies griped as the gangly looking coroner shook his head in agreement.

“Calm down, that’s what forensics are for.”

Daniel turned to the forensic bc analyst who was eating a muffin watching candidly as Davis bossed his lackey into cutting the wood.

“You guys carry heparin for blood separation right?” Daniel asked him.

The analyst simply pulled a bag up of heparin solution from behind him, eating more of his muffin reaching in the van and held it up, he smiled and also showed Daniel a seaving pump with an adjustable gauge.

“Well no one told me.” Davis griped again throwing a piece of wood down hitting one of his students in the foot and apologizing after.

“Well, Davis, if you want to be a consultant you have to read up on ALL the new techniques.” Daniel informed. Davis was actually a great consultant back in the 90′s when killers did not know most forensic techniques and that was an edge he had on them.

Now though Davis had three teenagers and a mortgage he took a second lean out on, making his focus diffracted from what Daniel knew he loved to do.

“Look, I’m sorry I figured the saw dust could also help hazmat clean the mess it’s a fucking horror show in there.” Graves said from behind him.

“No worries but you never know there might be a chemical in the blood that holds significance and could be destroyed by treated wood. Specifically substances.” Daniel let him know, as Normand Davis calmed down which only meant one thing.

Normand palmed Daniel by the small of his back and led him to the side of the building, Daniel instantly took notice there were anchor winches screwed into the brick siding of the building spaced about six feet apart. The cable, looked to be about 1mm and was frayed from the enormous force put on them at the winches but it looked like the wheels were intact, the cable was slightly frayed at each winch.

“So,” Normand began. “how are we going to split this consultation fee? They offered me sixty, what did they offer you?”

“Eighty, due to my experience with the occult, I will split the extra ten with you if you are easy going with the process, no hissyfits, I know you married a redhead Norm, but keep it professional at work. You lost your tenure cause you werent professional, it’s not a good look...and if I found out they offered you eighty and you are lying to me I’ll convince Graves to strip your license and you’ll be doing Hazmat for the next five years.” Daniel discretely expressed.

Captain Graves unplugged the circular saw that the college student was using to cut the wood, and walked over to Daniel and Davies, hanging his phone up and placing it in his tan slacks pocket.

“The District Attorney Riddle is down the road with two federal profilers so if you boys want any action now is the time.” Graves told them.

Professor Davies panicked yelling at Chad to get the cameras and suits ready putting on a pair of latex he already had in his pocket. Daniel nodded at Ulinski who pulled out a seven inch rod stick with ultraviolet light and a luminol attachment. It was COB which made it bright which was good Daniel let Ulinski place it in his hand.

It was time to enter, the first thing Daniel noticed was about forty or so footprints tracked by blood running out of the entrance and diminishing towards the valet section with each step. The music was still playing at a low volume, some cheap 808 techno beat, the bar lights on the opposite side of the dance floor were a cyan fluorescence that cascaded eerily on the crimson pit of the dance floor. Stringed floor lights tried to shine through in bits and pieces of the iron rich mixture of 54 bodies. Some were headless, most were scalped, some were cut at the jaw causing the heads to just push back and still be loosely attached with necks broken backwards. Daniel pulled out his camera and kneeled near the safety walk line that Austin the FT leader had laid out, he was most likely dusting for prints on any rear entrances. Daniel began recording.

-“53 souls total, 22 women, 31 men, we have a lone dancer...possible prime victim,” Daniel shone the ultraviolet light on the crimson pool of blood still bubbling, oxygenated, “a neon green sticker with the words POISON HELP! With a number on it. 18006661618 on it stood out even through the iron rich blood.
-“Incident occurred around six hours ago,” he stopped and flipped his phone around.
-“4:00 am about, the splashing around the pit suggests nobody in it survived but those at the bar ran through it to get away to the Western facing entrance. Suggesting perhaps someone menacing was blocking the Southern Emergency exit.”

Daniel stood up and looked at the four pillars surrounding the dancing pit, Austin appeared from behind the bar side entrance and walked past towards the DJ booth and peaked at what was playing on the Macbook, he scrolled down and opened a folder. Suddenly Johnny Cash started playing “I hung my head, I hung my head.”

“Daniel.” Austin said walking back handing him some latex gloves smiling.
“Austin.” Daniel said back.
“Oh this is neat listen to this,” Ulinski joined in as Davies and Chad stumbled with tripods and cameras around the pit. “the engineering it took to do this is pretty cool, Jigsaw type stuff.”

“The rebar in these posts are cylinder blocks, not even sealed in with concrete, our killer tore the plexiglass away and attached anchors at three locations around each pillar. The anchors themselves, have diamond shaped titanium valves that are released through this infrared transmitter circuit at the bottom. Then there are two on each section of the floor to hide the .06mm cable. Except this third which also follows the floor lights to the entrance. It was nearly undetectable. Now if you’ll follow me.” Austin walked forward following the cable which had been drilled through the brick at the front entrance almost undetectable with the black and grey stripe pattern of the tiled walkway.

Austin, Graves, and Uliniski lead the way with Davies behind, but Daniel was still staring at the yellow colored booze bottle on the second shelf of the bar and stayed behind.

“You guys go on ahead I saw the frayed cable on the anchors on the brick wall outside, the killer must have loaded the tension of the cable on the roof access with a simple gear ratio crank.” Daniel said still filming.

“Mr. Fucking know it all there.” Austin proclaimed leading them out of the entrance.

“Tell me about it,” Ulinski said “notice his cheek?” Ulinski asked to the group.

“Daniel Ivory has been fighting someone since high school, doesn’t like bullies.” Austin finished his voice trailing out of the door.

The poison control sticker at the bottom of the pool of blood was definitely a religious in-doctrinal reference to absolution of poison, also a metaphor to the holy sacrament.

-“The poison control center number definitely is not 18006661618, most are 18002221222, the stickers I remember from grade school definitely did not have a smile with X’s as eyes, they had a yuck emoji face with the tongue hanging out.” Daniel said aloud zooming in on it.

Daniel continued his video recorder but opened up google, looking back up at the yellow bottle on the shelf with a giant X on it.

-“Mark Chapter Sixteen Verse Eighteen.” he queried.

-“And these signs will accompany those who believe: in my name they will cast out demons; they will speak in new tongues; they will pick up serpents with their hands; and if they drink any deadly poison, it will not hurt them; they will lay their hands on the sick, and they will recover.” Siri’s voice said in her stuttering offset monotone.
-“A Pentecostal reference, but also of Jewish origin, even Greek before that, maybe we have a devout Hacidic using the Shavout as a means to make a point. There is a bottle on the second shelf of the bar with an X on it,” Daniel zoomed in from where he stood on the other side of the pool of bodies and blood. The smell was beginning to ripen, and congeal, not to mention the feces and urine content of the corpses.“depends on what we find in that bottle. Today is May 28th 2020 the exact starting date of the Feast of Weeks, which is either a metaphor representing that these victims were thought of by the killer as weak and his actions ‘feasted’ on them or the less likely aspect of a Hacidic serial killer.” Daniel actually chuckled at that, as most Jewish serial killers, which accounted for many, were not that religous.

-“Rifkin, Berkowitz, Dahmer, though all Jewish did not practice Talmud or recite Torah, I believe that we are dealing with an extremely intelligent socially adept killer unlike his counterparts. This may even be his first kill, I base this on the fact that this was not a thrill, statement, control, or even a manifest event kill and our perpetrator killed almost sixty people with a single device. This may be the beginning of a new archetype of killer.” Daniel began walking the forensic line, laughing at the fact ‘Hung my Head’ stopped playing and ‘I Walk The Line’ began.

He made his way around all the bloody footsteps following the orange fluorescent tape that Austin and his crew laid out, a new girl was collecting stray cell phones on the tables of the dining area and VIP area as he stepped over the wooden bat that the bartender must have kicked over accidentally or been holding and dropped for some reason. He was suddenly interested in whether or not the two CCTV cameras were actually real, one focused above the bar aimed at the entrance. The other was above the DJ podium aimed at the dancing pit.

“Is that really true?” the strawberry blonde haired woman provoked him.

“What’s that, the new archetype of serial killer or that many serial killers happen to be Jewish with no ties to their religious upbringing?” Daniel fired back detecting the anomosity in her voice, almost as if she was offended by what Daniel had to say.

“Both I suppose, what makes you think he is Jewish? Also why do you think Jewish are all serial killers.” She turned around bagging a Samsung and sealing it with the red tamper sticker tape.

She was very boldly featured suggesting a narrow selenial bridge with high cheek bones but olive complexion and rare green emerald eyes the left one featured a heterachromial brown segment. Irish and Jewish, explaining her defense at the statement Daniel recorded to his phone, which he realized he was still recording. He turned back to the illuminated shelves of liquor and grabbed the yellow tinted bottle with the large X on it placing it on the bar top.

“I never said he was Jewish if you were listening, I implied he could be, but never said he was, killers like this are often multi versed in many religions to interpret a puzzle that needs to be solved. They need to be the smartest person in the room, then it evolves to the campus, then the world. High functioning sociopaths often have family with strict religious upbringings and a false sense of rationality to interpret their intellect. They surround themselves only with people who boast these securities, especially the rich and powerful. As for that all Jewish are serial killers comment, that’s a bit shallow isn’t it? I never said that and to imply it means you have issues with authority by taking my comment out of context stating plainly what is there to see, many serial killers are Jewish, that’s a factual observation. It’s difficult to overlook the fact that if the son of God was Jewish but also trying to get people to see another way, a new way, and he was martyred for it...well then it makes sense why most of his people are butt hurt...right? ” Daniel turned on the black light again shining it on the side of the bottle revealing a hidden logo or symbol of some sort shining in a circle on the label.

“That’s a hell of a defense, suppose I have never thought of it that way. Sounds like you are talking about someone specifically, hey, did you notice you are bleeding?” She pointed at Daniel with the wrapped up cell phone and placed it with the rest on a tray full of them she gleamed with a new face of understanding and even Daniel realized her demeanor changed to one of genuine interest and less offended.

“Donald Trump, and yeah I got into a scuffle earlier and a cop shot me with one of those tazer guns, I had to rip the barbs out and tore some of my flesh open.” Daniel told her looking at the wound and even through his dark blue khakis the crimson blood still seeped through.

“Exactly why you need to get the fuck off of my crime scene Citizen! I’m not kidding you have exactly sixty seconds to get the fuck out of my crime scene or suffer the consequences!” Tracey screamed at the top of his lungs entering the night club not even letting the grotesque scene of sixty dead bodies affect him.

Tracey Rittel, Laredo County District Attorney, stormed past the dance floor pit not even aware he was stepping in a small pool of blood that seeped over disregarding Austin’s orange fluorescent walking tape. Daniel hurriedly stopped recording and took a snapshot of the bottle’s hidden symbol just before Tracey snatched him by the collar and started dragging him out.

“A little professional courtesy goes a long way ya’ fucking know?” Daniel attempted to shout over his bitching.

“Every fucking time a new murder pops up how do you get to the fucking scene before I do?” Tracey bitched.

Daniel understood why a forty two year old man was handling him this way, Daniel was not always as cooperative as Tracey liked his consultants. In fact, it was just three years ago when Daniel had humiliated Tracey as a prosecutor on the witness stand by finding all five missing girls that Tracey had tried to pin to a double homicide defendant in hopes of clearing the county red board before his contract was up. Tracey was a boy scout back then, Daniel still kind of saw him in this light, if it were any other man tugging Daniel out of the night club like this Daniel would probably split their lip open, but he respected Tracey for not manufacturing evidence or using loopholes to manipulate the system.

Ulinski, Graves, and Austin watched in the background mouths agape as if they were watching a student that just got caught smoking in the boys room, Davies was nowhere in sight with his stupid hazmat suit and this pissed Daniel off. Someone must have called Rittel down here and no one likes to work with the boss looking over their shoulder unless they felt their job security being threatened...fucking Davies, Daniel thought as Tracey shoved him past the two uniforms guarding the scene perimeter.

“Hey kid, did you get enough?” Ulinski asked him shouting from a distance.

“Yeah Ulinski he got enough to afford your sister for the fucking night! You three get the fuck back in there and show me what you got I’m missing my nephew’s baptism for this fucking psycho. Where the fuck is Davies?” Tracey spat straightening his suit and tie.

Daniel just shook his head up and down as he watched Davies slowly peek around the corner of the RV he used for hazmat clean up. Daniel set his eyebrows to fierce fuck you mode and stared Davies down like a pitbull growling.

“I got enough to know where he will kill next, I think. Hey! I will see you later Professor!” Daniel finished as Tracey slowly started to turn back making Daniel hurry with a slight giggle.

“That guy really fucking hates you huh?” one the uniforms asked Daniel.

“Yeah,” Daniel said straightening his own jacket and slacks. “he really does.”

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