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Chapter 4

Chapter 4: The Horse and The Water

Two hours later Daniel was waiting in the McDonald’s parking lot eating a 20 piece of nuggets when he got a
call from an unknown number.

“Mr. Ivers, this is Captain Graves, the buckle swabs you have given me are being processed but I have a unit officer here ready to receive your testimony and you have some paperwork to complete before we can get the judge to sign off on the warrant. Also, I apologize in regards to the District Attorney’s behavior, but we all have a boss right?” Graves informed Daniel who found it rather comical and reassuring at the same time.

“It’s fine, Tracey and I have history. He is understandably not the easiest person to get along with especially when he is your court appointed attorney trying to convince you to plead guilty when you are innocent.” Daniel revealed giving some insight into that said history.

“Any luck with that bottle symbol you found with the uv light?” Graves asked modestly.

“It’s the Symbol of The Templar Order. The old sect of Milites Christi. An Anglo Saxon order given divine holy right by the papacy to commit murder in the name of God. Are you familiar with the Anglo Saxon Holy War?” Daniel asked the Captain.

“Is that the one from the Indiana Jones film where they try to find the holy grail?” Graves asked.

Daniel chewed his way through another nugget and burped unexpectedly after sipping his coke.

“Scuse’ me, Sir. Sort of, the grail was a small part of it. They were also sent to search for other things like the literal body of Christ, not the wafers in communion,” Daniels laughed picking up another nugget and staring at it. “according to several eyewitnesses who were given access to the Vatican libraries restricted access section there is entire chunks of the bible missing. Apparently these missing sections claim that Jesus never ascended to heaven, instead living life as a mortal man and dying somewhere on the planet. The main theme of the Knights of Templar was to recover the body of christ somewhere in Jerusalem.”

“That’s amazing. How do you know all this?” Graves inquired, Daniel could hear that the station was busy with people yelling and moving around in the background.

“I spend alot of time reading about alot of stuff. So I was just researching on the web where their nearest commandery is located. Can you guess where, Captain?” Daniel inquired.

“Easy, it’s commandery #57 in Corpus Christi. My uncle was a civil engineer in Corpus and I did not remember he was in the order till’ you just reminded me,” Graves seemed eerily silent for a moment. “is that what you meant before Rittel dragged you off? That the killer is headed to the commandery to create another death scene?”

“I don’t know that, if he is creating recreations there could be a chronological significance. I just know that the clues that were left, points to this location, the killer referenced several feasts from Semitic religions with the clues, the poison control center sticker and the fact the victims were mostly beheaded. Which is what happened to the last Templars in the 1300′s in France. Do you guys want to meet me there?” Daniel asked finishing his last nugget.

“Sure kid, but I have to let Ulinski and the FBI know about this the field office sent us a profiler to help with the case. Turns out several of the victims were family of politi...”

“The agent, what is their name? Sorry I’ve never worked with a Q-bot before. I’m familiar with their long history of inaccuracy and incompetency though. Green River Killer, Alphabet Killer, David Koresh and Waco, 9/11, the Columbine Massacre...” Daniel interrupted trailing off with the mental list of FBI fuck ups.

“Stanley Waters. Several of the victims were family to members of congress, so civilian investigation is permitted but any further investigation by you will be off the record, sorry kid, suppose it’s a con of being a PI.” Graves was sincerely apologetic which surprised Daniel.

“That is just the way I like it, Sir, oh, if you could keep this off of Davies radar I would appreciate it.” Daniel admitted.

“Will do, we will see you there in about an hour. Well I mean me, Ulinski, the Fed, and a few uniforms along with a federal Marshall maybe, Rittel and him are friends from community college. The Marshall is throwing a fit about a repeat pedophile getting away but the hill is commanding him to this investigation. Ulinski told me about your work with Project WatchDog and I was wondering if...” the Captain was about to ask if the CL Watchdog group could find the pedophile for the Marshall and Daniel intervened.

“I can do that Captain, no problem, they are still active and all I have to do is let them know. It’s likely they know where this man is at right now if he’s a repeat offender. Just need a name.” Daniel tried to save the Captain’s integrity by cutting him off.

“Yup. I’ll E-mail you the Dossier while I update the rest of the crew. Thank you, Daniel.” Graves told him.

“You are very welcome, Sir, I appreciate the professional attitude. See you when you get there.” Daniel told him hanging up.

Daniel sipped his coke again scrolling through his e-mail on his cell, he had to wait about five minutes before Ulinski sent him an encrypted file on the departments network server. Daniel had thought it funny at the time but made his e-mail [email protected] a move he now regretted. He shook it off and opened the file, Ronald Blumpkin’s photo popped up and Daniel was in shock.

“What the fuck,” Daniel said out loud. “you are supposed to be in the Rio Grande you sick fuck. What are you doing out?”

Daniel pilfered the most recent appeal, the twelve year old girl, Blumpkin’s neighbor, who Daniel’s friends had literally saved themselves was found in Blumpkin’s basement in a cage made of scrap metal from his employer’s junkyard. Only a few press had the stomach to even report the story, which had national coverage for almost a week. Cynthia Rodchester had been missing for near a month and Blumpkin was out with the search party actually looking for her when the WatchDog CS group found her in Blumpkin’s basement. Daniel had seen the photos on Lt.Jones desk the following day, he had seen worse but never so close to home. His most recent warrant was for skipping a meeting with his probation officer and cutting his ankle monitor which meant he was on the prowl.

Daniel brought up his contacts and scrolled down to S, found Andrew’s number and dialed it, it rang three times before it was picked up.

“Hello? Andrew speaking.” Andrew greeted.

“Guess who?” Daniel retorted.

“Ivers, fuck is up? I take it you are looking for one of the runners. Otherwise, you would be calling the Austin outpost.” Andrew proclaimed already knowing the specific reason he had called.

“Yep. We have a Federal Marshall here in Loredo looking for Blumpkin, do you guys have tabs?” Daniel said starting his engine headed back towards New Loredo.

“He cut his collar in the Pedo park. Nor hide nor hair, sorry Bud. He may have skipped town.” Andrew told him.

“I doubt that, Blumpkin is a compulsive predator and spent almost every dollar he had on porn. I think I know where he is at. Thanks anyway, Buddy, check the runner board in a bit. I’ll probably have him dragged in soon. When I get some down time maybe we can head to Arkansas river and whip a few lines?” Daniel had also seen pictures of the junkyard Ronald had worked at, the holes in the fencing where he had taken pieces of sheet metal to build his little basement dungeon were strategically placed. He built an escape box.

“Sounds good, Buddy. Keep up the good work.” Andrew said hanging up.

Most likely this was all planned even before kidnapping and molesting Cynthia, he had hoodwinked the board or possibly blackmailed a member. It didn’t happen often but even parole board members were pedophiles. He made a mental note to dig into that possibility at a later point in time and called the Marshall, whose last name was surprisingly Reeves. Bailey Reeves.

“Mr.Reeves. This is Daniel Ivers, PI and consultant on the Phoenix murders, I don’t know if the Captain has informed you, but I think I can help you find Ronald Blumpkin.” Daniel informed him.

“Just give me an address and I’ll meet you there.” Reeves voice was low and rapid, skipping formality, which Daniel always took as a sign of integrity.

“Uh, Sunny Isle Junkyard off of county road six and Bangor in New Loredo. Bring three patrol units in case he gets the drop and tries to run. I don’t carry, but I am capable of handling myself.” Daniel told the Marshall.

“Well, that’s like saying you are fireproof, Ivers, are your numbers here correct?” The Marshall asked him.

“If it says 108, yes.” Daniel smiled bragging slightly.

“You trying to give my great grand dad a run for his money? Meet you there, son.” Bailey joked hanging up.

“I knew it.” Daniel said out loud finishing the rest of his soda and turning onto the parallel ramp, he was excited to ask Reeves about his family.

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