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When a young girl gets an acting gig. She turns to her comfort to calm her nerves.......

Mystery / Adventure
Ahava aria
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Chapter one


Have you ever wondered what your stuffed animals are doing behind your back? Or when you sleep? I once did too and it wasn't a pleasant experience.

Chapter 1

“That's all for today Raenine thank you!” I was at my audition for the role of Annie. I was so excited I had red curly hair like the girl in Annie and I was ready. My mom says I'm an amazing singer and that I was almost guaranteed the roll. We had to take a plane from Oklahoma City to California just to get to this audition, so i was hoping that i would get it. As my mom and I drove to our hotel, we passed by some strange looking houses and people. “ This place gives me the creeps” My mom said. When we got to our room we realized that there were odd paintings and writings on the wall. “What is that?” I asked my mom. I turned around because I didn't hear her answer. “Mom?” I said. I walked around the room. She's probably in the shower. I thought. But i didn't hear any water running. I walked back to where the bathroom is. She's not in there. I decided to start unpacking. I had 3 different suitcases. 1 for my books and notes, 1 for my clothes and shoes, and the biggest one for my stuffed animals. I love my stuffed animals. They kept me safe in a way. “Hmhmhmhmhm Hmhmhmhmhm” What is that? I thought there was a strange noise coming from the wall. I put my ear to the wall. “Hmhmhmhmhm Hmhmhmhmhm” the noise just got louder and louder, almost like a screaming hum. Soon I was completely zoned into the noise like nothing else was in the room. Just me and the noise. Suddenly I felt a hand. “Honey, honey are you ok?” My mom was shaking me “Honey what happend?” she asked. I looked at her and said, “Yeah mom, I'm good” i had a bad headache and my stuffed animals were sitting around me in a circle on my bed. “ How did i get up here?” i asked my mom, “ Um.. I dont know Raenine '' My mom said, her face looked pale and she didn't look so good. “ Mom where did you go? I was looking for you!” My mom looked at me confused. “ Raenine I told you, I went up to look at the cafeteria menu and schedule” “ you never told me that mom, you just left” i said, i was very upset. I felt a soft brush against my leg. I looked down, a bit shaken up. Nothing was there, not even a stuffed animal. I'm just paranoid, I said to myself. “Get some sleep Honey, we need to wake up early tomorrow“ I turned around and kicked off all my stuffed animals and went to sleep. Something didn't feel right.

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