The orphanage

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To the orphanage...... and every child facing problems

Mystery / Thriller
Adeyemi peter
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It was an old cathedral-like building, with steep colored windows and doors, it is located at the verge of the cliff close to the sea, I actually don’t understand why the orphanage was built out here but It was rumored to have been built before the cliff was born. The orphanage is a huge one with two hostels, boys on the right girls on the left, a chapel, a playing ground which the boys mostly used. I have been at the orphanage since I was an infant, elder Elijah told me I was found in a box at the orphanage. “You never cried” he would explain “families would be lucky to have you” and that was it, I never got adopted I really wanted to know how it felt to have a family, a mum and a dad and maybe brothers, not sisters ( not really a fan of cooties). Imagine the fun we would have. But really it’s just me here at this millennia-old orphanage.

I actually don’t know my birthday as you guys do, elder Elijah gave me one wait, was it today?I asked myself, Nah it’s just tomorrow. “Bring”! That was the morning bell it was time for the assembly at the chapel. First, we started with worship, then the boring hymns and the awkward sermon in which the topic is always about what happened during the week. But, this particular sermon wasn’t because it was elder Elijah speaking. He has always been a father, friend, and mentor to me, those days feeling so low he has always brought me up. “I believe in you” he’d say “I knew it the moment I saw you”.
“Today is a special day for someone amidst us, someone very special to me and of cause to everyone. Yes today is dan’s birthday”. O my God it’s today, It was so foolish of me to forget I said under my breath “step out Daniel” Mrs. Lacey ordered. James my friend gave me a nudge, “alright I am going” I told him. I stepped forward dragging my legs as I went across the aisle. I could hear the girls at the other end giggling. “Now stretch out your hands and pray for the birthday boy. It was then I remembered the birthday beating I would receive at the hostel.
you see it is a custom among the boys at the hostel. Once it’s your birthday,buckets filled with water mixed with sand it depends on the age. For juniors it’s only water but for seniors it’s hell mixed with water, it was a ritual kind thing but it seemed I also gathered buckets and added hell without knowing it was my birthday. How could they have known and would not tell me even James, then it hit me it was supposed to be a secret.
“What did you wish for?” James asked. “I can’t tell you if I do it won’t come to pass” come on you’ve got to tell me. “Alright I will” I gave in. I wished for parents, as in real ones “you’ve got a good wish let’s go for dinner”he said. “What’s cooking?” I asked. “Porridge” he answered with a smile. porridge? I heaved a sigh of whatever. “Come on it’s going to be good this time” he laughed “ that’s if you don’t end up in the toilet” I said laughing, “ you know what happens after that?” “What?”, “the ritual” I froze at the sound of that my smile dissolved into a frown. “See you at dinner” he added shutting the door behind him.

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