The orphanage

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“Wake up goat! Have your bath and move to the hallway you don’t want to be late for elder Moses roll call” James said smacking my head. “What’s your problem it’s too early you know” I murmured. “Well, I would like you to tell him that” he replied and shut the door very hard. “Hish!”I said covering my head.i looked at the alarm clock beside me it was 6:40 what! I slept past the alarm well, this has never happened before then I remembered the ritual I touched my hair it was still covered in goo ugh! My glorious hair had been messed, I hurried to the bathroom.

“where is Daniel?”! Elder Moses barked. “James! You are obviously his best friend, now where’s he?” “ Sir we.... we're on our way here when elder Elijah called him....yeah he was with him”. “Hmm well, this story better be true,” he said. It was then I entered the hallway, “Daniel”!he barked again well, he gets cranky every Tuesday only God knows why “why did you come late?” “Sir I......” I could see James on the other side doing the bro sign “ I was with elder Elijah” I blurted out, James heaving a sigh could be heard across the hallway.
He continued the roll call.
“Liam”! Present sir! He replied
“Noah”! Yes sir
He looked at the boys in front of him their faces focused on the floor of the hallway. “Someone is missing and you all know that!” Oh no I said under my breath the "William brotherhood are absent" probably slept at the girls hostel. The William freaks are those boys I’ll would say hit puberty hard in the face. The boys were rumored to have snucked outside the orphanage. “It was fun” they would say. I have longed to go outside the hostel at least an excursion but I didn’t want to disappoint elder Elijah.

“Find them and bring them to me”! He ordered, “ the rest of you to your classes, the girls are arriving soon”. We moved in a straight line both seniors and juniors to the end of the hallway then we dispatched. We had maths first I never understood what the teacher taught this susan girl kept hitting the table with her pen. “Hey jerk stop hitting the table” I said quietly. She kept hitting it,
“Hey stop!” I shouted. The teacher stopped teaching. “Susan, what happened” he pointed to her. “He called me a jerk” “who?” He asked, “it’s dan” she pointed at me feigning an innocent look.
“To the principal’s office, now!” Immediately i felt guilty, I was going to meet elder Elijah!. I was really scared to the extent I stood outside his office, I didn’t know if that was respect or I was afraid of him, of course I am not afraid of him. “Hey what brings you here?” He asked with a smile. “I was....” miss grace the hostel cook came inside “sir, we’ve found them, “follow me” he said to me, it was the William brothers. “Where were you boys last night?” He asked but he got no reply, “what should we do?” She asked “you know what... just give them punishments or maybe help you in the kitchen I am really getting tired of them”.
He returned to his office leaving me alone with them “so where did you guys go last ......” “hey! Nerd, it’s none of your business and we spoke nothing of this” one of the boys "Andrew" said.

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