The orphanage

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The unexpected

the weekend has arrived, my favorite part of the week just cleaning and sports all day and of course good food, auntie grace is on her shift today so the food would be awesome, it was also an opportunity to meet the girls which we "boys" had always been waiting for. “Heyo! Boy” James said throwing the ball at me “so what’s the game going to be”. “I don’t know maybe volleyball, you know it’s the same routine every weekend”, “how about we join the girls over there” he pointed to their direction “no! We can’t go there I said it’s not cool remember it’s Bros before hoes” I said pulling him by the ear “come on they are girls, they are humans too he said, besides no one except you takes this serious” he drifted towards them, I stood there, stunned.

“That’s him over there” I could hear one of the girls from afar but I couldn’t see her clearly. They seemed to be approaching with.... “wait, is that James?” I asked my self, “well looks like someone came back” I muffled under my breath we made eye contact he immediately left for the dining even though it wasn’t time.
I was afraid and at the same time angry when I saw her, it was Susan with the other girls. I wonder why girls moved in groups. “Hey nerd,” she said the other girls were giggling immediately, I felt cornered “what do you want from me?” I asked, “look he is a Winnie” one of the girls, Sarah chuckled pointing at me, “ you girls really need to go” I answered. Looking at each other they chuckled again. Girls! Let’s move.
It was time for lunch, auntie grace still isn’t around I looked around the dining I could see grumbling faces, mr Pedro the vice principal came in “please auntie grace won’t be around today the other woman would make provisions for you. The other woman was fondly called....well “the other woman” no one knows her name, I once asked her but she won’t speak a word, she would go around with her sad and creepy face. “Daniel! see me after lunch” he said frowning he wanted to say something he hesitated and left. I wondered what happened did I do anything wrong?,or was it any of the girls? no it can’t be.the girls won’t do that except....Susan. Surprisingly, the food was awesome .
“Daniel,Elijah....I mean elder Elijah needs to see you” I wondered why he said Elijah without adding "elder" he said it like they were age mates but elder Elijah is far older than him. I stepped out of his office heaved a sigh of relief but at the same time I was unhappy and afraid. Elder Elijah was sick.
I ran all the way to his office, I found him sitting at his desk reading a book, there was no sign of illness “how are you?” He said with his usual smile “fine”, I answered, “I just came to check on you, are you okay?” I asked “ yeah everything is fine” he replied looking at his table I could see fear in his face. “Sit down” he said pointing at the seat.
I guess it’s time for pep talk I said to myself. “You see, he began “there is always that time in your life when you tend to think about your future even though people you hold dear might not be there. So my question is where do see yourself five years from now?” “Emm..... I tried looking for words but i couldn’t find, I tried thinking but it kept coming back to the orphanage. “The orphanage” I answered. He didn’t look surprised “well ..... was auntie grace around today?” He asked suddenly. “No”,I replied wondering why he changed the topic. “You can go”he released me.
“The evening was fun, no teacher was in sight even the girls were outside, it has never happened before i guess they were holding a meeting or whatever.
I tried looking for James I couldn’t find him at first, I eventually found him with Sharon one of the girls, I guess guys have to get chilled sometimes you know, letting out the heat
“Hey”! I turned back at the song of the voice and behold it was Susan my "tormentor" but alone this time “what do you want from me!?” I asked rolling my eyes “emm....I just came to talk to you” When I saw the expression on her face I calmed down she was using that baby face spell on me. Soon we were laughing and gisting “do you like chicken or beef?” “Chicken” I answered. “What do you like?” “Hmmm....both”, “you are one weird.... brrrriiiinnngg! It was the bell “well it’s time to go” she said after a punch on my belly “good night” I replied clutching my belly. She is indeed a weird being,I like weird..... “I can live with weird” I laughed.

it was in the middle of the night the elders came running inside both men and women, most of the women were crying , the men were just shaking their heads “what happened”? I asked I received no response “what happened!” ? I asked again angrily.
Elder Elijah is dead. “Wait, elder who?....... .

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