The orphanage

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Days ahead

I think it’s time I moved on I said to myself, I may not have him anymore but I have James and Susan, we tried looking for grace but we couldn’t find her or anyone bearing that name. “What do you think?” James asked drumming on the table “maybe she had been adopted without our awareness you know children get adopted faster than teenagers” “yeah, probably” he replied. “So when last did you hear from Sharon?” I asked. “On Tuesday” James answered blushing. “That’s nice, lover boy” “no, we are both loverboys” he laughed.

the hostel was beginning to get scanty these days more children get adopted overnight. “Is it only me who thinks this is weird,?” James said stroking Sharon’s hair. “Yeah me too” I pointed out “ I mean half of the hostel boys are gone especially the juniors and it’s always overnight” I added. I could see Sarah and Sharon exchange glance, “can you two tell me what’s going on?” I asked “our girls are also scanty especially the juniors” Sharon answered, “it’s like poof! and they are gone” Sarah added. Elder Elijah did say something was wrong with the orphanage I said in my mind. “James and Sharon left the table. “Where are you off to?” Sarah asked. “It’s none of your business” James answered with a wink on his face. “So....I guess it’s just both of us” she said her eyes fixed on the table “yeah”, I replied raising her head up. Yeah she’s a shy girl, our eyes locked for a moment, she was moving her head closer at that moment, I knew what was going to happen but, I wasn’t ready for this. “Emm.... do you think it’s weird?” I asked. She stopped and sighed “yeah it is.” Firstly, my school daughter was gone” she added, “ you have a school daughter?” I asked “ yes” she replied. “What’s her name?”, “grace” she answered. She saw the frightening look on my face, “what’s wrong”? She asked. “Never mind, it’s nothing” I answered, “do you think I would fall for that?, if you don’t tell me now I’ll punch you really hard.” “Are you threatening me?” I asked laughing, I guess it’s hoes before bros , James would surely kill me, I thought in my mind. I told her everything, when I saw James and Sharon arriving, I stopped.
“Emm... Daniel I might have told Sharon something I shouldn’t” James said looking at the wall behind me trying to avoid my face. “It’s okay I also told her, let’s go for dinner” “ugh! It’s the other woman again, I don’t want too eat”he said. “Neither do I”. “I guess we’ll have to break the rules for the first time.” “Yeah I’d love to stay in the hostel for tonight.
The next morning seemed normal but it was not we waited for the roll call but we saw no one the entire school was deserted, no one, no teachers I was afraid but at the same time a little happy. No elder Moses to bark at us, no classes. “What’s happening”? James asked in his pajamas “uh....... it seems we are the only ones in the hostel. “Heyo! Nerds” it was the William brothers “so what happened here?” Matthew, the other twin said. “We don’t know” James answered “what do you mean you don’t know,” Andrew said. “We woke up to this I added. Suddenly we heard a scream from the girl’s hostel. We all ran all the way to the girl’s hostel, the gate was opened. “Woah! This is impossible I mean we’ve never passed through the gate it was always through the fence one of the brothers said. “God! We’ve just broken the first rule” I said to James. “Forget the rules” he replied. It is cold in here, so this is how the girl’s hostel looks like except no one was around, I noticed a girl-like figure on the lawn, kneeling her hands covering her eyes, probably she was the one screaming. “She kinda noticed our presence, she removed her hands off her face. It was Susan, her eyes were swollen, I have never seen her like this.“What happened?” I asked giving her a hug, she held me firmly. “Sharon, everyone is gone I can’t find them anywhere”. “What?” James said aloud.

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