The orphanage

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“Susan!, Susan!... he yelled running into one of the rooms. Normally, this wouldn’t be possible because he won’t leave there alive...Nah just kidding he might. “We have to find her!” James said, afraid. “Uh...them” I corrected. We should search around the school for clues” Andrew suggested. We moved in pairs, I went with Susan, Andrew with his brother Mathew, James alone. Susan and I decided to check Mr. Pedro's office. the room seemed cold but orderly arranged, we began searching, there was nothing much just papers with degrees of decay, “come look at this” she beckoned. her hair at a certain stage of despair. “Woah!” I was surprised, it was the eighty-fifth anniversary banner of the orphanage, I never knew the orphanage was this old as time itself, I could see its name is written boldly: "SAINT JOSEPH’S ORPHANAGE HOME". We continued searching piece by piece, envelope by envelope, file by file until we came upon this envelope with small silk flowers by its side, I opened it slowly with Susan behind me, I started reading aloud, It was an autopsy report for one Elijah Maccoy. “It’s elder Elijah's autopsy report we really shouldn’t be reading it” she whispered. I continued reading but I couldn’t make much sense from it but, something caught my eye, written in italics was the word "vx poisoning”. According to what I once read the vx is one of the most lethal poisonings in the world. “Elder Elijah was poisoned,” I told her “but by who?” She asked.

“Did you find anything?” I asked the others. “We found the orphanage’s map with some weird pictures on the wall” the brothers replied “what did you find,” I asked James “nothing” he replied. “You?” He asked. “Nothing” I replied. Susan understood, “where do we sleep tonight?” Susan asked looking afraid again. “The girl’s hostel” we chorused.
The next morning we were all hungry, we had no dinner James rumbling belly could be heard miles away. “I know where we can get both food and shelter,” Mathew said while his brother nodded. “Where?” The rest of us asked. “Pack your belongings and follow me.” actually we didn’t want to but, we had no choice and actually forgot we had belongings.
we got to the gate which I have never seen before was opened the William brothers passed through beckoning us to follow, we were breaking the second biggest rule "going outside the hostel" but I really wanted to see what was outside the hostel.
The aurora we met outside was different from the hostel, we opened into what seemed like a forest, trees and animals were everywhere. “Uh..... is this where you guys sneak out to?”i asked. “Not here” they replied. “Now what, we wait for a deer or something?”james said folding his arms. “Follow us”. they said. We moved to the back of the hostel.

We kept tracing the walls, as we went eerie mist kept surrounding us. “Woah”! We all gasped holding each other’s hands, “oh my God!, we are on a cliff!” Sarah exclaimed hugging me, I never knew the orphanage was this high, o my God! We had been on a cliff all this while. “What now?” I asked. “We jump” Andrew replied. “We can’t just jump into somewhere without knowing what’s below,” James said standing akimbo. “Trust us,” he said, “I am doing this for Sharon” he jumped disappearing into the mist below. Andrew jumped yelling. “You are next” Mathew pointed to Susan. “No! I am not jumping unless I go with Daniel.” “Suit yourselves, just jump!” he replied. We leaped everywhere was white.

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