The orphanage

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The camp

The mist began to clear but it was still cold, mosquito bites on our legs and ankles we came into what seemed like a camp with worn-out tents and quenched campfires. I could see children running around. “Where are we?” , “what’s this”?I asked arms akimbo. “Welcome to “Sobrante” they chorused leaving the rest of us in a state of confusion. As we entered the camp I could feel the people the stares I could smell hunger and pain, “are these the people we are going to beg from?” I asked myself. immediately, I felt satisfied “what did you bring for us this time,” one of them asked. “There is trouble” Mathew replied his face was serious, a crowd began to form. “These are my friends,” he said pointing to us. “We are looking for our friends.

we sat by the campfire, the men began to sing while the women were dancing I couldn’t help but see sullen eyes and saggy cheeks. “What’s going on, “where are we?” I asked aloud. The music and dance stopped. Mathew took me aside, “was I rude?” I asked him gently. “Uh....yes, you were” he replied. “The thing is where are we? what’s this place? what are we doing here?”I asked. “Guy chill I’ll explain.” “We heard you” they chorused giving us a jolt. “All right, we’ll explain, they said. One of the women stepped forward, her face seemed familiar as she stepped into the light. “We were orphans like you and we are still, some of us were abandoned by our parents while most of us came to the orphanage to seek refuge. We schooled there like you guys. Until....she paused, the others shuddered. “Wait, your face looks familiar oh! It was "the other woman" that do cook our meals. “Yes it’s me, my name is Stacy at least that was what they gave me she continued, “our lives were simple until we have whisked away one night. “Wait what?” James asked. “Yeah we were kidnapped” she replied. “By who?”, why”?Susan asked. “I don’t know” she replied her eyes glued to the ground. But we were sold to people, the boys were forced to do menacing jobs and work on plantations the girls were raped and forced to be housewives, most of us had babies at our early age, the others died on the way.....” “oh my God!” Susan exclaimed with tears. My mind went straight to Sharon I could see James his head bowed probably crying too. “After working for what seemed like an eternity they brought us back to this place they gave it the name “Sobrante which means leftovers In Spanish.
“I am very sorry to ask these questions but, how old are you, how many babies have you had, at what age were you were kidnapped?”. “I was fourteen then but I am twenty-seven” she replied. “oh my God,” I said under breath, my life was all a lie, the orphanage was no orphanage it was a baby-making factory. “One more question,” James said wiping his tears “how many babies have you had?”. “Three but they took two away from me, a male and a female, the other girl is here” “can we see her?” Susan asked. “Grace!”she called, she hid behind her mum. She stuck her head forward, James and I exchanged glances it was the same girl that tricked us she was also Susan’s school daughter. “But, we do see you two in school” “yes I got employed as a cook and I was told to detach from everyone I sent my daughter to look for her siblings”. “ what name did you give them I asked?” She paused for a moment “Daniel and Susan” she replied.

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