The orphanage

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My mother

“You mean the two of us?” I asked puzzled. “Yes, you are my children” she answered. I couldn’t put all the words together. first, it’s was like we were stuck between the twenty century and the twenty-first century, I had a relationship with my....sister, Grace was my younger sister, what in the h... “Daniel, Daniel!” “Yes!” I jolted “are you thinking about what she said?” Susan asked. “Yeah, kinda” I replied. “One thing I know is we are running out of time,” she said. “You can take the ship to go search for them,” Mrs stac...our mum said. “Uh....there’s a ship here again? where are we going to sail? Andrew asked. “There’s the sea at the other side,” one of the men said “why do you think there’s a cliff here the first instance” another man added. “Take them to the ship,” mom said, pointing to the direction. Everyone followed us to the other side carrying knives I wondered what they need that for. We got to the other side where the ship was waiting for us. “Go! Bring justice for us” she said hugging us, for the first time I felt the hug of a mother it brought warmth.

four men agreed to follow us after serious pestering, the night was closing in, it began to get cold, Andrew was having seasickness vomiting into the water. The ship was a nineteenth-century one with high sails and a little cabin. Who sails a nineteenth-century ship in the twenty-first century I wondered. “Where are we sailing to?” I asked one of the men. “We are going to meet them on the way since they left yesterday” he replied. We continued sailing catching fishes along the way, Andrew was still struggling with seasickness, Mathew, on the other hand, was exploring the cabin, Susan was still thinking about what happened earlier. I can’t blame her though it hurts.
we saw a cruise ship ahead of us. “That’s the ship,” one of the men said pointing. I could see the fear in their eyes “we have to get to that ship” one of the men added. We added more steam but we couldn’t hear the waves over Andrew snoring. Soon we were beside the cruise ship just as a giant behind an average person. Mathew threw the anchor below the lower deck of the big ship it caught something but firm enough to hold on “ain’t anchors supposed to be underwater?” I asked him “we have to improvise” he answered. “Now who’s coming with me”? He asked. The men were unwilling which also made us afraid. “For our friends,” Mathew said climbing up the anchor chain myself and James followed him.
We came into the lower deck moving stealthily we had no trouble locating them because the men told us where they would be “James!, Daniel!”Sharon called. I expected them to be in a cage as prisoners maybe they thought no one would come for them “Shh” we chorused doing the "hush" sign. “Come this way,” I said leading them to the anchor, they began climbing down into the ship below. We followed behind when it was my turn the chain snapped leaving the anchor on board “jump!” They screamed below. I could not the cruise was big compared to the ship. I thought of jumping but I might not make it. “Well I think it’s time to finish this,” I said to myself, I moved to the upper deck checking rooms looking for something to jump down I passed through rows of lookalike doors, one of them was opened I peeped inside. I saw what seemed like a conference meeting. Mr. Pedro was at the head table surrounded by other teachers. Mrs. Lacey was at his right-hand side, elder James at the left. I strained my ears trying to hear what they were saying. “Thirty-five years in this business and still no blemish” he began. “Cheers everyone,” Mrs. Lacey said as they shared the drinks. “All we had to do was to pretend as teachers, train the products(children) and sell them” elder James added “yeah” we had to poison that old fool Elijah he was getting too churchy along the way just because he felt like a father to a boy”. Mr. Pedro said laughing. I heard enough I knew what I had to do, I left for the lower deck saw a pile of explosives, got a lighter from the kitchen I was going to blow the lower deck. I strapped a bunch of TNTS together, I lighted it. I looked below for signs of the ship it was still there I could see them stretching their hands to receive me. I jumped, I heard a loud bang behind me, “it’s finished” I said watching the cruise get reduced to rubble. THE END.

#say no to child abuse,#say no to rape,#say no to emotional and physical child abuse,#say no to child and sex trafficking,#say no to child abandonment.
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