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Sharing my own logic behind the mythological stories of hindu gods and much more..

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Discovering the TRUTH

The following are some of the topics discussed, such as gods and demons, ancient myths, and religion. So it is not my intention to hurt anyone’s feelings or beliefs based on this. Also, I do not claim that all of the following is true or “accurate knowledge”.

This is just a “point of view” that I have presented and that I have read or studied to this day.

Every person has a different definition of the word ‘God’. Some people believe that the god in the photos in the house is real, some people believe that the god in the temple is real and some people think that the god in the mythology told by their grandparents is real. To this day we have heard many things about the gods. And these things always come to our ears from someone old man, old Guruji in the temple or elders in our house. Isn’t it instinctive? Because that’s exactly what their elders told them.

Today is considered to be the age of science and technology. Anything done or done against science in this age is considered false because some people in this age say that everything that happens in this world has a basis in science.

Some of the things we are told about God have no scientific basis, but the question is whether these things are false or true because no one has some basic evidence as to whether these things really happened or not.

Some people strongly oppose such things and do not believe that God is part of this world

These people are called atheists.

Against this, some people regularly worship God and do not oppose his existence. They are called ‘Dev Bhole’ or ‘Devache Devak’.No matter how much you try to change the psychology of the devotee and the atheist, it will never change. It would also be foolish to convince an atheist that God exists.

I am not trying to convince either of them that this will be of use to both the devotee and the atheist, and that it will help in further research into the existence of the gods and some aspects of it.

As a child, my grandmother used to tell me stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata. At that age, listening to those stories, I began to feel immense devotion to Lord Shriram and some other people in the Mahabharata.

Because the reason for telling these stories is that in this world, it is clear what is right and what is wrong, who is good and who is bad, and by telling those stories in such an exciting way, the children begin to understand and like them.But as we get older, we start doubting some of the things in these stories because there are some wonderful things told in these stories like Ravana had ten mouths, the name of Shri Ram is written on the stones and the stones float in the sea and so on.

Also in the Mahabharata some things like raining arrows, lightning bolts, shielding of the chest of the trumpet seem strange.So far we have not seen any such thing happening in this world. We have only seen human beings in the same state with two arms, two legs and one head.

At a time when great stories like the Ramayana and the Mahabharata were being written, attempts were made to preserve and preserve their relics, but the evidence is not as it is today.

Today’s new age has filled the void of this thing .. It means that it has become easy for every human being to save things through digital platforms like mobile phones, computers and the evidence of what happened today can remain intact for many years.

To give a simple example, Sachin Tendulkar is one of the greatest cricketers in India who has been called the ‘God of Cricket’.

Evidence of all the records that Sachin Tendulkar has set so far can be seen many times today in our mobiles or on YouTube.Sachin Tendulkar is a man like us and the proof of his record is that we have seen it all ourselves. In the next few years, if someone asks you who Sachin Tendulkar was, we can tell you about him because we have seen him for ourselves and there is evidence of his existence and prowess on the internet.

But let’s just say for a moment that we don’t believe that the Internet and technology don’t exist in this world.

We have seen what Sachin has done, but the only proof for the next generation is what we will tell them about Sachin.

We will not be able to tell the ‘extreme’ things that Sachin has done in it because we can assume that man’s intelligence is not so extraordinary.Suppose there is a great fan of Tendulkar in it and if he tries to tell the story of Tendulkar further, it will definitely be more exciting and a little changed.

The same process continued over time and we can say that the career of Sachin that we have seen today will look different and changed after a few thousand and three thousand years.This proves that if only verbal evidence is available, the things mentioned above can change dramatically over time.Even today, some people put Tendulkar as a god on the wall and worship him. In the same way, in the coming year, their children and grandchildren will see this practice and in this way, after many years, Sachin Tendulkar, the human being we see with our own eyes today, will become a god.

Like Sachin, Rajinikanth, Ronaldo, Federer, Messi and many other great personalities are still considered gods. But the truth is still with us today, but we cannot predict what will happen in the future.

As Sachin Tendulkar’s example shows, if the basic evidence does not last long, then it does not take long for something to change. I think that’s probably what happened to our gods and their things. Probably three or four thousand years ago, these gods would have lived the same human life as us, and some of them, like Lord Shriram, Arjuna, Ravana, Krishna, would have done “extraordinary” work Which made them remembered for a long time and passed on to the next generation.

Just like today’s Sachin Tendulkar coming and the change that will be seen in Sachin Tendulkar’s stories only after two thousand years, I think we will see a wonderful ‘magical’ story in front of us today, leaving the true story of Shri Ram, Shrikrushna four thousand years ago.

Just as today’s man is living his normal life in a simple and easy way, so the people of that time, a few years ago, will be living their life in the same way.

But as things change over time and the “accuracy” of things diminishes, I think it must have happened to the things of our gods.

Now if you think that today there is a gap of a year between Sachin Tendulkar and Shriram Shrikrishna many years ago and their stories are very different, I will try to prove the same thing by taking the example of the last few years.

The stories of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and his prowess are known all over Maharashtra and all over India. We all know that Chhatrapati existed only a few years before this time, in the fourteenth to fifteenth centuries AD. Also, no one complains about the existence of the Maharaja or his bravery.The stories of his time are known in every household today and those things are still fresh in our memories, but in some cases we find that these things have been altered or found to be slightly altered.

Like Bajiprabhu Deshpande fought till he reached Maharaj fort. While carrying out this feat, his head was detached from his body, but he continued to fight until the sound of gunfire.Some of these things are beyond the reach of science. Even if we compare these things with the things of antiquity, there seems to be very little change in the things of the Maharaja and these things seem to be close to science and human life and we see very few kinds of ‘changes’. But in antiquity, things outside of science are found in large numbers, and there is a great deal of change in things.

This proves that the older the thing, the more changes there are in it and the newer the thing, the closer it is to freshness and truth.

All three of the examples I give are similar to the above. From these things it can be proved that those whom we have called God were also human beings like us and they were given the title of “God” because they had done “extraordinary” deeds in their lives.Now you have to decide from these things whether God exists or not.

Maybe my story can be used by both devotees and atheists to find their answers. If you follow the “Time Line Approach”, I hope you find the answers to your questions.

Further study of these things may help you to get at least a little closer to the mystery or truth of God-Demon.

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