Hidden Identity

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"Run Nattie... run.. " "Buttercup, remember I love you. Now run to safety. Go to your Aunts... " "Papa.... Mama... " . . Natasha Fortune is the Mistress of the house. But no one has seen her face because she is always wearing a mask. The ghost of the past still haunts her... Will she ever be free? . Luke Kincaid is a famous artist who is badly in need of a break.. So he is taking a summer vacation because he needs a new muse..... Who knows what he will find. . Maggie is neither a maid, a servant or the house keeper in the building she lives in. But she has a say over what the vacationers are doing in the house. She also gets distracted by a certain artist leaving in the house..... Can she keep on resisting Luke? . The White Rose will be the house for the twelve vacationers and the workers for the summer. Can everyone just have their vacation in peace and then leave to their various houses? Or will there be trouble in paradise? . Find out in HIDDEN IDENTITY . . . . BTW : this is my first book so please be good to me... Love you all

Mystery / Romance
Ajewole Oyinda
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 : Welcome

"In my house there are a lot of rules and all of them must be followed" Natasha Fortune's voice sounded cool and calm through the public address system.

But coolness and calmness, does not describe how she felt, not one bit, and that's because she was taking a very big and dangerous step.

From the computer in her room she could see the faces of the twelve vacationers who are to be her new tenants.

For eight years she hasn't seen so much people in the same place and this new upgrade scares the shit out of her.

"The list of rules will be delivered to each one of you by Aimee, the lady that welcomed you in, and if you have any question please pass it to her and she would help you with your questions.

"But let me say this, the most important rule of all is that no one, and I repeat, no one is to come to the last floor. There are in total, four floors in this building and the last floor is strictly off limit to you all.

"You can go anywhere in this building and not get bored but I must tell you, I value my privacy and I hope you can respect it and abide by the rules. As you've been told, my name is Natasha Fortune and I welcome you to my house.

But before you go, does any one of you have any question for me?"

Natasha could see the questioning looks on their faces and to be sincere she couldn't blame them for it, like seriously who gets to enjoy coming to a house and finding out that the owner of the house you would be living in is a freak who wouldn't show her face but instead talks through a speaker. Talk about a freaky living.


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