Be Brave

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Three years after her sister’s death, Hope is trying to find her place in this world. She feels as if she doesn’t belong and one day a ghost from the past comes to see her. This changes everything and she starts to fall for this guy again and has to choose between him or her family. When she finds out her father has been murdered she makes it her mission to find the killer.

Mystery / Romance
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Chapter One - Emily

In a blink of an eye everything had disappeared.

The moment the car shattered, I knew I was dead. For the few seconds I was alive, all I could taste was blood pouring into my mouth. I felt my broken bombs crumble to pieces. I was gasping for my last breath before my lungs started to collapse. My life flashed in front of my eyes and my vision slowly fading. This agony had finally destroyed me.

I couldn’t come back from this; it was time to give up fighting. I glanced over at Hope and all I could see was her long, auburn hair and the scared look taking over the face. Her whole body was dyed red and her face wasn’t how I remembered. Distress was her eyes as she tossed and turned in her seat. I wanted to tell her everything was going to be okay. But I couldn’t. I wasn’t strong enough.

The car had flipped over by this point. Feeling claustrophobic, I only had a few seconds left. I had ruined my life because of poor decisions that jeopardize my relationship with Hope and I hate myself for that.

One second left of my life.

Goodbye world.

The last thing I heard from the car was the traumatic screams Hope was creating as I was leaving her forever and entering my next life. I was cold and empty as I lay there soulless in the car as I watched Hope from the above, watching her roaring my name breathlessly to try and save me but she was too late. I had gone and was now floating in the sky.

Months and years had flown by and before you knew it I had been gone for three years. Watching my family agonise with pain and sorrow, it was too much to bear.

The thunder was roaring at the top of its voice, trying to beat off the wind. Hope was sitting on a rusty, park bench (that had probably been there for a hundred years). Sitting and watching every single person float by; lonely; crippled by grief. How I wished that I could reach out to her… but I can’t. And never will be able to as long as she lives. Rain had started pouring down in icy sheets like needles upon her face.

Hope was a quiet girl with long, auburn hair, as if she was Rapunzel. The cold glare in her eyes shone through the hazel exterior. She was scared and frightened; not knowing what to say or do because of that one fatal night. She sat on the rigid bench getting drenched to the bone. Her yellow raincoat glistened like a fireball; sticking out from the crowd.

The time passed and all that was left of the storm was a few bitter drops of rain winning the day. Her delicate feet rose from the ground and she took a few steps forward. As she stood up, she was a lean girl, with legs that looked as if they could break like a twig. Her solemn face revealed nothing.

Walking in slow motion, she trailed along the rocky pavements going by all the unique shops and vibrant markets. Shouting and business being made was all that was heard. As she got further through the town, the light and colour had escaped and all that was left was the darkness of the clouds drifting up above and the solitary walls standing in their position.

Gradually, she looked up to see what was before her. A vast structure painted in grey, leaning over the devastation of the past. Hope plucked up the courage and decided to open the sorrowful gate with a little push. The squeaking of the bolts made my skin crawl.

She looked down to find the miserable graves staring at her like trapped prisoners. Her heart dropped a thousand times as reading the names made her weep. The lost expression on her face was the first feeling she had shown since that tragic night. Wading through the lives that were stolen from the world, her feet stopped at one particular grave.

My grave.

The marbled feature of the blue and black with hand-crafted gold lettering was placed in the stone. Hope kneeled down on the dried up grass reaching out to the familiar name that was on the cold stone and traced the unforgivable letters: ‘Emily Sanders’.

The feeling of desperation and loneliness rested upon her shoulders because of what we had done that one unforgettable night. Collapsing to the ground, with tears swelling her eyes and the hazel pools broken.

She hadn’t known what to do. The car was going so fast; she couldn’t stop it; the brakes weren’t working and the last thing I heard were the deafening screams…

As the raindrops tricked down her face, the storm had hit again. The flooding water poured down from the heavens and the screams of lightning joined as well.

She shouted over the downpour “I love you”. All I wanted to do was scream back ‘I love you too. It wasn’t your fault.’ But she never got a response from the unwaking.

“Why you?” The tears had destroyed her smile and warmth that she used to have before I died.

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