The Son of Eros

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What happens, when a Greek god, especially the son of Eros entered into your bathroom from a different realm while you are taking a shower. He is the son of Cupid, after all, can you resist his charms.

Mystery / Romance
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Chapter 1

Arsenio’s POV~

Kingdom of Lympia, 1200 BC

This day hadn’t yet started but I loathed it already. My father, the king of Lympia, wanted me to settle down with one woman. The problem was I adore the female population, how could I disregard them just for one female.

I’m Arsenio Tadeas Dimitri Dwight, the god of affection and attraction, the future king of Lympia. No one could resist me and my charms and I was the only immortal among my people.

Many people worshipped me as a demigod because I was a blessing from the god of love, Eros.

My parents, king Dwight and queen Dahlia were so much in love with each other when they were young but unfortunately, my father couldn’t produce a child for the kingdom and my mother refused to take another man in her life because they both were so much in love with each other.

They prayed and made many sacrifices to the god of love and he blessed them with a child, who was a spitting image of him. I was the only heir of this kingdom and my parents and I was born with white wings and magical power like the god of love unlike a normal human, besides me an oracle was capable of performing magic.

I heard rumours that they were capable of entering into different realms but I don’t believe them because if a different realm existed I had known by now. Of the entire oracle, Apollo’s oracle was the most powerful. She lived in the temple, where the altar of Apollo was being worshipped and her name was Ebony.

I made my way to my harem to clear my mind. As soon as I entered, I was greeted with the most beautiful, soft, caring and fragile creation of god. The females kissed my cheeks when I walked by them.

I could hear their giggles, their eyes were sparkling with delight and they looked desperate to get my attention. I winked at a few women on my right which made them swoon over me. I smirked at few and they looked like they were under a spell.

My mighty white feathers were tucked and disappeared into my back. I scanned the crowd to choose my bedding partner and I settled with Fabiola and Galina. Fabiola was a white beauty, she was tall, lean and she had soft features with shiny blond hair and mesmerizing grey eyes. Galina was a black beauty; she was short, curvy, thick and she had strong features with wild curly black hair and striking brown eyes.

Both were beautiful in their inimitable way.

I went near them and took both their hands and kissed the back of their palm with a lazy smirk which made them giggle, their eyes shone with mischief.

“Your highness” they both bowed courteously and we made our way to the spacious bedroom where I spent my time when I come to the harem.

I sat on the edge of my luxurious bed while Fabiola hastily fiddled with the buttons of my loosely fitted white shirt, sitting on my lap. We both discarded my shirt and she kissed between my eyebrows, my cheeks and my nose. Her soft luscious lips left a trail of fire on my skin.

I closed my eyes and instantly began to relax, I groped her hips and pulled her closer to me, she gasped when her core made direct contact with my hard erect. She wrapped her arms around my neck and trailed down hungry kisses down my chest, her fingers were softly tugging at my hair which earns a growl of approval from me.

Galina pressed her soft breast against my hardback and her arms came under my armpit and circled my bare torso. She moaned loudly in my ears which made my pants to tighten around my shaft. Her hand dropped dangerously low and rubbed my length, making it hard as a rock. She left open-mouthed wet kisses on the back of my neck and my strong shoulders. The wetness of her lips felt like heaven against my hot skin.

I groaned in pleasure, “Your highness, I apologize for the inconvenience but the king and queen is here,”

“Fuck!” I cursed under my breath and pulled myself up from my previous position.

“Ask them to come in,” I ordered the female and dismissed my companions. I saw the disappointment in their eyes but that’s not imperative right now. I didn’t bother to put on my shirt and I was left with my pants on.

“Of course, your highness,” the female went out of the room and a few seconds later my father and mother entered with a crazy looking lady.

“Father,” I addressed him with a nod and engulfed my mother’s petite figure. She smiled at me but she looked a little sad and my father gave me a disapproving look, very much aware of my task before their arrival and the bulge in my pant was not helping me either.

“I have had enough of your playboy reputation and I want you to find a bride,” he stated sternly.

“Father…” I was cut off by him.

“It’s your highness to you, Arsenio,” he seethed with anger, “This is Ebony, Apollo’s Oracle, she is here to sent you to a different realm and I want you to find a bride and return home with her,”

What the fuck!

I couldn’t believe what he was saying, “But what about the princesses in other kingdoms here?” I asked him with frustration.

“Other princesses may throw themselves at you but their father won’t be happy about your reputation with the woman and you can’t use your powers in the realm, you’re being sent to,” he stated firmly.

“I refuse to cope with this idea,”

“You don’t have a choice, son” with that he turned to the oracle, she nodded her head at him and poked me with a needle which felt like restraining something deep within me.

“What the hell!” I yelled at her. She chanted few words and a swirling black hole appeared in front of me. I couldn’t believe what was happening, so the rumours were true after all.

“Good luck, son.” My mom hugged me and without warning, she pushed me into that swirling black hole.

Adeline Sandros’ POV

Washington state, America, 2020 modern world (Exclude the corona outbreak)

I was so damn exhausted with today’s work. I was working as a journalist in World Premier, news station. Today, I was assigned a new project which was related to Rehor Jedrick, the notorious billionaire.

Many suspects that he was involved with illegal activity. He looked like a demon despised as a human, he was an intimidating guy with this dark and mysterious aura.

Heck! I didn’t even meet him in person but one look at his pictures would scream danger. I didn’t know how I was going to collect information about him but I don’t have a choice in this matter.

I heaved a long sigh and entered into my one-bedroom apartment which was located on the third floor. I locked the door behind me and dropped my car keys on the kitchen counter.

I peeled off my clothes and went to take a shower. I looked my reflection in my bathroom mirror, my electric blue eyes looked weary, and my ink-black hair was sticking on my neck.

What got my attention was the one little beast on my left cheek.

“NO!” I shrieked at the pimple.

“Why Lord? Why me?” I sulked at my reflection. It looked so pink but thank god it was small. A little concealer would help, I tried to convince myself.

I stepped into my shower and the hot water made my tense muscles to relax. I closed my eyes and devoured my shower but suddenly some heavyweight pushed me down and landed on top of me. Before my head hit the bathroom floor they engulfed their hand behind my head.

My eyes were wide as soccer. It was a grown man in his late twenties. He had a rare shade of emerald green eyes and shiny blond hair. His face was sculpted to perfection.

He had a chiselled jaw, pointed nose and body of a Greek god. He was shirtless and his hard sculpted chest and abs were pressed against my soft feminine body. He gave me a cocky smirk and realization hit me hard like a brick, I was stark naked and a burglar was on top of me.

“Aaarghhhh!” I yelled at the top of my lungs and he muffled my screams with his hands.

I was doomed! I thought to myselfA/N: Comment your opinion below and don’t forget to hit the like/ heart button.

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