Something in the woods

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Her mother decided to move to a smaller town. Where they could start a new life but the town seemed weird. Violet believed there was something happening in this small town.

Mystery / Romance
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Chapter one

" Isn't it weird." I said" theres no one else living in this area but us."

" Just pack your things and stop being paranoid." My mother said

I sighed and walked upstairs to my bedroom. My room felt so cold and when i went to close the windows. There were already closed but the room temperature was still freezing cold. I don't understand why my mother would pick a house in the woods, i asked my mother why would she pick this house and she said" It was the only one available."

What if this was one of those creepy houses, that are haunted. I sighed and laid my back onto the wall.

After me and my mother were done with the house. She decided to go out and eat. Which i agreed to.

" Is there even a town here?" I asked her

" Yes." She said

I stared at the outside view from the car window. There was a fog covering the trees and up ahead was a small town. Finally i get to meet some new people but i suddenly lost hope when i saw no one outside.

" Why isn't anyone here?" I asked myself

The car stopped infornt of a small restaurant. We got in the restaurant and saw quite a few people there. Some stared at us like they have never seen knew people before. I went next to my mother because one guy was staring at me weirdly. We sat next to a young couple that looked like they were the same age as me.

" Violet." My mother called me.

" Yes." I responded

" Don't mess up this time." Mother said" or we can't afford to get you another school."

" Yes, mother." I said

Then a few minutes later our food was sarved. I ate in silence as my mother continued on talking. After we ate we went back home. I laid on my bed and went on Instagram. I smiled at a picture of my best friend. Which I left behind when I moved.

Maybe my new school would be better...I hope so.

I closed my eyes as my eyelids felt heavy.

(A/n: sorry for the short chapter)

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