How My Life Changed

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I lost everything in the blink of an eye. There was no way things would ever be the same. On the streets with nothing but hope, hopes to be saved, hopes to find the truth, hopes to conquer and hopes to be free. With a life like hers, all you would want is the truth but the truth is very hard to get, it comes at an expense. With truths unraveling and very long awaited and expected happenings, all she hopes is that this will be over........ and fast.

Mystery / Thriller
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Did you ever wonder what life would be like without things like friends, family, love, support, money or an actual reason to live?

Well I have, actually that is my current life. I lost everything in the blink of an eye to an ‘accident’ not that I had much to begin with but no one can say it better than myself that ever since Friday April 28th 2017 (when everyone left and the world abandoned me) things would never be the same. My world changed and I am unfortunately being carried along with it.

Kicked out of my house, I wander on the streets and found a good spot on the street to settle down. I have a small box of my most valuables and some clothes and necessities. I trek for 2 hours a day just so I can have my bath and brush my teeth in a lake.

My family was not rich nor were they poor either. They only had enough money for basic needs and transportation. I attended a public school but I was very content and happy because I was lucky enough to even be able to go to school. I always tried different ways to convince my parents to let me work and also earn money for us but they never agreed and now I wish I never listened to them.

It turns out that they hadn’t paid any school fees in a year and they didn’t pay the rent so I was kicked out and had to drop out of school. Luckily the school understood my situation and didn’t make me pay the debt but my landlord is still awaiting my payment. I have tried so hard to get a job but nobody wants a drop out who didn’t even go to a well known school.

I had to use the some money to pay for the hospital bill and the burial of my parents Layla and Dave along with my brother Leah(22), his name is actually Dale( a combination of my parents name) but he prefers to be called Leah(his middle name) by people who are very close to him. My sister (10)Laine (the first letter of my mum’s name and the last letter of my dad’s name signifying that they would always be their first and last) is still in the hospital and in a critical condition, I am using the remaining money to pay for her treatment. I want to earn enough money so that when she is discharged she can live the life she deserves. I would find out about the truth even if it’s the last thing I do.

I have talked about my past but still yet to introduce myself. My name is California, but people me Cali, or at least they used to. I am 18 years old, my parents named me California as a symbol of their love because that is where they first met but they relocated not long after they had me.

I live in Toronto, Canada. Everyone in my family was against us moving and they threatened to break ties with us, but we still left and I haven’t heard of them since then ( I was six at that time.) The reason why my parents wanted to move so much is still and forever unknown to me. I also wonder why me and my siblings names have to do with my parents and their love because when they were alive they didn’t look or act in love.

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