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A family is on the brink of extinction until...

Mystery / Thriller
Adeyemi peter
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Here I am, flat against a chestnut tree, suddenly an orphan, oh! This is the worst day of my life, after a while that seemed like hell the men left. Eventually, the night was closing in then, I decided to risk it. I ran with my feeble legs all the way to the town outskirts.

Gosh!, this place looks like a giant puked in it, it looked undeveloped and the houses were falling apart, there on the left is an old, rusty church, the town hall, a bank, and a water reservoir.

“Who goes there!“, a masculine seemed voice propped up along a dark alley that looks like a shrine. It should one of those boys that pick on innocent girls going late at night, I could only see his silhouette, without hesitation, I ran.

Bang! Bang! Bang!, I knocked grandma’s door, she opened and I came into what seemed like a luxury, ugly outside, luxury inside. “Why would grandma hide this”? I asked myself. Recollecting my predicament, I began to cry.

She hugged me “I know” “it’s ok,” she said with light patting at my back I felt relieved. I could also see tears in her eyes, she used to be mean but perhaps this is not the right time to be mean,

“You know what? Just...... just go to bed”.

That was how lived with grandma till I clocked Eighteen.

“I am going to get some veggies from the grocery store, “be right back,” grandma said, with a wink.

“Make sure you don’t open the door for anyone” she added and the closed the door with a bang.

I looked around the house it was quite messy, “it is going to be a tough day I said” then I started to clean from the kitchen to the small parlor when I noticed this rusty piano with a piece of paper sticking out at the edge. I wanted to ignore it and keep cleaning but I just wanted to open it. I opened it inquisitively.

It was a note and on it was writing in some kind of wobbly handwriting ”at the eyo festival at 8 pm”.

What was that supposed to mean I thought, maybe treat or tricks or just a meeting for my grandma to attend but why on Eyo day, I turned to the back of the paper then my heart skipped.

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