Fake Roots

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When a Teenager girl got into a tragic event and had a memory loss she finds out that her parents are trying to kill her. Who are her real parents. Who are the people who try to kill her. What is her parents past and her past? Find out by reading....

Mystery / Thriller
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Fake Roots


In a highway, someone is driving the car. Lara a 15 yr teenager is sitting in the back seat of the car.Her father is driving the car,music is playing in the player .Her mother is sitting beside her father,they were going for a picnic.Suddenly their happy picnic had to a tragic end. They met with a accident their car is crashed, blood came out of the car.


Lara gets up from the bed she is lying in the bed. She gets up from the bed of shock, doctors convince her and inject a medicine, she became unconscious. Doctor came near her parents Lara’s parents and said “because of high blood clot and heavy damage to her brain she had loosed her memory be careful what u say to her she forgot everything” to her parents Lucy &Kingston . they understood what doctor told them and they waited for her to open her eyes.

7 hours later…. She opened her eyes slowly as they went near her she asked them who they were they started to cry badly. Her father told her that he is her father and she is her mother. Lara started crying. A doctor is standing behind her parents after she woke up doctor went near her and checked her body and prepared to check the clot inside her head had cured he sent her to an X-Ray room in the stretcher. Her parents took her inside the room and they thoroughly checked her body. Doctor said she is completely alright and also said she can be discharged tomorrow and you can take her to home. Her parents are happy. Kingston is working in a company and lucy is a house maker,they were living in France. Lara was very that she saw her parents after a long time.

Next day, Kingston carried lara till his car and made her sit inside the car. They took a seat in the car and reached their home. She had a very big villa it’s a individual villa opposite to their house there is a forest. Lara asked is this her house. They smiled at her and took her inside and showed her room. She was very happy. That day night around 8pm Kingston and lucy entered her room. Lara asked what happened they answered ”we are sending you to a school from next month and going to apply a application for the school” lara answered im very glad apply it I would surely go from next month.

From next day Kingston started going to office, lara was always talking to her mother always in the kitchen while she is cooking and washing clothes .


Lara gets ready to go to her new school. She was sent to a government running school. Her father dropped her at school. She went into eleven standard. She liked the school very much.

One day night while they were sleeping in the same bed Kingston got a he attended the call and put it on loudspeaker as he was sleeping, from that side they said we are calling from KEPLA Bank u gave your number for Mollyvan’s life insurance it got matured as u r his relative, suddenly he kept his phone on earpiece and ran out of bedroom to balcony. Kingston said he will be coming tomorrow for sure. He went to sleep. Next day, he dropped lara in her school and drove his car to KEPLA , they gave him cash he transferred it to his bag and went out of the bank. He reached home and showed the money to lucy ,she became happy. There is a underground secret store room inside their house, Kingston went down and kept the cash there and he came up. Kingston took his car and headed to lara s school. He saw lara coming out of the school with 4 girls like a girls gang. Lara introduced her friends to her father. Kingston took lara to home and they were planning to go for a concert tonight as outing because it is a weekend. They went to the concert and came back to home late night around 11.45 pm. All went to the bedroom and started sleeping.

10 minutes later,

Kingston and lucy slowly got down from the bed and went to living room. Lucy took a knife from the kitchen, Kingston took something from the fridge wrapped by a plastic cover. Lara was sleeping. Lucy wiped the knife, and they slowly entered her room. They went near her . lucy shouted near her ear lara got up from the sleep and she was frightened. Together they said “HAPPY BIRTHDAY LARA”. Lara got delighted and lucy give her the knife and parted the cake and she fed them. Kingston murmured 2years. At morning she called all laras friends to attend the birthday party. Kingston took lara out to a pastry shop and bought a cake for the evenings party with her friends.

Hours passed, all her friends came one by one to her home to attend the party. One of her friend named shizu called lara via phone and said she will not be coming for the nights party. She talked as she was frightened by seeing something. Lara scolded her and declined the phone and started to enjoy the party. Lucy went to the kitchen for preparing dinner for everyone. All her friends helped lucy on cooking , lara thought of her dad and went searching for him he was no where to be found, all of them in the house had the dinner and returned to their respective homes. Till her father did not return home.

Next day, lara packed her bag to go to school. As she went to school she went for searching shizu everywhere In the school, but she declared as absent.


A farmer of a farmland went for harvesting the crops, as he was doing his job. Suddenly he saw something and got frightened immediately the police headed there , there was a rotten dead body they called for the forensic a team came to the land they searched for fingerprints there were no fingerprints, they cant identify who were they because their face had been hit by a large rock several times. Forensic collected their blood samples, nails, fingerprints. They sent the body for skull reconstruction.

Lara came out of her school, a car came beside her it was her father she entered the car and asked where he was been these days. Kingston answered there was a important meeting and work in Paris called my boss, I did not wanted to spoil your mood that day so I went without saying. He convinced her and took her to home. Lara is repeatedly trying everyday to reach shizu but she did not take her phone always the calls were declined. Lara felt sorry for that day. Lara wanted to talk to her she was missing her.

Next day she seated in her car and went to her school. Lara was surprised to see the school is closed that day in school they declared holiday. They returned to home, lara got a idea and took her phone and called her friend Miti. She took the phone , lara asked why they declare holiday that too on a weekday, Miti anwered ” don’t you know,due to the death of our friend shizu they declared holiday”. Lara questioned “how did she die”, Miti answered “a farmer saw 3 dead bodies rotten in their fields immediately he called the police they headed there and also the forensic came there by the blood samples fingerprints they confirmed it was shizu’s family”, lara was shocked hearing this and ran to her mother. Lara told her mother what happened that day on her birthday lara had a guilty feeling that she killed her own friend. Suddenly lucy got a call. She attended the call and put it on speaker, from that side they said “we are calling from police department you’ve became a agent of RAW we are handing over you your first case death of a family a 50 year father, 45 year mother,16 year girl teenager found dead in a field rotten it their name was shizu and we will be handing over the case file to you, you can start investigating from tomorrow”. Lucy agreed to them, call ended. Lara was very happy because her mother itself is handling the case. She let out her guilty feeling and started to be happy. They told this information to Kingston that mother had became a RAW agent and case. Kingston appreciated her, out of curiosity lara asked her mother when did this happen, she answered im always in this type of solving cases so I applied for RAW I applied this before you’ve born ,before marriage I had plan of applying for RAW because of shortage of money my dream went into ashes,after marriage Kingston provided me money so I applied for the job after 18 years im getting a case im going to solve this case very carefully lucy says this to lara.

Next day lucy walks to the farmfield where the bodies were present, she started investigating everyone she talked to shizus friends and relatives.

One day lucy was passing through the field. A man was standing in the field. She went near him and asked who is he, he answered iam the one u r searching for I ve killed the whole family.


Lucy took her cell and called the police and informed. She asked why you were standing here without running and accept the murder, he did not answer anything. Police arrived at that place and arrested kongo the culprit, she did not believe hes the killer. She was given promotion because of solving a dead end case. Lucy reached the home after submitting the case details to RAW. After reaching home as she opened the door lara hugged her tightly. Lara was very happy for finding the killer. She thanked her.


Night time around 2AM, lucy and Kingston were sitting in the living room and were watching a film. Lara passed out of the school from +2 she scored top marks she had a individual room for her she is sleeping inside that room, as usual lucy and Kingston would sleep in the same bed. Lucy is seated down and Kingston seated in the sofa. Lucy turned at him and asked for a plan. Kingston looked at laras room and started thinking something he asked if we poison the food lucy answered they would in autopsy and would start searching the killer. They are planning to kill lara. Lucy asked what if we kill her by riding the car on her by making her stand on the road and riding the car speedly and kill her. Kingston accepted the plan. Kingston asked for the day. Lucy answered TODAY. Lucy ran into kitchen and took a knife and opened laras room which is locked inwards. She used detective tricks to open the door. As she went inside the room lara was sleeping, she went beside lara and thought something and came out of the room. Kingston asks why what happened, she answers our house has higher security as im a RAW agent if we kill her no one would believe somebody had killed her and turn the doubt on us that would become a problem.

7 HOURS LATER, lara gets up from the bed and gets ready to go somewhere. Kingston says that he wants to play cricket in the road with her. Lara replies that she is going to a college to apply the application and join. Kingston looked at lucy. Lucy replied the following day. Lara took a car and went to college. As she went for asking the application they asked for her certificates. Lara returned to her house asked for her certificates in the college they asked for birth certificate, lara asked lucy for her birth certificate she said that before this house we were in a old house one day that house started burning it was a apartments so we lost all of your certificates there. Lucy apologies lara. Lara asked lucy to prepare fake certificates. Lucy accepts. That night after dinner as lara went to her room for sleeping. Kingston went behind her and asked her to play cricket with him the next morning. Lara agrees.

The following day, morning around 10 AM lara took the bat and ball and her father took the stump and they went to the road. Lara staged a drama by getting a important and call and she left asking excuse to them, she went taking her car. Lucy called another police to come to a place lucy asked to come. The police was waiting with another car for lucy to come. As soon as lucy reached there they exchanged the cars. Lucy got into car, she revived the car she was in contact with Kingston through Bluetooth, lucy said that she got into the car. Lucy ride the car very fast. She came near her house kingston threw a wide ball as lara was batting. Kingston asked lara to take the ball as she bent down and took the ball, lucy went near her as soon as lara saw the car she lied on the ground and rolled away from the car. They were disappointed. The car rode very fast and went. Kingston asked lara is anything happenend to her and took her into the house and gave first aid she had scratches because of rolling away from the car. Kingston made her sleep. Lucy returned home. Kingston said that he had another plan. Lara wasn’t slept yet her door was closed and she latched the door and she was inside. Lara made a call to her friend miti and she said that she needed a help. Lara packed her bags full of her dresses, she took her savings into the bag. She opened the window of her room slowly without any noise and jumped out of her room her room was in the first floor so she fell on the ground. She walked on the road and started asking lift to the cars moving there. Then a car came beside her she turned and asked for help. Car door opened, she thanked them and moved inside the car. Suddenly someone from behind hit her with a rod. She became unconscious. Lara opened her eyes she was inside a room tied to a chair with a rope. Kingston and lucy were standing in front of her. They asked how do u know we were going to kill you, she answered.

The previous day, at morning 3AM she had a conference call with her friends till 3 AM. As lucy entered the room she kept the phone further and pretended to sleep. She saw lucy carrying a knife and coming closer to kill, lara was shocked. She planned to kill them and get out of the house immediately. That day, she took some money, as going to college she went to a gun dealer and bought a gun, she had a thought that her mother is the one who is trying to kill her she wanted to kill mother with the help of her father and go away. Next day as they were playing in the road she wanted to tell to her father about her mother and make a plan as her mother went out. As the car came fast to me I saw lucy inside the car as she escaped from the incident she saw her father, he was waiting her to die and he does not ran to her to prevent from the incident, she saw her disappointed face. She started doubting on both of them and wanted to escape from the house. So she called her friend she did not say about her parents to her because she thought they would kill her. She also had a thought that they only killed shizu and kept for so many days so that they will not be able to find who is the culprit easily. Kingston bribed a man and said to accept the murder and close the case. So in need of money the man accepted the murder that he doesn’t do. So the case is closed, lara also asked that she doesn’t know why are they trying to kill her and who are her real parents. Kingston got anger and poked the knife in her and came to poke in her eye. *DOOR BELL RINGS*. Kingston stopped at the second when the bell is heard. Lucy and Kingston got nervous and went near the door and opened the door. It was a police, police asked lara to head to RAW association because it was a very important case and they tried her through phone several times she did not pick up the call. Police asked a black tea because he was dehydrated. Lucy went into the kitchen, police started to meddle with their house he went near the room where lara is been tied. Lucy shouted black tea for u, he came beside her. He drank the tea and went out of the house. They planned to wait until lucy comes and after she comes and kill her. Lucy dressed and got into the car and went to RAW association. Kingston switched the tv and started watching it. He saw a ad of giving off knives to customer. Kingston thought his knife and went into the room where lara is been tied lara escaped from the room there were blood of her in her room till the window and the window is open. As Kingston came to poke her eye as the bell sound heard he left the knife in the spot and went near the door. Lara saw the knife on the ground she scrached the chair along the ground this made a sound that made the police come near the room where she is been tied. She took the knife and cut off the rope, she took a cloth and tied her hand to stop blood coming out and she opened the door slowly and jumped out of the room, she was in their room as it is in the ground floor she went out of the house safely. Kingston too his car and went searching her. In other house door bell ringed, laras friend towa opened the door. That day when she introduced her friends to her towa was absent that day so she did not introduce her to her father so she thought her house was safe. So lara headed there. As lara did not introduce she did say her name to her father. So she went inside the house. Kingston took his car and went to mitis house and thouroughly checked her house whether she was there. Kingston went to all of her friends house totally five friends house except towas house. Lara took first aid, and she already booked 2 flight tickets that day she pretended to go to her college as she thought her father was a good man so she booked tickets for she and her father. To go to Moscow, lara did not tell where she is going to towa. Kingston went to all laras friends house and searched everywhere he coudnt find her. Kingston was thinking what is the name of her last friend. He couldn’t remember. Suddenly he gets the name in his mind it was towa. Suddenly he rode his car very fast. Lara asked for towas dress as she did not have any. She came out of the house with a bag. Lara too borrowed some money from towa and came out of the house and asked a car for lift. Kingston came to towas house and searched her house thoroughly. He asked towa where is lara. She answered she does not know. He slapped her. She headed to the airport, she went into the flight. Flight took off. OFF TO MOSCOW………..


Flight came to France. Lara walked out of the airport. She went to mitis house. She wanted to know what happened to her parents and who are they and why are they killing her. That day she entered mitis house and took rest and planned to go to shizus house. Lara asked where are her parents she answered that they went out. They took a car and went to shizus house. The house was locked they opened it technically an went inside. She searched her home. As lara went to a room she found a photo of her with shizu. She was shocked. Lara saw a diary and took it in her hands and started to read. In the first page it was written like “today is my first day to write my own diary, iam starting this because my friend matic asked me to start writing a diary because she was following it she would write whatever happens in her life in the diary and would keep it safe In a secret place she won’t show it to anyone” from her diary a card fell down lara took the card and saw it, it was lara face with name matic. She was shocked. And asked herself am I matic. Matic was shizus best friend. Suddenly someone hit her in her head she fell down she saw who was it was. Miti beat her.

One month ago as lara left to Moscow, one day Kingston came to mitis home and took her parents to their house Kingston said that if she comes here call me otherwise her parents would die. She agreed to him. Miti asked if she doesnt come Kingston answered ask her to come. So her ultimate goal was to make her come here to let her parents go. Somewhat she got her number and would call daily and tal to her which makes her feel why did they do that. Lara was in a plan to work as a freelancer and settle down in Moscow, miti also told her a plan about finding their parents so she got a fire to find her parents and who were they. But Lara did not think how she knew about those fake parents.

Now, miti went out of the house and called Kingston, Kingston got delighted. He came down to his garage and took his car and rode fast to her house. As he came to her house and miti showed the room where lara is being tied. As he went inside the house there was only rope and a bullet down on the ground Kingston got angry and shot miti. Miti died.15 minutes ago, as she got up from unconscious she realized that she was tied to a rope. Miti was looking out for Kingston to come. She wore the silencer to that gun and shot the gun at the rope. Rope was torn. Without any sound she got out from the house. She took her diary with her and ran to the address which was in the diary. It was 20 kms away from that house. She became tired. She asked lift in a car and entered that place. That house was fully burnt. She did not believe that she would get the diary. She went into the went and started searching the house. She did not get anything g from the house. She remembered the words from shizus diary, matic had her diary in a secret place that no on e could find it. She started searching inside the walls, searched for secret storerooms, she saw a garage. Suddenly Kingston arrived at the place. He went into the garage. She followed him by hiding herself. He went into a secret room. When he came out of the room he had something in his hands like a framed photo and a book.

30 Minutes ago, when miti was in the state to die, she said Kingston that lara found shizus diary and the id card too, she also further asked to leave her parents. He again shot her to death. Kingston got doubt and took his car and arrived at laras old house.

Now,lara took her gun and shot Kingston 3 times to death. She ran to him and took what he had in his hand. After seeing she broke down in tears. It was her family photo. After so many years. She suddenly turned the pages of shizus diary she saw “ after so many years im seeing matic, im her old school friend, on some company loss issues I was made to study in this school, matic is a rich girl and I doesn’t know why she studies here, saying her name is lara and saying their house servants as her dad and mom, ive tried so many times to say her what happened on her past life, her real parents were kanta and shinde, one day as I was trying to say the truth after school, Kingston saw me that day.”She started reading matics diary, she started to weep as she saw the last page. “ my father got leave from his office this weekend and we were going on a picnic we have left lucy our servant to take care of our house”. Lara got clarity that they were servants of their house because of greed they claimed me as their child and took our land, savings on the bank. She saved her family photo and their dairies in a secret place. Next day kongo is going to get released from the prison.

Next day, prison door opened, as he came out at gun point she took him to her place. Lara asked him for truth. She blackmailed that she would shoot him. He starts,


That day kongo got a call from kingston that he have to murder someone and he should accept the truth, Kingston said that he would give millions. Kongo accepts. Kingston asks him to come to his house that night. That day kongo came to her house, Kingston went out without saying to anyone and took him in car to shizus house. Kongo had asked him for the reason. Kingston kept silence. They reached their house. Kingston blackmailed shizu to call lara otherwise he would kill her parents, shizu got fear and she took her phone and called lara and said what Kingston said to her. Kingston shot all of them with a gun and asked kongo to take them to a secret place. All of them including Kingston went to that place. They made scratches on their body with knife and tortured their bodies for a week and threw their rotten bodies to a farmers field. kingston also asked me to accept the truth to close the case. So he went to the land and he accepted the truth to the police. He cooked up stories to say the police why he killed her.

Now, lara shooted him up on his forehead he died, he dumped his body onto a garbage river there. Lara had only one question why they are trying to kill me and who killed my parents. She had only one bullet left out, she had a doubt that they planned a accident to or car and killed my parents and claimed me as their child, why they claimed her as a child?

Lara took her gun and headed to lucys house. She wasn’t there she searched for each and every room. She was not there. She doesn’t know where lucy went. Lara wanted to ask truth to lucy and wanted to kill her



Lucy became a famous crime investigator in that city. Many cases would come to her table for a month. Till now she had solved 499 cases. One day a case came to her table. She took that file and become fear. It was laras case she gave case on to find who is the killer who killed her parents. She saw name as MATIC. Lucy has security everywhere she goes she has bodyguards around her room. Lucys room was a sound proof room. So lucys fears went out. Suddenly lucys window broke into pieces. Lucy fell down from her chair to ground because of sudden noise, she saw who it was, matic entered her room.

A year ago, after lara realized lucy wasn’t In that house. She ren to her old house and kept fire on Kingston and took his phone she thought that one day definitely lucy would call him, as she believed lucy shared location to his phone and also a message im having mitis parents here shall I kill them, from Kingston phone lara replied no I will come there and kill them. A month ago as she went casually for revenge with her only gun she realized she has more security she can’t enter her room. She found lucys house it was a high storey apts, she started learning rope climbing for heights. Today she wanted to take revenge. Lucy was in the 30 th floor with high security outside. She bribed a watchman he said her it was a soundproof room only for her room. So she planned to climb up to her room and go to her room and kill her.

Now, lara took lucys phone and threw out, it fell down and broke into pieces. Watchman who bribed by lara took those to dustbin. Lara took her gun to lucys forehead and asked for the truth,


Lucy grown up with a dream of becoming a RAW agent she would watch many crime-investigation thriller suspense movies, but she did not study well, she searched for jobs at last she came down for becoming a home servant. She searched job in many big houses at last she arrived at kanta and shindes house she asked them for any job in their house. They accepted her request. Day by day her jealousy on that people and that house increased. She abundantly need money to apply for RAW agent job, she also tried to steal valuable things, but she failed every time .matic love that servant very much and talk to her daily, she attached very easily with her, they gave her a individual room for her to stay there in their house .one day while she was cleaning the tiles during night time, she went into kanta and shindes room for cleaning, they were saying that I invested in insurance policy in matics account that would help her In her future for money need now I kept 1 million euro in her account, after her 18 years it would mature and would become 1 billion euro. Lucy got shocked and she wanted that money herself. At that time she was seen for alliance and was married to Kingston.

She wanted that insurance money herself so she planned to kill their family and claim matic, and one day after she passed 18 kill her and get that money. One weekend as lucy was working she was informed that they were going on a picnic and would return after 4 days. Lucy planned to kill them in the car and the case would be closed by saying over-speeding in the highway and the police would not doubt her. So she said all the things to Kingston and made a plan to kill them. As lucy had a dream to become a RAW agent she had a police brain to kill them. Kanta and shinde packed their bags filled the car with diesel checked air and checked if their airbags were perfect and started their journey. They were going to neighboring city. As they were going in the highway. As there were no one in the highway, shinde speeded the vehicle, lucy was hiding in the grass of the mountains they left a dog to pass through their path as dog jumped there. Shinde turned the steering and the accident occurred , but they did not die, lucy was shocked, airbags saved them from the accident. Matic was in a unconscious state, lucy went near shinde and made his nerve to appear and cut his nerve, Kingston went near kanta and cut her nerve. They also came with kongo. They made him call the police. Lucy went near matic and hit her hard on her head that would make her memory loss. Ambulance and police arrived at that place. While they way due to huge blood loss, kanta and shinde died while they were taken to hospital. They saw kanta s phone and saw the frequently dialed number and called lucy to the hospital. Lucy and Kingston arrived at that place. She signed that their parents were orphan bodies which were trying to kidnap their child and asked for money, so why kanta frequently dialed lucys number, im the mother of the girl child lucy said, doctors believed her. But one police did not believe them and searched for their details and tried to tell to police dept, Kingston found that and they two killed the police officer and burned their body without any evidence. They changed her name from matic to lara and made her their child. After she reach 19 they started trying to kill her because of that insurance money. Lucy needed money because she wanted to become a RAW agent.

It was her childhood dream.

Now, matic broke down in tears she took her gun and wore silencer and kept the gun on her forehead and asked where are mitis parents she answered they were In my godown. Matic shot lucy to death, lucy died. She got down from the rope. And took a cab and asked to go to lucys godown. After she reaches, there were some men for security they came near her she shot 4 bullets. They all died. She untied their ropes, she catches their hands and she said I need your love, I lost my real parents will you be my parents she asked. They replied “what is your name?”



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