Roses of peril

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Parents love all their children in a same way though it looks like they love one of them the most. Love and cherish was all the cause. Annie is reallly confused about the situation right now she is facing.Nicolas is back bringing the past with him and there is some strange SMS treathening to bring her bad fate.Mrs.Martin request Annie to escort Luke and his sibling for a month which Annie agreed to do so.Luke Annie's childhood bestfriend's figures out that he have a feeling for Annie as she comes to his house for a month stay. Annie is a miss perfect in every way but she fall as the victim of a killer like her bestfriend Anita. She is trying to figure out the killer but Will ill she find the killer? or who it might be? and Why?

Mystery / Romance
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The unknown text

The sun beams at my eyes making me blind with it's bright rays.It's already morning yet I still sleepy.I took a peek at the clock while a sleepy yawn escaped my mouth.

Shit! I am going to be late if I don't get my ass out of the bed. I have only 30 minutes to get ready and drive to my school.

''15 minutes to get ready and 15 drive to school,check!"I told myself segregating the time

I took a quick shower and got ready for school.I wore a light blue key hole halter tank top with a white mini pencil skirt and a platinum super high heels which I am obsessed into wearing it.

I quickly grabed my i-pad;I thank you mom and dad for enrolling me into a digital school hence I would be caring a stack of books other then an i-pad.

I ran downstairs and grab an apple before heading outside to my car.Mom said that I will be spending a month or two with Martin's aka my childhood bestfriend's house because Mr.Martin and Mrs.Martin are going for a monthly vacation obviously they don't trust them staying alone without adults escorting them yet they do trust me.

Mr.Martin is also my dad's business partner and apart from that they are bestfriends.

I hasten my BMW to the school in full speed.I am a good girl to be late for school.

Sometimes I respect my younger sister. She is known as one of the most intractable person in our family though it runs in our family generation and don't count me less too,I am like calm before the strom.she never follows any school laws or do the assignments on time and go to school whenever she wish for.My parents are so fed up with her accusation from the teachers that they don't care what my sister do anymore.I respect how courageous and stuborn she is.Once she wore an old fashion cloths of my grandma in school even when I protested that other students will make fun of her but from the vary next day,out of blue some students started wearing old fashion cloths just like her's,I were at beyond belive.

I reached the school and quickly parked my car in the parking area.I raced towards the hall in a hurry but everyone seem to be calmly chatting and doing their own thing yet staring at me especially boys.I don't give a shit!to them cause I am used to seeing them staring at me like I am some kind alien from another planet or a total stranger seeing him/her for a frist time.I want people to treat me normal.

I were looking around in confusion. suddenly a fimilar voice interrupted my thoughts and I turn around to see my sister grinning at me.I should've was one of my sister's prank.'I'm soo foolish' I mentally scolded myself.

''hy...someone seem to have lost track of time this days ''she said in a modulate voice

I see a hidden smirk on her face as she is trying hard to conceal her smirk.I know her better then anyone.

''Yeah I guess... and you may very well know ...Why? ''I said calmly frowning my brows.

''I guess someone broke into your room lastnight and changed the time''she said giggling and looking at my face with concern.

''I guess I know the mysterious pranker though''I said through gritted teeth

''...kay I surrender and today something incredulous happened with your face''she raising both her arm in the air in surrender.

I know what she is pointing out for though.I forgot to apply make up and even forgot to do my hair which I never ever forget to do.

I am not like others but for the sake of me being a most popular kid.I have to keep my popularity standards and unique looks that what popularity is about I guess.

''What's up guys and what are you guys chattering so much about ''Lucy said curiously emerging out of nowhere

''hey.. Luc.. guess what?''clara said grinning

Luc is a nickname for Lucy which was kept by my bestfriend Anita,she thought it was kind a fancy.who passed away a year ago. Nobody know what was the cause of her death though there are rumour in the city that she were murdered by a killer where as police says that it was a suicide attempt.

''What..''Lucy said out of curiosity

''She fell for it ''clara smirked

''She played a prank on me again''I yeild

''And she fell for it''clara said again proudly helding her head high

''What really,I never thought my plans were this good to fool a queen bee ''Lucy said feeling proud of her plans

'' wait! what''I said in a complete shock that it were Lucy's not Clara's

Suddeny someone drew my attention.I look past clara's shoulder and there in the stairs stood Nicolas;why is he here....?

My eyes started filling up,My body went numb.I palms are sweating,my hands are trembling and my head is spinning.Thus I know I am going to pass out any minute now.My sight became blur..I can hear clara and Lucy yelling at me.

''Annie are you all..l..l right?''


In a seconds I fall on the ground with a thud and darkness invaded everywhere I look.I don't know why Nicolas came back with my past tracking his trails to find their way back to me.

''hey..Anne you have to wake up,you'll miss your swimming lesson''I heard Vivian sarcastically saying but in a brittle tone as if she is going to broke down any minute now.

''I am so so sorry Anne, please wake up.I will never play prank on you ever again but please just wake up''a fimilar voice said with emotions hidden in her tone.I know it's clara my sister,this is frist time in my life my sister just apologize to me.I am excited to face her

I tired to open my eyes but it seems like it is glued together and again I tried with all my might to opened my eyes but the afford was in vain.

I tried one last time giving up my all hopes. Successfully this time, I did it!.There is a white ceiling above me and which I assume that I am in medical room in the school but it doesn't smells like cleaner(pine,lemon, bleach etc) antiseptic,a metallic tang in a open air and the bleach wrafing from bedding as usual instead the atmosphere is cool and refreshing,there is a pleasant fragrance of fresh flowers making it more refreshing with the cool refreshing atmosphere.I don't know where the fragrances is coming from to my disappointment.

''What I can't miss my swimming lessons''I yelled at Vivian.who jerked herself from the stool nearly felling flat in the floor with my yellings.

''Anne...Are you okay''vivian said as her tears roll down her cheeks.

''Yeah...I am feeling a bit dizzy and other then that I am fine.why the hell are you crying?''I signed looking at her mascara strikes down her rosy cheeks.

''I thought you were know coma or something and out of all my scarest nightmare I-I thought I were losing another friend,who is my only source of courage to face the evil world''she said in a brittle tone.

''How dare you even say that.....I am never going for a holiday trip to coma or hell ''I said jokingly

''Yeah''she said laughing a little

''hey...did you just apologize to me.......just admit it please 'I told clara with a puppy eye and sweetest smile that I can afford.

''You are a nearly scared the hell out of''she said wiping her tears with a tissue

''Are you crying, look kind a cute''I said with a squeal

''Ooh...I see that miss Perez is finally awake'' nurse Julie said coming towards me.I know her as she was our previous health counselor in swimming lessons and tournaments that I had attended.

''Now can I leave,I mean I don't want to miss my swimming lesson''I said in a sad tone

''Looking at your condition I think you should be......

she stopped mid sentence.I was offended with nurse Julie for stopping mid sentence and I assume that she is going to tell me to have bed rest then I will be lying on the bed for this whole day.I will obviously die out of boredom in here.I was taken aback by what the nurse said next

runing and swimming in the pool by now''she finished

Without another word I instanly got out of the bed and collect my things then only I notice that there were flowers which surrounded my bed.

Now I know,this was the reasons why the room were filled with this pleasant fragrance of flowers.

''Who got this flowers?''I asked clara

''Your fans or lets say your admirer''clara snaped in a rude way which offended me.I guess she is jealous.

It is not my fault that everybody like me or worship the path I walk.

I am a youngest model,Miss USA in a row, brightest student with straight grade A's and a queen bee of the school.

''Claw watch it, what you say ''I said frustrated

I gave her a nickname 'claw'which definitely suits her.I pick the nearest bouquet flower which was a freshly pick white roses ;my favorite.I look at the deep white colour in awe until the remarkable flower bouquet lasts for hours until it dissolves into a sweet vanilla smell filling the medical room and my nostrils with the sweet vanilla smell.

It felt like I was in our spring garden that Anita and I used to build together in our back yard.

I don't know how I am gonna move on without her by my side.Everything around me remind me of her.I notice there was a note attached to it.

Having a good time sweetie but don't worry I am here to bring you some bad.. bad....fate for you....with full gratitude your favorite flowers for you,wishing to meet you soon.

As I read the note it got the creep out of me and butterflies started forming inside my stomach.I mean I have no enemy beside a bimbo from a cheer leading clique and rescently Nicolas/not exactly.suddenly my cellphone beeped inside my bagpack and I retrieve my cellphone to see who it was and there was a SMS from an unknown number.

Hi sweetie

Are you scared

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