Roses of peril

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The wounded heart

Clara P.O.V

A sign of relief.I thought that I lost my sister for a minute.Annie was not breathing for about half an hour as the nurse escort her with oxygen mask and when she finally woke up she were like 'hey guys,what's wrong'she nearly scare the hell out of me and there she was smiling and having a chitchat with me and Vivian.I were soo pissed of that I would have beaten her up if not for her unconscious sick though I were on cloud nine.

''hey...Margaret ''Elena said sitting down next to me.Margaret is my middle name which my friends assumed suits me so,they started calling me'Margaret'.

''Soo,what was all the chaos about in the morning''she asked

''Annie just passed out in the big deal''I respond poping a fresh grapes in my mouth

''But the students were rushing in the medical room with a bouquets of flower like a fantasy story of snow white and the seven drawfs''

'' was like we were acting in a play''I said in a appealing tone

''hey..... girls'' Ethan said placing his food tray on the table.

''hey...Ethan'' Elena said in a flirty way while I just ignored him.

''I hate caring this note pad and stationary around''Manson said complaing and placing the note pad and stationary beside his food tray on the table

''It's just a blessing of god that you are in the digital school so,you don't have to carry loads of books around other then this note-pad and some supplies of stationary and why didn't you just dump it in the locker?''I said

''I just forgot to do soo'' he said sarcastically chewing his beef jerky

Manson is a sloppy guy in our crew.I wish Manson finds his beloved to wake his monster back.He changed since Anita left the world I mean he had a crush on her and suddenly she despaired from the world.I guess he might be regretting his mistakes right now.

Before Anita became popular joining My sister Annie's popular clique she was just a normal girl 'nerd' as the popular refer to. Our clique is a bad girls and boys soo,Manson used to bully her a lot and generally he developed a feeling for Anita but being a egocentric guy he didn't confess his love and when he wanted too....Anita was long gone which he blame himself for some reasons.I feel miserable for him.

Every school have a general groups as their popularity ranking like queen bee, mean girls,Jocks,cheerleaders,geeks or nerds,bad boys and bad girls.

My sister rules the school she is a queen bee and miss perfect as the magazines refer her. She is the angel mistakenly fallen from the sky.She have ocean blue eyes, flawless face; pale skin with a wavy blonde natural golden copper hair and a thin slender body.She is a professional actress and most popular actress in the country.

I am a bad girl and have plain blue eyes,creamy biege skin with golden brown hair and a thin curved body.I am a bad girl yet I am known as most beautiful girl beside my sister.

''hey...guys where is Rick''I asked

''No idea.. I didn't even see him around today ''Manson said

''hey...guys, you know what there is fight between Natalie and Anne....look''katie said snuggling in her seat and pointing at the middle of the the cafeteria.

I look towards where katie were pointing and yeah there Annie was placing a puch after puch on Natalie's heavily make-uped face while she was pinned to the floor.I guess how Annie is pinning Natalie down on the ground while wearing a pencil skirt. Tommarrow probably detention for Annie thus she is in the brightest part of Mrs.Lewis our principal So, out of 100 only 1% chances of getting detentions;noted down mentally. Certainly my parents would be upset if they know about Annie's behavior if only anbody have a nerve to tell my parents;if Natalie herself do so and me yet I am not a little tell tale hence I would've.

''Soo..why are they fighting?''I said curiously

''I heard Natalie called Anita Annie's long lost friend a 'whore' ''

''Ooh...''I said taking a glimpse of Manson , whose face just turn pale and then red with anger.

I gave Manson a sympathetic look.

I know Anita;Anita were my sister's best friend who died a years ago.I heard that she was murdered or something.

I saw that the boys,let me be specfic!every single guy in the cafeteria were just gaping at Annie's slender legs while Annie were strenuously awarding Natalie with some dark patches on her face.Peoples around were making videos and girls were watching Annie in awe.

''hey..guys''katie said seeing Ethan gaping at Annie.

''Yo...what! ''Ethan said still looking at Annie slender legs

''Your sister is hot..''Manson whispered out of blue.He was grieving right now and now he is judging my sister.I don't know guys well.

There goes the magic of my sister,her very look is a syrup of love and attraction. My sister is prettiest girl in the whole country .She is a miss beauty of USA but I see no beauty in her.My parents love her the most,they presented her with expensive gifts and clothes although they brought for me too.Even on my special day peoples used to talk and chat with Annie other then talking and wishing me a''happy birthday'' where as I stayed all dress up in a dark corner of my room sobbing.It was like I was never born or I was invisible.Every occasion and celebration was for her. Everyday was her day....

I dumped my food in trash out of anger,I just lost my appetite.There was a sudden twinge of pain in my heart as my bitter past flooded in my mind .I went to the girls restroom as the perputel tears of abhorrence and solitary started rolling down my cheeks.I pour down all my feelings of neglects and detesation down in an agonized cry.

I don't know how many hours I cried but I felt much better and I shouldn't think that way after all she is my sister.when I got out of the restroom there were barely any student.All the student where heading home.

I rush outside the school through the hall to the parking area.I quickly drove my beauty back home.My sister's car is a gray blue BMW i8 where as mine is amethyst Lamborghini avendator SVJ that is benefit of being a billionaire's daughter,that you get expensive stuffs.

I reach my house in a minute and park my beauty in the garage.As I entered the big dinning hall my sister were there with her suitcase,ready to go somewhere.

''hey..sis''I said lamely

''hi..claw''she said a smile

''Where are you going?''I asked with a keen interest

''At Martins for a month stay ''she said with a smile

Finally I am alone,I will have my friends over for sleepover party or anything like movie marathon.I smiled happily with the thoughts flowing in my mind.

''Earth to clara''Annie said snapping her finger on my face.

Suddenly my cellphone beeped.I retrieve the cellphone to who it was and it truns out Rick.

Rick:hyy...where were you today at
Lunch??I didn't see you....

Clara:I should be the one asking you...

Rick:ohh...umm you know I just skipped luch today

Huh! If he skipped lunch then how he knew I were not there in lunch time that's way weird.ohh...maybe he might have come after I left and again! he said he skipped lunch.

Clara:How did you figure out I was not there in luch

Rick:Can we hang out this saturday like movie or anything

He said ignoring my question.

Clara:Are you asking me out?

Rick: kind a...delay humble request


Rick:Saturday at 8:00 pm

Clara:Ok! looking forward

I responded and shut my cell phone and kept it aside in the coffee table.Rick is just your friend and asking you to a friendly date okay! I reminded myself as a stupid,stupid smile spread across my face.

''Bye sis....I am leaving now.ohh wait...wait what is with your blush''Annie said grinning

''Rick asked me out but I guess he is just asking me for a friendly date"I said blushing

''Don't go around thinking about how to kick his ass before giving him a chance and don't forget rule#1 have fun and rule#2 if he break your heart then don't forget to mentioned it to me''she said grinning ear to ear

''Okay,I'll do''I said

''I heard rumours about Ethan having a crush on you....''she said trailing off while she waved at me good bye and got inside her BMW thus guiding her beauty away in the long smooth lanes of our street.

''What!''I shouted at her but it were too late to get my explanation from my sister.

What! Ethan have a crush on me,peoples might be rather insane.Like I saw him staring at my sister's slender legs in the cafeteria at lunch and I've never consider him as more then a good friend.
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