Roses of peril

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Don't judge the book by its cover

Luke P.O.V

''Bye mom and dad,Don't forget to have fun''I said hugging my parents

''Luke I am sorry but Annie Will be escorting you all until we head back''Mom said giving me an apologetic look

How could my mom do that after everything Annie did.Annie and I were childhood bestfriend's,we used to hang out a lot and do everything together until she decided to befriend Anita leaving me alone.It was really though going back to things really where...without Annie.I won't forgive her for no mater what.

''Dude isn't your mother referring to Annie our school's most brightest and the most popular actressbitch''Jake my bestfriend wispered

''Yes.....''I mumbled under my breath but loud enough for him to hear

''Mom but we have my bestfriend to company us''I protested

''But I already told Annie to escort you all. Maybe if you should've said so before I invited her and after all she is not that bad''she said with a smile

''Mom but...''Mom interrupted me

''Beside that sarah is the only girl living with you guys.your sister need a girl friend to company her''she pointed out

I hate you mom for doing this and I will never forgive you for this.Annie is favorite girl of my parents since wew were little.My dad and Annie's dad are businesses partners apart from that they are bestfriends.

'' got a point there mom so,I am not going against you''I said finally giving up

There car pull away,my parents are going to a monthly vacation in Hawaii .Jake and I went inside after we bid goodbye to my parents.

''hey Jake,I am going to take a quick nap''I said

''I am playing video games with Marcus as planned before''he said reading my mind

''Ok bro,see you later''I said walking towards my bedroom.

I quickly doze off after my head came in contact with the soft pillow in my bed.

I woke up with the sweet aroma of food filling my nostrils with it's sweetness making my stomach growl. I think our chef might be preparing suffer for us.I went downstairs following the sweet aroma of food to the dinning hall.I was awestruck by the decorations done with dinning hall. When I step inside the dinning hall it Looks like we are stepping in a five star hotel.The theme of the wall is white,the furniture were sapphire and instead of the wooden long dinning table there were crystal clear long dinning table.

The dinner plates,soup bowls and glasses were laid with the forks,spoons, knives slightly arranged with neatly folded serviette in the left of the setting in the out most of the forks .I look around for chefs but they were no where to be seen.I am reallly concern that they might be in the kitchen suddenly something drew my attention it was Annie wearing a apron and putting the dishes down.I can't believe it.....

I mean I heard rumours that popular girls don't know how to cook.

She were so busy that she didn't even notice my presence.

''hey..bestie'' finally Annie said as she felt my presence and look at me with a friendly smile.

''You mean ex-bestie''I snapped as a sudden rage of rejection and abhorrence flows in my nerves through out my body.

''Liam you are my only bestfriend''she said

''What about Anita''I ask but the movement the words escaped my mouth.I regret it as Annie's face darkened and her eyes filled with tears yet she didn't let a droplets of her tears roll down her cheeks.I heard Anita were murdered and Annie blame herself in someway.when other says bad about Anita,Annie beat them to death.I guess taking name of Anita infront of her might remind of her lost friend and her sudden death.

She just stayed silent for a movement resisting her tears back.

''you and Annie were my only bestfriend and always will be''she said faking a friendly smile across her beautiful flawless face.

I didn't respond her.

''C'mon leave the past live in the present ''she said responding to my silence

''But you....''Marcus interrupted me before I could even finish my sentence.

''hy..Annie ''Marcus my brother said pulling her in a tight hug

''Did you miss me Marcus''she said hugging her back.Annie hugging Marcus back with passion didn't quite make me happy but I know she needed it.

''I see you are chef today as the delicious smells is making me hungry''Marcus said with a grin

''Yep I have prepared you all a buffet''Annie said with a smirk

Jake came wearing a confused look on his face with ''what's going on'' question attached to his look.

''Isn't she Annie''Jake wishpered looking at Annie

''Yeah''I mumble under my breath but loud enough for him to hear

''She is so hot like I saw her in the movie ''Jake whispered looking at the direction of Annie

''You think she is hot''I said making a face of disgust but I some what agree.

''hy.....there''Annie said coming towards us and giving her hand to Jake for a hand shake.

''hi..I-I J-Jake''he said stammering and taking Annie's hand to shake as she gave him a friendly smile.

''Marcus where is Sarah"Annie suddenly asked

''She might be on her way''Marcus said pasting a cute smile on his handsome face.

Every girls would have die for that smile but not Annie.Marcud is a really handsome guy;Marcus and I are some what similar expect that I have black hair while he have chestnut brown hair.

''Ok then we have to wait for Sarah before we dine''Annie said

''Okay let's watch a movie till Sarah comes back''Marcus said heading toward the sitting room as rest of us followed him silently.

I sat at the arm chair as Marcus,Annie and Jake sat on the couch.Luke selected a movie called ''Return to the blue lagoon''

''Annie are you not going to let go of that
Poor apron''I said giving her a hint

''Oh..thanks'' she said removing her apron while revealing her sexy dress.

Annie were wearing halter tank top and a mini skirt revealing her slender legs and her golden brown hair bouncing on her back.I was mesmerized by her beauty until I reminded myself how she left me when I needed her.

I notice Marus and Jake were also staring at her with wide eye.I consciously drop the the wooden vase on floor as Jack and Luke inevitably look away from Annie.

The movie started.........

In 1897, Mrs. Sarah Hargrave, a widow, and two young children are cast off from the ship they are travelling on because the ship's crew are infected with cholera. After days afloat, Kearney, a sailor who has been sent with them, tries to kill the boy because of his excessive crying. Sarah angrily beats Kearney to death with a harpoon and dumps his body overboard. The trio arrives at and is stranded on a beautiful tropical island in the South Pacific. Sarah tries to raise them to be civilized, but soon gives up, as the orphaned boy Richard was born and raised by young lovers on this same island, and he influences the widow's daughter Lilli. They grow up and Sarah educates them from the Bible, as well as from her own knowledge, including the facts of life. She cautiously demands the children never to go to the forbidden side of the island.

10 years later, when Richard and Lilli are about 12 and 10 years old, respectively, Sarah dies from pneumonia, leaving them to fend for themselves. Sarah is buried on a scenic promontory overlooking the tidal reef area. Together, the children survive solely on their resourcefulness and the bounty of their remote paradise. Six years later, both Richard and Lilli grow into strong and beautiful teenagers. They live in a house on the beach and spend their days together fishing, swimming and exploring the island. Both their bodies mature and develop and they are physically attracted to each other. Richard lets Lilli win the child's game Easter egg hunt and dives to find Lilli an adult's pearl as her reward. His penchant for racing a lagoon shark sparks a domestic quarrel; Lilli thinks he is foolhardy, but the liveliness makes Richard feel virile.

Lilli awakens in the morning with her first menstrual period, just as Sarah described the threshold of womanhood. Richard awakens in the morning with an erection and suffers a nasty mood swing which he cannot explain. They then get into an argument regarding privacy and their late mother's rules. One night, Richard goes off to the forbidden side of the island, and discovers that a group of natives from another island use the shrine of an impressive, Kon-Tiki-like idol to sacrifice conquered enemies every full moon. Richard camouflages himself with mud and hides in the muck; meanwhile, Lilli worries about his disappearance. Richard escapes unscathed, though he is seen by a lone native. Ultimately, after making up for their fight, Richard and Lilli discover natural love and passion, which deepens their emotional bond. They fall in love and exchange formal wedding vows and rings in the middle of the jungle. They consummate their new-found feelings for each other for the next several months

Soon after, a ship arrives at the island, carrying unruly sailors, a proud captain, and his beautiful but spoiled daughter, Sylvia Hilliard. The party is welcomed by the young couple, and they ask to be taken back to civilization, after many years in isolation. Sylvia tries to steal Richard from Lilli and seduce him, but as tempted as he is by her strange ways, he realizes that Lilli is his heart and soul, upsetting Sylvia. Richard angrily leaves Sylvia behind in the middle of the fish pond, in plain view of the landing party. Meanwhile, Quinlan, a sailor, ogles Lilli in her bath and drags her back to the house. He tries to rape her and steal her pearl before Richard comes to her rescue. Quinlan opens fire on Richard, who flees. Richard lures Quinlan to his death in the jaws of the shark in the tidal reef area. Upon returning, he apologizes to Lilli for hurting her and she reveals that she is pregnant. She tells him that if he wants to leave, then she will not stop him, but that she wants to raise their child away from civilization and from guns. They decide to stay and raise their child on the island, as they feel their blissful life would not compare to civilization. The ship departs and the two young lovers stay on the island and have their baby, a girl.

In short it tells about the story of two young children marooned on a tropical island paradise in the South Pacific. Their life together is blissful, but not without physical and emotional changes, as they grow to maturity and fall in love.

The movie ended and at the dupe of time Sarah stromed inside the house with tears in her eyes.

''Sarah what's wrong''Annie said walking towards the Sarah and giving her a reassuring hug

''Shush.....just tell me what wrong''Annie said slightly patting sarah back while Liam,Marcus and I jus pass eachother a angry and confused glances.

Sarah didn't respond she just cried her heart out in Annie's arms.

''P-Peter cheated on me....(more crying with Catherine all this years'' Sarah said

If I am not wrong Peter is a quarter back in a football and Catherine is sister's best friend.I am certainly going to beat the hell out of Peter for cheating on my sister with not anothor girl but my sister's bestfriend.

''Peter don't deserve you,you are too good to be that asshole's girlfriend''she said clenching her hand into fist.

you know Annie is a good fighter not only while acting in the movies but in real life too.I saw her kicking the ass of the bullies in the school and in those movie she have performed till now.

Sarah nearly cried for an hour before she stopped and subsequently went to freshen up.

while we impatiently waited for her in the dinning hall as the sweet delicious aroma of food made me hungry.

Finally sarah came with a swollen eyes and sat next to me.Annie clapped her hand to summoned the maids to come with food.

''I serve you carmalized chicken wings''Annie said as the maids open lid the whatever food Annie named.''beef guinness stew,lentil soup,greek salad,roasted garlic chicken with smashed potatoes and finally beef steak''she finished

The maids poured water in the water goblet and wine in wine glases.First they served roasted garlic chicken with smashed potatoes and the beef guinness stew;it's aroma making my stomach grumble furiously.we finally dig in our foods.

I picked up my dinner fork and put the piece of roasted garlic chicken in my mouth and it taste really good,I have to say Annie is rules.

''Wow!Annie I have to say''Marcus said placing a peice of rosted chicken in his mouth

''Yeah the stew is really delicious ''Jake said eating a spoon full of beef guiness stew

''This is the medicine to a broken heart '' Sarah said smiling at Annie

''Thank you for the compliment.I am really flattered ''Annie said

Second serving it was greek salad,lentil soup and the beef steak.

I cut the small piece of steak with the knife and poped it inside my mouth as the angels sang inside my mouth with glory.

I eat until my belly was full.....

Best food I have ever eaten in my life.I never thought Annie was an excellent cook.

''The dessert please''Annie called and the maid came holding two marvelously decorated tarts in a dessert plate,some kind of a chocolate cake and golden opulence;I don't know if it really is golden opulence sundae but it really look the same.The maid placed two pieces of two different tarts in different dessert plates and the chocolate cake in the another cake, The golden opulence sundae were already in baccarat crystal goblet with a golden spoon.Did she buy it maybe not but if she want she can or it might be a fake utensil.Annie is the daughter of the worlds most richest man.

''There are two different types of tarts, camomile panna cotta tart and vegan strawberry lemonade tart and chocolate layered mousse cake and the golden opulence sundae''Annie said

''But when did you learn to make golden opulence sundae''Sarah asked curiously

''From my belovest aunt Lisa,she is a a famous chef of New york city ''Annie said smiling in the name of her aunt

I heard she have a strong bond with her aunt.I only met Lisa her aunt once when my family and Annie's had a family trip together to New York.

''I heard that golden opulence sundae cost 1.4 million''Jake said atonished

''It sure does cost 1.4 million'' Annie said with a smile

''Thanks for this delightful desserts''I said

I don't know why I just said that but it automatically came out of my mouth itself.Annie looked at me bewildered but she did responded me.

''Pleasure is all mine''Annie said in a modulate tone

I scooped the golden opulence sundae in my mouth.It tastes like Tahitian vinalla bean infused with vinalla beans and chua chocolate textures together is blank.....the only word that comes out of your mouth after you place a scoop of the delicated sundae is 'wow!'

It was a blissful night of my life.

''hy...dude Annie is a legendary girl ''Liam said

''Haha''I laughed like it was some kind of a joke

''she is not like bitches and cheerleaders who bully other students but Annie protect them''Jake said

''Why are you giving me a briefing about the how Annie is "What has gotten you Jake? ''I wanted say but instead

''You know what other then a savoir;She is.... a legendary actress''

''Don't Judge the book by it's cover is what I learned today ''Jake said smiling

''Ha! funny one movement you were on my side and another second you are her's''I said getting annoyed

Jake have met Annie only today and he is acting as if he knew her for thousand years.I know Annie is again here to destroy my life and me but that is far from her desire,I will never let that happen.

Wound should heal and the scar should remain;which is a fact.You shouldn't repeat you mistake again and again.

''You will never realized what you have infront of you until it fades away,never to to be touched and everybody get a chance to make things right''saying this Jake left me and my slient room behind
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