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just my imagination

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I was laying on the bed, while imagining something.
. . .
"Are you lonely young girl? Wanna take a walk with me?"
"Ah, sure"
And we walked down the river, to see the beautiful beach on the back. It was really pretty, so we take a picture.
"Wanna eat some food?"
"S-Sure, but I don't have money"
"Its okay, I'll treat you"
So, we went on the famous fast food chain and she treat me hamburger and fries.
"Was it yummy?"
"Yes!" I was smiling for being treated
"Ah, haha nothing. Wanna take another walk?"
"Hmmm!!" It was a yes, but my mouth was full

After we ate. We go to nearby amusement park and we hop on ride and eat again. It was really fun.
"You enjoy?"
"Yes!! Thank you very much!"
"So, wanna go home?"
"Why? You don't have a home?"
"I have.. but it was really stink so I was passing on outside"
"I see. Hmmm... Wanna go to my house?"
"Ahhh, nahh, thank you Ms. but still, I will go home"
"Okay, I'll see you there"

So, I walk while tapping my foot on ground.
After a walk.
"Im home"
"Welcome back"
"Hmm? Ms. why are you here? On my house"
"What house?"
"This is my house Ms."
"Ah, I see. So, Is that your parents?"
I see my parents, laying on the floor while soaking on their blood.
"That's why it was stinks young girl"
"I know"
"What I know?"
"I already know that they're dead"
"Then you know the rules?"
"Yes. I already know you Ms."
"I see then"
"Yes. Thanks again for treating me a good meal and fun day. Then byebye Ms."
"Yes, see you there"
. . . . . .

I wake up. I didn't realise that I slept.
"So hot" So I turn on the aircon and watch some tv.
While my parents watching me on their open eyes, laying on the floor.
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