Hushed Confessions

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Meet Sajdaa Taha. A sassy, hilarious, and intelligent seventeen year old Muslimah. Being a Muslim in a society where majority of the people see Muslims as terrorists has got to be hard. It gets worse when Sajdaa starts to receive letters and texts from a psychopathic killer terrorizing her town. When authorities refuse to believe her, Sajdaa is forced to track down the killer and put a stop to the madness or else the people she loves might be killed. It doesn't help that the cop she's working with is the extremely attractive Officer Malik, who seems to have taken a special interest in her. Join Sajdaa and her friends on their hysterical journey to find a bloodthirsty killer who will stop at nothing to see them dead. •Cover made by Wattpad user @vibrantlysassy•

Mystery / Thriller
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Long black cloth down to my feet,

a hijab wrapped around my head,

my intelligence I express,

my body I dismiss,

my dignity I protect.

They say I’m oppressed.

They say I’m abused.

They say I’m a terrorist, a bloodthirsty murderer.

They claim I have no heart.

They claim I’m a foreigner.

I’m not.

I’m an American.

I’m a Muslim.

I’m a fighter, not a coward.

I’m a person.

I’m a girl.

I’m an advocate for freedom bringers.

My heart is loyal.

My heart is pure.

My body is untouched.

My mind is untainted.

The West thinks they can define me,

label me like their beauty products.

The West thinks I obey them,

like all their brainwashed idiots.

I have an identity,

one that refuses to be silenced,

one that shines through bigotry.

My identity comes from Allah, not Western ideology.

You think I’m yours?

Think again because this is my identity.

-Sajdaa Taha

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