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This story is a tells the diary of events with Laim a boy who lost alot due to a intruder that were far more then he seemed. Liam and his sister seemed to take steps in the dark-place to reek revenge on what Kay-go has taken from them. With a psycho sister named Ashlin Winter, and their mother always working He meets a girl that changes his hole world upside down leaving nowhere to breath. yeah and this is not one of those cliche love stories I concered this a logical story of real events and some things that has happened to me. This is more real book then an fictional one! I urge you if you not strong willed heart stay away and kinda don't read my book.

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The treat of death part 1



This is an work of fiction with alot of truth to it, there

Some names, characters, places that are named or incidents that might have resemblences to an actaul event or location or to a person were from my imagination or something that has happened to me so keep an open mind.

Or person that are dead or not living anymore is entirely not a coincedence.

-The moments i loved you were the moments of my life

-Moments of silence are the moments i am most comfortable with you

I do Hope that everyone who's reading my story enjoys it because I did put alot of thoughts and stayed up late empty nights thinking about it.

So let us begin !!

They say when you are born God sets out your life into happiness and sad chapters because that is life is't not.

I have learned both of them are true in they're own ways, yet the only one that has ever counted is how much pain you can take before this world takes you.

Let me introduce you to my family.

=Twin - brother Luke Summers

=Mother - Sara Summers

=Father - Paul Summers

And let me introduce you to me ,Liam Summers and I know what you are probably wondering why don't I say my second name.

We all do have a wonderful one it just shows your parents planned your arrival In this world.

Well I will tell you later on.

I was born like everyone else normal yet different from the beginning.

A kind warm hearted soul, yet still at heart a kid to fathom the understanding of the cruel unpleasant world we've all have born in.

At the young age of two years old me and my twin brother Luke had to make place for my little sister Ashlin.

Our move out of our parent's room was the beggening of the end of my family.

Our mother where having our little sister Ashlin slowly but painfully.

We were obviously stupid to think our happiness would last forever.

Because Luke and me where quick learners we did not drink bottle nor wet ourselves.

Our first week were the hardest more like hardest for me, I had strings of nightmares plus Ashlin is always crying but that did seem to bother Luke because he seemed to sleep like a baby through all the noises of the baby.

After every nightmare I got I just had to tell them about like a kid without ice cream on a summer warm days such a crybaby I were even with there being another baby being my lil sister Ashlin.

They just told me to "Climb in your bed " Face your face towards the wall and you will fall asleep peacefully my darling.

My Mother's soft voice was so soothing and kind it gave me courage to, go to bed in the dark room that was now mine and Luke's.

Okay her strange sort of sleeping manner worked for when you can't sleep but had no effects for nightmares so had to face my fears alone.

After that moment on I stopped going to my parent's room when I got nightmares she already had it bad on with a crybaby that Ashlin were.

I decided I can't add to the dilemma because I were to scared of facing my fears alone of what happens in the dark if there is nobody that can't help me overcome the darkness.

One week later June 26 2001 time unknown I were laying in bed awake again because I couldn't sleep yet again and Luke was sleeping, trust me he were sleeping I did go check on him.

The night was cold, the wind was playing shadows of three's moving past the window almost like the dark night itself knew I was scared and wanted to come get me.

The painted blue walls just added to the horrorfying images like hands were coming to take my soul itself.

The fear of something unknown hurting or killing me and Luke in his sleep were a feeling I could not diajest it made my anxiety spike like a roller - coaster on full tilt , my heart started racing laps in my little chest so much that my heart felt like itself would pop out of it's place as the shadows had a similar look as a human that started moving across the window like a zigzag left and right.

Should I go to parents room where the only thoughts that were running through my mind as a kid that believes there parents can solve all there, problems.

The noise that the shadows were producing had menacing sounds to my eardrums.

As closer the shadow moved to revieling itself made me scared of it , I started breathing heavily and I pulled a childish act by pulling the sheets to cover my eyes as if it was a bad dream I wanted to end right now.

But it certainly did not!!

Then finally Luke wakes up, and fell to the cold floor in the window were someone evil and crazy and breathing against the window.

This person more like a monster wore a black hoody that i could see showed off his evil look in his eyes, this only could be described as his eyes themselves had devilish intentions.

His breath itself of air were thick enough to see against our window with a wooden frame ... Boom then at the scariest moment he pushed his palm against the window as if he was saying let me in.

Found you!! Where the first words Luke and I heared of this crazy person then a loud sound next to me.

It was Luke!! His scream certainly saved us I was not brave enough I were to scared of this psychotic person his every way of him had me speechless of fear what would happen when he gets in!!

Someone opened the door, it was our Dad that rushed in like a proper hero ready to save us what is all this screaming about don't you two know your little sister and mother is sleeping.

Paul Summers realizes something scared us because we're bearly paying full attention to him and starts staring with his eyes where we were looking at with such fear that his presence had slight effect on us.

The man at the window and Paul Summers eyes cross each other, our father screams "Mother-fucker" ... The man at the window laughed.

Your wife will be good seeing that your mother is not on the table!!

Forcing Paul Summers to run to the room next to the room where all the chaos was not happening.

To my parents room where his wife and daughter were still sound asleep.

All the commotion stirred a moment for his wife, to wake up.

Paul Summers reached for his lucky bassball bat that was next to the closet without even placing his eyes on it.

Just by knowing it was previously left it always after the weekend company baseball games.

Paul Summer's yells in screams that even we could hear "please take the our kids and lock the door"

Sara Summer's rushes after her husband and at the last moment alteres her path please come back to us.

Our mother finally reaches our room and picks up Luke from the floor where he was sitting staring at the man that we recognized that was so scary.

Sara Summer's leaves the room with my my twin on arm aspecting me to follow her but I didn't.

Sara Summer's reacheses the room where Ashlin was still sleeping and locks the door.

My mother starts realizing that I didn't follow her and Luke so I was still in the room.

I stayed in my room, then I started hearing a noises.

Paul Summer kicked the front door open at the the handles spot wear in fact was the weak spot of every door were.

His kick influenced the door to break immediately, under the raft of his strength.

I followed my father as he escaped out of the broken front door, the hole ordeal I was seeing played out as a movie the good guy protecting his family as he had to face great evil.

Paul Summers then did the unthinkable and started chasing after the man to the middle office our grassy green yard.

My attempts to fight this psychotic person with a bat.

Later on to my father's actions I realized it's not fair to challenge a psychotic person with just a bat he should had knives to, if the fight become to close for comfort because his life would of ended if I had not intervened in.

Paul Summer's swings his bat woosh ... Woosh as the man dodges with ease is this all you can muster up to save your family Paul Summer's.

Then I will go ahead and start killing your beautiful looking family now and I will make you watch.

The emphasizing of the "you" sends shocking waves of pain through Paul Summer's heart .

I heared a rarity scream as if my father were hyping himself up the kill this psychotic issue of a person.

Blunt anger is for all to see including my eyes to see how my father swings blindly out of rage.

Then a Baaaam like a sound of a hard slap the crazy man blocked it with his left forehand " that's more like it"

Now that is the spirit Paul Summer's show me what you hide behind those innocent ways you act.

Paul Summer's swings 3 more swings that has no effect as he catches the bat between his arm while it did hit him against his ribs oh well.

So this is all you have Paul Summers what a looser now I will take everything away from you as you had so easy taken away from me!!

And now you die, as he pulls out a silver gun so beautiful for the eye to see that could bring such a ugly death.

Are you ready to pay for what you have done Paul Summer's the actcitment in his voice sends shockwaves through me from far, I couldn't handle this.

I picked up a piece of broken shard of wood from the door and I ran towards this man that could do so much harm to my family that I presived to be the devil himself.

End of this chapter comment your thoughts so far.

I will to publish 2 chapters every month no promises Chana 😊 loves you!!

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