When the moon rises

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When the moon rises evil entities are released into our world, however we have hidden societies who are free to walk about our world with the deception of the moon on their sides trying to illuminate a possible threat that would expose them. Three sister are thrown in the crossfire of a deadly entity, and each sister will face a reckoning, who is who, is the teacher really my teacher, who’s on my side and who’s the enemy, was it love or lust.... Watch the story unraveled

Mystery / Romance
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Chapter 1: A Nightmare

Chapter 1: A Nightmare

A light drop of rain brushed against my pale trembling cheek.

Rapid flashes of strobe lights lit up the bottomless abyss we were buried in. A continuous thought began to resurface in my troubled mind, was the storm finally over.

I finally grew amicably intimate with the sound of dripping liquid that stained everything it touched: scarlet red... drip, drip, drip, pounding of thunder... drip, drip, drip, striking of lightning... thump, thump, thump, my body became a tomb.

I tried to erase the lashes of lightning that ripped through his gentle skin, or the scarcely familiar screams that would haunt me at night, but I could never forget the feeling of torment, when the switch flipped and the voltage of electricity channel along our twitching bodies, burning us from the inside out, frying are precise memories .

Everyday felt as if I was sleepwalking replaying these horrors, these nightmares over and over comparable to a broken record that plays the same sad song forever in repeat; only it replay in my head every single night. Eventually my body became numb and my thoughts turned dark, some days I felt like a marionette sitting and waiting for someone to pull on strings.

My knees began to shake, and heart began to race, a high pitch ringing recurred in my now bloody ears, every single step I took felt as if I was running in water... deep, dark, heavy, water. Before my knees gave in and gravity knocked me from my feet, the last thing I vividly remember seeing was a room filled with familiar scared faces, then bright rapid lights of smoke, and before I knew it the world turned into water; heavy, deep, black, water ...

(switching to Donovan perspective)

A thin layer of ice became to emerge onto the windows of my mother’s mint green ford bronco, this was strange because we lived in Florida, and its never cold enough where ice began to form. I looked around, my sister was fast asleep and my mom just continued driving.

Was I the only one who noticed this. I though to myself. Then out of no where Ronnie gasped for air, as if she’s been holding her breathe this entire time . She still was asleep.

Then she began to mumble.

"No...No...No don't touch her" She said shifting in her seat still fast asleep.

"Veronica...Veronica... Veronica" a sinister voice whispered in her ear.

"Wake her up Donovan" Our mother said in an uneasy tense voice, gripping the steering wheel tighter and tighter as her daughter's dreams became apprehensive.

My mother constantly looked in the rear view mirror examining my sister, hardly paying any attention to the road, my anxiety levels were through the roof. I quickly fastened my seat belt and held tightly onto the handle that laid directly on the ceiling of the car.

Every hairs on my body began to rise, the air was no longer warm. I guess the heater turned off, because I began to feel a piercing coldness jabbing behind my neck. I thought to myself does she see it.

A voice enter my mind, a soft motherly voice whisper, don’t be afraid don’t ignore the signs help your sister help Ronnie, she needs you now more then ever…

"No, no please don't hurt them" Veronica said, still unconscious, both me and my mom exchanged frightened looks at each other.

"Ronnie, wake up, you're dreaming again" I spoke softly, and gently began to shake her.

The car began to speed up, I noticed that my mother wasn’t even looking at the road, her eyes were fixed on my sister. She never once broke eye contact with Ronnie as she stared at her through the mirror. I watched the little red arrow increase from 50 miles to 75 miles then to 95 miles. My mother's nose began oozing thick red blood and in that moment she said,

"Ronnie it's just a nightmare baby, it’s time to wake up" .

I don’t know if it was from my mother’s crazy driving or the tension in the car, but out of nowhere every breath I took felt nearly impossible to breathe. My body took me by surprise, because an excruciating sensation occurred in my chest; I began to panic. I quickly reached into my backpack and pulled out my inhaler. I immediately inhaled the medicine; relieving me from the pain.

What the hell is happening here, am I dreaming, wake up Donny, wake up I thought to myself.

I was about to grab the wheel and take control of the car when suddenly Veronica woke up, she appeared to be in a lifeless haze. Was she still dreaming ?

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