Mission: Human Termination

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“To invade humanity, people shall be terminated.”

Mystery / Thriller
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In Barangay Salvacion located in Manila, there was this sudden uproar about the Zedler's hidden agendas.

They were called the devil's servants, follower of a cult and some man-eating humanoid. It was a one-sided issue, an issue that suddenly made the family vanish in the area.

When the issue stopped, a man pretending to be an oracle had spoken about the prophecy of the future wherein a humanoid will soon be born in order to do its family's undone mission, to invade humanity.

Madison Zedler, was born knowing the world's cruelty, she was born as the heiress of their family and because of the pressure poured into her, she locked herself in a dark room where boldness developed in her mindset and the thought of finishing what's needed to be finished is her first goal.

When she was in her teens, she was told to be the successor of their Lord's request, she needed the stone that has the power of everlasting life. In order for demons to reign, the successor must live long.

But suddenly, the fate that was said to end the humanity's freedom has changed. A new prophecy was brought saying that the successor will be blinded, that the world's savior will be the world's scariest being.

Will Zedler finish her mission? Or will she follow destiny's path that'll led her free from the darkness she's in?

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