Mission: Human Termination

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I am here in the cafeteria with Madison and her friend Cassandra. I was just silently listening to their conversation all this time and I clearly saw the simple stares Madison is throwing at me. I smiled.

Madison have an innocent face but she is cool, I still can't forget the way she fights the goon a while ago. She was incredibly strong for a girl.

"Cassandra, where's Sishy? Why didn't she follow us here?" Madison questioned her friend's absence. Who is this Sishy again?

"She said that she can't come with us since she got some business to attend to." Business? Like what?

"What's your friend's surname, Madison?" I butted in. Their name's friend is very familiar like we are batchmates or have we been classmates before?

"Caccini, sir." Cassandra answered me. Caccini? The girl who have been sending me notes every day? Weird.

"Thank you, Cassandra. You don't need to be too formal, it really is weird." I said that made her smile ear to ear.

Girls, really. But I was astonished why Madison is the only girl who can't react the way other girls react whenever they see me. She really is a mystery and very different.

Who really is this girl? Damn! Just her name already made me have full interest in her.

"Why did you ask, Otis?" Madison curiously asked me. I looked at her and met her gaze, her stares are mesmerizing and I think I was lost in her twinkling eyes. Very wonderful.

I went back to reality with the sudden call from one of them. "Hey!" Madison exclaimed.

"What?" I confusingly asked. Both of them suddenly laughed with what I have shown. It was very hilarious, yes, very hilarious.

"You're spacing out, Mr. Hughes." Cassandra said. Yeah, I was spacing out because of this beauty in front of me. "I'm sorry for spacing out."

"Don't you have anything to do right now, Otis?" she asked, again. My phone suddenly vibrated from my pocket so I got it out to see the message being sent. My eyes widened after reading the message.

They got surprised when I suddenly stood up from the cafeteria's chair.

"I'm sorry to the both of you, but I have an important matter to go to." I hurriedly said and didn't wait for their answer.

I stormed out of the cafeteria and hurriedly walked to the school's abandoned headquarter where the man from a while ago was held hostage there by us.

I called one of my comrades who was one of thepeople who secured the area.

"Michael, how was it?" I asked now running totheir place. I heard shouts from the call.

"Boss, these are the kidnappers herewho is planning to get this man back to them." Michael answered from the other line.

Damn! As I arrived, I hid behind the wall and saw few men covered in cloth all over their head. I need to be fast!

Without any hesitations, I attacked those men. I kicked them and punched their faces, I got a time to take my dagger that was placed in a holder in my waist and scratched them.

After I got them injured, I directly went in to see my comrades if they are still fighting these kidnappers.

Thank God! I saw Michael who is beside our hostage, he was also busy fighting with a woman.

What? I headed to their direction, there is no need for me to help them. I know that they can do it even if they are outnumbered. That's the power being a well-trained.

"What's this all about?" I asked Michael, I helped him by kicking the girl's leg and I successfully did it. She kneeled down so I went near her and Michael.

"After an hour that we got here, they massacred us, boss." He explained. I slowly took the girl's clothes from covering her face.

At first she was moving like a worm but when she was held captive by Michael's arm, she stopped from resisting.

Now, half of her face is already visible. She just closed her eyes waiting for the next thing to happen, her face being showed up.

"Are you sure nobody saw you coming here, Michael?" I asked while untying the cloth from her face. He just nodded as a response so I didn't bother to ask any question again.

When everything was gotten away, I got literally shocked from who this girl is.

"Caccini?" I saw her smirk before opening her eyes. "Surprise, baby!" she stood up and hugged me. What the? What did she call me again?

'Baby?" Is she even normal? "What are you doing here? Are you with them?" I asked her and successfully got away from her hugs. "Isn't it obvious?" she gets near me so I slowly walked away to avoid her.

"Why are you even doing this, Caccini?" I asked once again. She laughed and laughed and suddenly stopped.

She's crazy, really crazy. "You are the one right? The one entrusted by her?" I stopped and stared at her in a moment.

"What do you mean?" I innocently asked. She rolled her eyes and pointed my pocket. "it's there right? The stone, I mean." She smirked after saying that.

It was easy for her to say that because she isn't the one holding this big of a responsibility.

"Who told you about this?" I don't need to lie anymore, what's the point of lying when she already knows?

"That's a secret I wanted to keep for now." She winked at me and turned around. "I think we have some guests coming, won't you welcome them?"

She went to the door and opened it widely, there I saw the two girls that I'm with a while ago. Cassandra and... Madison. What are they doing here?

"Surprised again, dear?" again, she laughed like there's no tomorrow. "What's this all about, Sishy?" Madison asked and looked at me and then returned her stares to Sishy.

Sishy cleared her throat. "Actually, there are many things that we wanted to know about you. Right, Otis?" Caccini turned around and looked at me.

"What? I didn't say anything, Caccini. Stop this dirty game of yours, it's not funny." I seriously said and glared at her.

"My game is not yet starting, Otis. Don't be too excited. Come Maddy and Cassandra, come inside." The fight stopped after Caccini ordered her man to stop.

I stood up and went near the girls but Sishy stopped me, so I was just beside her all the time.

"By the way, why are you here? What are these men doing here? Is this the business you're talking about Sishy?" Cassandra asked.

"You know what, I am so full of your questions. Why don't we just interrogate Maddy?" she suggested.

Does she know anything about Madison? We really are confused right now. "Why do you always take me up with your jokes? I'm really tired with everything!" Madison exclaimed that made Sishy laugh again. She is evil, she is the pure definition of evil.

"You're a coward, you didn't do you responsibilities and mission well, if only I am in your place and position right now then I should've finish my mission already. Are you that dumb to not notice where the stone is, heiress?" all of us were literally shocked with what this girl told us.

I looked at Madison who is already looking down and just stayed quiet for a long time.

"Are you sure with what you are saying, Sishy? Or maybe you are just like Erika who's making assumptions." Cassandra, their friend suddenly spoke.

"Why don't you ask Maddy herself? Oh by the way! It was me who told Erika about Maddy." Sishy proudly said.

"You are an evil! Damn you! You're a friend but why are you doing this?" Cassandra shouted but was then stopped by Madison's voice.

"So what if I am Madison Zedler? So what If I haven't done my mission? So what if I am not worthy being called as the heiress? So what?" She uttered and coldly looked at Sishy, she looked at us and our reaction.

"Yes, I have the attention poured by everyone but it's hard. It's really hard being a Zedler. It's hard being the chosen one."

"Then why did you accept it? Why did you accept the mission in the first place when you still have a choice?" Sishy calmly asked Madison.

We were just here, listening everything, even if we are surprised at Madison being the Zedler we still wanted to hear her out. All of her explanations.

"I don't have any choice, Sishy. It was already made for me." She said in a low tone.

Sishy tsk-ed. "That's what she told you? That's what your mother told you? Then she's pathetic!" she roared.

"My mission is an easy task for me, Sishy. If only I have the stone. If only inquire it then I should've successfully invade humanity."

"What's with the stone?" I butted in.

"The stone makes a mortal be an immortal." Madison answered and she can't even look at me. Why is that? "Then why do you need immortality to invade humanity?"

"It is my mission; it takes a long time to terminate humans. So I clearly need immortality." I am still confused. Why terminate us? What have we ever done wrong?

"Then let me ask you this Maddy, why is your mission terminationg us, humans?"

"You people have done terrible things that can now be likened to us, demons. You sinned, you rebelled against your God and that is a very big insult to us, that you humans are reaching the top doing exactly what we were doing. We can't just take that." Madison explained.

Now I get it, I already got it. But that doesn't mean that I should already give her the stone. "You still didn't start terminating humans, Maddy. So I did the honor for you."

"What?" I asked her.

"I am kidnapping together with my team few students every day, to terminate them so that they could be inhelp for us. Of course they are the one and only special recipe of making thiseverlasting stone."

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