Mission: Human Termination

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The End and The Beginning

It was past midnight and a woman in her mid-50's can't get ahold of herself. Her night was purely like she was nervous all the time, that she needed to do something.

She went out from the house she's staying only to find herself sitting beside the riverbank.

"I missed her so much. I hope she's fine." She uttered to herself.

She was sightseeing the beautiful sky, the stars and the moon in the sky. She again remembered their memories together, that they both love watching the night sky.

She suddenly held and crampled the grass that's around her, as if something's going out from her body, she closed her eyes and breathed calmly. After some of the breathing in and out that she's doing, she suddenly collapsed.

"Minerva, wake up." A voice in her head called out her name.

"Minerva..." this voice was soft and is very soothing in the ears.

It's a woman's voice, she slowly opened her eyes and met with this blinding light. She saw the body of the woman but her face isn't clear.

The woman beside her cupped her face and hugged her. "You did well, child."

She smiled but tears suddenly went out from her eyes. She became sad with the exact happening right now and she don't know who this woman could be.

"Help your daughter, help the boy you have entrusted the stone to. I will show you all of the happenings that'll soon to happen. But promise me child, that no matter what you saw with your bare eyes. You just have to accept it."

She hieved a deep sigh before answering, "I promise, I will accept everything." For the last time, the woman hugged her tight and kissed her forehead.

"Sleep tight."

The woman woke up feeling the warmth of the heat of the sun. She remembered everything clearly, she teared up again knowing what'll happen in the future.

First, she got to go to the Hughes house to inform about what she knew.

After preparing, she directly went to the Hughes house only to know that there were in the kitchen, she was invited to eat with them and because of the fact that she still didn't eat and is now hungry so she accepted the invitation.

"What brings you here today, Mrs. Young?" Mr. Hughes asked, Otis' Father.

Mrs. Young first drank her water and answered, "I just wanted to report something in regarding to what I knew and I wanted you to help me to prevent what'll happen in the future."

Otis was just listening but still continued eating. His Father was too interested on what the Oracle will say so he first stopped eating and payed attention.

"There is this young lady named, Sishy Caccini. She kidnaps students from this school and uses the students to make a stone the same as Otis'. With this doing, she is slowly terminating people to feed up her own greed." The Oracle said that made Otis look at her.

"Do you know this child, Otis?" Otis nodded that made both of her parents get shocked.

"If we can't stop her tonight, humanity will end for the stone will be successfully made tonight and she'll then inquire immortality." The Oracle added.

"What do we need to do to stop her?" Otis asked.

"Make me as a bait. That child hates me very much. You just needed to pretend as an ally and tell her that you found me lurking behind the trees in the compound."

Otis nodded and agreed to the plan, but first he needed to report these things to Madison in order for her to know the things tha'll soon to happen because maybe this girl got something up in her sleeves.

After eating, the Oracle thanked the Hughes family for being kind and after she thought of leaving already to go home.

"Otis, don't forget about the plan. I hope you stick with it." She said before leaving.

"Yes, ma'am!" Otis answered and made a salute sign. The oracle giggled and went in her own way.

Otis was left outside just feeling the breeze of the air.

He just can't imagine things turning out this way. This isn't the ending he is expecting and he hopes that this day isn't the last.

Otis thought about going to the Zedler's mansion to meet Madison and to talk about some things with her regarding the matter right now.

He first asked his father's permission on borrowing the car to go to Madison's house. His father just nodded so he directly got the keys and then went to the garage.

He went inside and started the engine. It only got him minutes to arrive at the mansion, he parked his car just beside the road and pressed the doorbell.

A woman dressed as a housemaid opened the gate for me and guided me toward the door.

'Their mansion was huge but it was kinda creepy.' Otis said inside his head.

The door was already open so they got inside and he then saw Madison in the sala, his eyes widened seeing the woman Madison is talking to.

Madison didn't saw him but the woman she's talking to did. Her eyes also widened. Madison saw the expression from the woman's eyes and followed where her eyes darted, it was from behind her.

She then saw Otis who is standing in the doorway so she smiled awkwardly at him. "Uh... Otis this is my mom. Mom, he is Otis my Friend in my school and the SSG President."

Madison introduced both of them. The two just shake hands as if they just knew each other.

"Mom, actually he is here today to tell me about the plans on how we attack the enemy's base." Her mother just nodded and signaled Otis to not say anything about her.

Otis just nodded so he sat beside Madison and explained the plan that was told by her mother to Otis.

Madison scratched her head after hearing Otis' plan. "Why should you be made as a bait? You know that I don't want you to be lost again right? We just made up and this..." Madison sadly said.

Her mother hugged her tight. "Trust me, Maddy. Nothing's going to happen okay?" Madison just nodded and hugged back.

Otis saw the motherly love from the both of them so he just smiled. After few moments they discussed about few matters before they prepared themselves for the said attack. Otis also called out his comrades and explained the plan.

After getting ready, it was already time for them to move. They walked inside the compound innocently and after some time some resident saw them, their unfamiliar faces so they have been cornered.

It was Otis, Michael and Hanzel and they just kept explaining but no one ever listened to them.

Until Sishy went out from the area where the abducted people are put and joined with the commotion.

"What's happening here?" She shouted from nowhere. A civilian recognized her so he then explained what happened.

Sishy went closer only to see Otis who is looking at her, at first she was shocked but then suddenly smiled at the civilian talking to her. "Release them" She ordered.

The three of them have been released directly and they thank Sishy wholeheartedly. But Sishy still suspected them so she asked Otis, "What do you need here?" Otis just looked at the ground before answering.

"Well we didn't know that this was your place. Actually, the three of us were walking to find our lost pet dog and was curious in this site so we get inside. We were about to go out to continue finding our pet but then we suddenly saw a middle aged woman sneaking behind those trees." Otis explained.

Sishy looked at him seriously but then ordered her men to find the woman they were talking about.

"Master! We found her." After not so long, the woman was found. Sishy laughed with all her heart seeing the woman in front of her.

"What a coincidence, mother." She uttered. Otis was left dumbfounded.

"You heard it right, Otis. She is my mother and Madison is my step sister." The oracle just looked away and can't meet the boy's gaze.

"If only you told Madison that there was still a chance to get out from that mission, I should've finish it already! My Dear Master should've been proud and praised me but well, we can't bring back the past. The hardwork that I have showed in this compound is a proof that I am the true heiress, that I was the true heiress!" Sishy laughed evilly but then stopped because of what her mother said.

"You are not the true heiress for you don't have the Zedler's blood. Stop daydreaming already Sishy. Accept the fact that you will never be the heiress, that you are only your master's follower. Nothing more, nothing less." The oracle said.

Sishy fastly went near her mother and grabbed the hair, "What did you just say, old lady? When I got to finish the stone, none of you would ever be present in this world anymore. This will just belong to my Master and in order to do that I need to ki—"Sishy has been cut off by a loud sound of a gun.

She then let her mother's hair go and watched who the hell did that sound.

But she was already too late, Otis' comrades got inside the compound together with Madison holding their guns.

The three of them was about to get the oracle back but it was too late, they were knocked off and then Sishy's allies brought the Oracle inside the abandoned building where the abducted students have been placed and where the making of the stone take place.

Otis wiped the blood from his nose and directly stood up, he saw Madison approaching them.

He harshly bit his lips for they hadn't take her mom back. "Otis, where's mom?" Madison asked and the three of them stayed quiet for a long time.

She got a hint from them staying quiet so she then ran towards the building and Otis then followed her.

"Madison! I'm sorry, they were too fast. The happening was fast." They continued running towards the abandoned building.

"Save your sorry later." She coldly replied. As they entered the building, the first floor was totally abandoned, there were no signs of people. But they saw Sishy waiting for them in the stairs together with their mother.

"Hey sister, happy reunion, huh?" Madison glared at her and went near Sishy to take her mother away.

"Give me back my mother!" Madison shouted. Sishy suddenly laughed with what Madison said.

"Oh dear Maddy, it should've been 'our' mother. Don't be too selfish." Sishy held their mother forcefully and with all her strength.

"Shut up! You are not part of our family. Since the day you abandoned and rebelled, you were no longer mother's daughter. Remember that." Madison said and hardly kicked Sishy's leg that made her out of balance.

The oracle got out from the hold of Sishy so she directly ran towards the second floor in order to turn the machine off.

"You damn old lady! Come back here!" Sishy shouted but Madison just threw multiple punches at the different part of her body and suddenly, it made her weaken.

Madison ran after her mother and left Sishy on the floor.

Otis was busy fighting with the one goon approaching in the area so he couldn't let himself involve with them anymore.

What Madison didn't know was that Sishy was just behind her. She saw her mom completely turned off the switch so she ran towards the direction of the oracle but sadly, it was too late.

She didn't felt the presence of Sishy behind her. Sishy threw a knife at her mother's back that dig in to her heart.

"Mom!" Madison cried out hugging the Oracle. A sudden light shine through the oracle's body and her eyes turned exactly white.

"They shall come back, they shall terminate, they shall continue, they shall finish thy master's mission. Knowledge of the stone was clearly spread." The Oracle spoke and soon after she lost her consciousness and life.

"I will be back and make sure to terminate evil." Madison gritted her teeth.


"The devil did not need to work at all when people were so willing to do his dirty work for him."

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