Mission: Human Termination

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Manila City is known to be the Capital City of the Philippines where a lot of people stay and visit.

People didn't know that there was 10 total of Family Hierarchy made by the government, the Hughes Family serves as the first in the ranking considering their bread winner as the country's President.

It wasn't only the bread winner having the biggest responsibility, their son was also given a role wherein He will serve as the people's only hope when war breaks out.

The sudden light seen at the sky got the people's attention, but one person suddenly was taken aback seeing the light.

"That light surely was from the Hall, the oracle got to be there." The girl from the crowd said, she then gazed away from the sky and stormed away from the crowd. She brought out the cloak inside her bag and wore it.

There are a lot of things running inside her head saying that she needs to talk to the oracle and even got to see her face.

She gets inside the car and directly started the engine. "Damn it!" she exclaimed as she saw the light from the sky fading, it only means that the prophecy showed by the oracle is almost at its end and she can't take to not get a peek of it.

On the other hand, the Hughes Family were present in the ceremony happening in the Hall. The oracle was also present sitting beside the President on the chairs provided at the front.

"Mr. Hughes, may I know if every member in your family are really present here?" the oracle asked, the President's eyes roamed around the room and called out his wife's name. "Olivia!"

The President's wife then went near him, "What's the matter, honey?"

"Where's our son?" Mr. Hughes gestured his wife to sit beside Him.

"A pleasant morning to you, Mrs. Young. Our son just said that he is coming, by the way, why did you asked?" the Oracle stood up and watched the window at the ceiling.

"We need to hurry before she reaches here." Mrs. Young uttered. The door opened showing a young man in his teens, he scratched his head seeing the people inside the hall staring at him.

The President still couldn't get over from what Mrs. Young said, he stares at the Oracle who has been staring at his son for a long time, he got back from being baffled when Mrs. Young turned to his direction smiling.

"Shall we begin, Mr. Hughes?" the Oracle went in the middle where the window ceiling is above the area, the Oracle enchanted some enchantments that'll show the prophecy of what will happen in the future.

It was an oracular consultation, oracles served as the gateway to knowing the gods' will that was known as the prophecy of tomorrow.

As the Oracle reached her hands above the air, a sudden light from her hands broke out until the window ceiling was also broken down.

The light from her hands reached the sky and from that, she already knows that the hunter would've already know that she is at the hall.

The eyes of the Oracle flashed as if it was one with the light her hands produced, again, she uttered words where no one could understand.

With the words she uttered, a sudden projection of light flashed at the wall. The people's suffering, yell and cries.

"Thought that had long gone, ye heiress shall be back drawing out ye Lord's request. Mission... Mission, thy mission shall be finished. She will terminate humanity at all cost. You..." the Oracle pointed at the President's son and the son was terrified with what she did.

"You shall be the bearer of the humanity's hope." The light seen at the sky was slowly fading away as the oracle collapsed from exhaustion.

Everyone was left dumbfounded of what they witnessed, it was terrifying, what they witnessed sent chills to their spines because it was just so unbelievable!

Mr. Hughes's son went near the oracle that is now lying on a couch, "Father, what did she just said? It wasn't true right?" the boy's pleading eyes made his Father looked at him apologetically.

"Son, we can't do anything about the prophecy. If it is yet to happen then it would really happen. Let us just accept what's yet to come, I know you could do this responsibly, son." Mr. Hughes tapped the shoulder of His son and stood up to talk with everyone in the Hall about the matter.

A quite later, the boy still didn't leave the couch until the Oracle woke up from her sleep, she then held the hands of the boy and looked at him in the eyes.

"Otis isn't?" again, the boy was shocked because of what the Oracle said.

"Yes, but how'd you know my name?" Otis asked as the Oracle hurriedly handed him a stone.

The boy was curious of the stone the Oracle handed, it looks just like an ordinary stone but it has veins in some of its sides.

"It doesn't matter how I knew your name, take that stone and keep it. Everything depends on you now, you are now the holder of the world's future. Now, hurry and go home before she arrives and take that stone away."

Otis was puzzled, he really couldn't get a single thing the oracle said. Without knowing, he just nodded and walked away.

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