Mission: Human Termination

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I woke up early in the morning since it was the first day of school, I was homeschooled for many years and this is my first time to socialize with a lot of people, with a lot of students.

Since I was the only one left in the house, then I should do things on my own. My mother, Minerva Zedler said to be always in her work and I don't care of her excuses anymore, since the day she left me, she was already a stranger.

The day after Father died and entrusted his mission to me, I clearly saw mother's expression that was purely happiness.

I was confused with the expression she showed and didn't got the time to ask anything about her and father, about her true feelings about our family.

I checked the time in my phone and it is now currently 7am. I only got an hour left before classes starts.

I directly went to the bathroom and showered, whatI just needed to wear was plain shirt, jeans and some rubber shoes since Istill don't have the school's uniform. After doing my morning rituals, I hurriedly changed and wore my clothes and then fixed my hair.

Since I didn't know the location of my school, the only housemaid who took care of me already prepared everything for me beforehand.

Thank God that I got in the school on time, t'was already 7:40 in the morning when I arrived in the school and saw a lot of students who were still in the corridors and was happily reunited with their classmates.

I watched the note that was in my phone where my schedule and room number was placed.

My room number was 304 and actually, the school is so big to find this room.

Being in a big school never amuses me, because for me being in a prestigious school isn't a big deal after all. The only thing that's in my mind is about the mission, on how I'll find the oracle and on how I'll find the stonekepeer.

Damn, whenever I remember the day the new prophecy was shown it still make me mad. If only I was on time, then I should've saw the keeper and oracle's face.

I approached a student as she was walking behind me, "Hey, can I ask if you know where the room number 304 is located?" the girl looked at me in a few seconds before giving me a smile.

"Let's just go together! Our room is located at the third floor." She winked and answered me.

I made a confused look at her as she suddenly clings herself into my arms. What's the problem of this woman? Geez.

"What do you mean?" I asked still with a confused look.

"Isn't it obvious? We're classmates and now we are friends, okay?" the girl hyperly said as she still sticks herself to me.

"Fine. Hm, how long have you been studying in this school?"

While walking in the second floor, I opened a topic in order for the atmosphere to not be silent and awkward. The girl faced me with a smiling face, another weird person.

"I was here since elementary. By the way, I am Sishy Caccini how about you?" the Caccini girl stopped walking and waited for my response.

I raised my eyebrow as a disapproval of her stopping in the middle of the hallway.

What's the matter of this weird girl? Or is it really just normal for these students to do anything they please everywhere?

Geez, everything's just so new to me and I can't actually just stand right here freely without getting introduced by this school and I was glad to meet this girl because surely, she will be so kind to do things for me.

"I'm Madison Forne, I am new to a school and crowded areas, for short I was homeschooled since elementary."

We are already at the third floor and saw a long hallway and a lot of students who are doing their own businesses while others are looking at us. I saw the shocked reaction plastered on her face. God, it was priceless!

I have already planned that wherever I go, I will never bring our family's last name. The happening where in our family was the subject, was still fresh from other people's mind and did carved deep from their hearts since the said "Lost Christmas" occurred.

The happening years ago was called by the people as "Lost Christmas", I just happened to know it earlier since I didn't ever go out from the house.

It was rumored as Lost Christmas because a lot of people lost their loved ones and since that day, the essence of Christmas never went back.

The memories of the people in Barangay Salvacion was still fresh, the hurt that they felt brought them to who and what they are now.

But well, I don't actually know how to care about their feeling since I didn't experience any of those.

"By the way, why did you transferred here? They say homeschool is fun since you're just in the house and don't need to do anything so hassle.You ca—, "This Caccini girl was suddenly interrupted with a loud ring of the bell.

The speaker of the school's AVR and a boy's voice was clearly heard even here in the third floor.

"All students must be in the school's gymnasium right now. This is an order from the Supreme Student Government's President." Sishy's eyes widened and hysterically jumped as she heard the announcement. What the—

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